Get ready to smile, snap and send. The Roxbury Institute wants to gift our patients with a complimentary smile analysis -without leaving your home. Here are the steps:
Smile: give us a big smile that effectively shows off any problem areas.
Snap: capture an up close photo of your smile that is clear and well-lit.
Send: email your smiley snap to info@theroxburyinstitute.com.
Your smile analysis will then be performed by Dr. Thomas Connelly the director of cosmetic dentistry. We love making our patients smile, and we can’t wait to see yours. If you rather come in for an analysis, give us a call at (424)-306-0002.

We love discovering new accounts that focus on building the community & spreading awareness of Lipedema. @lipedema11percent uses their talent to illustrate beautiful images aimed to educate others about Lipedema. Be sure to give them a follow and share their art and astounding messages. If you have any artwork you'd like to share -we'd love to share it with our followers!

Our providers at The Roxbury Institute do an outstanding job of not only giving patients real results but also tailoring the patient's experience to their specific needs. Sculpsure is a breakthrough body contouring procedure that is designed to reduce fat on the abdomen and love handles without surgery or downtime. This is just one example of the various options we have available to our patients -to learn more about what we offer, visit our website. (Link in bio)

This morning started with a bit of April showers in Los Angeles and we can't help but wish that we were enjoying the Cabo sun on the beach like the Amrons did a few weeks ago.

This deliciously wholesome concoction made by @nadineeverss has us wishing this was our lunch. This beautiful array of super-foods includes: Lima beans, zucchini, cucumber, lemon, parsley, dill, basil, potatoes, quinoa and more -what is your go-to lunch right now?

Lipedema is not rare but it is misdiagnosed/under diagnosed. When you're living with Lipedema, you might feel alone -but there are more women by your side than you think. Keep spreading awareness, building the community and supporting one another. #lipedemawarrior

Jasna is not only a good friend of ours -but an inspiration and helpful resource for those who are seeking guidance in their lipedema journey. Her positive outlook and endurance throughout her journey is contagious -keep it up Jasna.

On my way to Barcelona and looking back on about a year ago when I started this page. Swipe to see how my leg looked last year when I took this same trip! Looking forward to some amazing work and feeling much better than last time.
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Liposuction is more than a cosmetic procedure -it is one of the eight services provided in the Advanced Lipedema Treatment Program. Other services provided to treat lipedema range from Nutritional Counseling, MLD Therapy to Stem Cell Therapy. To learn more about Dr. Amron's approach to treating lipedema -visit The Advanced Lipedema Treatment website (link in bio).

The beautiful and resilient @ioana_fit is constantly inspiring us with her ambition and never ending positivity. Ioana has a unique story in discovering her lipedema as her followers diagnosed her via social media -since then her fitness journey has flourished. Be sure to keep up with Ioana's journey and give her a follow. Keep it up girl!

I never took many photos of myself before surgery but I’m thankful that I took a few the night before surgery. Maintaining a journal of progress photos really helps me to stay motivated. Some days I don’t feel like anything has changed, then I look at my photo stream and I can see the difference. Still a ways to go with inflammation and healing, but learning to love my body in the process. .
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The Amron’s recently welcomed a new member of the family: Günther Klaus Von Amron. We are so excited for Dr. Amron and the rest of his family to get to know this new addition to the Amron family. Günther is a beautiful and energetic German Shepherd -what kind of pets do you have in your family?

@compress_and_impress continues to inspire us with her incredible ability to stay positive in any circumstance. Marlene showed us how she styled her compression garments for her wedding. Congratulations on your marriage and keep up your resilient attitude!

Knowing the stages is crucial to detecting Lipedema early on. Every case of Lipedema can look different -therefore it is important to be aware of how the progression looks.

Roxbury Regenerative is a combined effort between Dr. Amron and the director of regenerative medicine, Dr. Ghalili to provide a holistic approach to our patient's health needs. Our services such as Stem Cell Therapy are an ode to our comprehensive approach to improve our patient's overall health and wellness.

The 2018 conference "Next steps in the treatment of Lipedema & Dercum's disease" is fast approaching and we are excited to continue learning about fat disorders and about the ever-growing resources and technologies. Dr. Amron will be along the side of numerous leading authorities in Lipedema and Dercums -and we are excited to continue learning and spreading awareness.

Sometimes we need a reminder to not blame ourselves for the symptoms of this condition. It is not your diet or how much you exercise -it is a medical condition.

Our friend @lipedemalatina has the right idea with this combination: elevation + compression + compression socks. Keep it up!

Dr. Amron had a couple of very special guests visit the operating room today. Board-certified endocrinologist Dr. Karen Herbst and assistant professor and plastic surgeon Dr. Ethan Larson visited to observe Dr. Amron's approach to lymphatic sparing liposuction surgery. It was a great opportunity to learn from one another and discuss the treatment of lipedema as Herbst has previously worked closely with Dr. Amron in treating his lipedema patients.

Lipedema Society challenges you to claim five minutes of today all to yourself -not television, family, friends, social media, etc. Whether you are laying in bed, going on a walk or meditating -take five minutes to focus on yourself today.

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