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@asili_drc part 2. Gulping down my first Asili cup of water, an Asili water reservoir in Buhanga, and an Asili water kiosk headed by Asante, the Mama Fontaine (the mamas are the ladies in charge of each water kiosk! They record sales, take care of the water taps, and take care of their community). #asili #arcrelief #ideoorg #drc @ideoorg @american_refugee_committee

Today would have been the 86th Birthday of #dianfossey
@gorilla_org is proud to continue the work begun by Dian and honour her legacy through our many projects that are funded by our amazing supporters.
#gorilla #charity #conservation #gorillas #mountaingorilla #karisoke #rwanda #drc #congo #uganda #virunga

A trip in Africa. One of the most amazing country.Congo. Follow us and travel in Africa www.hamajimagazine.com #travelinafrica #africansafari #africanstories #africancontinent #kundelungunationalpark #forgottenparks #drc #rdc #hamajimagazine

Imagine the Revolutionary War was fought in 1960, and while it was being fought, Canada and Mexico invaded and plundered our natural resources.
Imagine that before we gained independence, the English had slaughtered, tortured, and experimented on millions of us, and the world ignored it.
Imagine if the Civil War had been fought barely 25 years after the Revolutionary War, and a foreign government had George Washington and Abraham Lincoln assassinated.
Imagine if all of the factories and shipyards that helped rebuild the American economy during the industrial revolution were instead owned by a dozen foreign counties, transferring nearly every dime to other continents.
Imagine if a foreign government installed a corrupt president, then shrugged and turned their backs when the inevitable happened.
Imagine if healthcare depended on foreign volunteers who touched and took pictures of your children without asking your permission.
This is DR Congo. It is complicated and beautiful and ugly. Just like the US. #100daysofafrica #drcongo #drc #rdcongo #Africa #trumpisashithole #travel

This is a visual depicting how (DR) Congo almost suffocates you with its beauty. It’s an overdose. Like the richest stew your mama can ever make. Overwhelmingly colorful. Abundant with natural beauty that is almost unfair. Sunflowers meet Lake Kivu meets the jungle meets the smiliest faces. I’ve seen a lot of places through my personal and “work” travel, but I’ve never felt this lucky to witness a place so magical. #DRC #Congo #asili

A process is unfolding in the Democratic Republic of the Congo—one that seeks to build capacity within all people to arise and contribute to the advancement of civilization. Learn more on news.bahai.org #bahai #africanews #DRC #education #peace

#barolo 🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹 Brezza, the best! 🍷🍷🍷
Made in Italy🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🍷🍷🍷

#drc and @preservinglives back at it again!! February 24th I BIRTHDAY BASH! Get there early because we will be dropping the celebrity guest SOON!!! Hit me up at 3307801664 for info or to get your section!

Another beautiful photo from @clayenos.
#happynewyear2018! ECI is beyond excited to help harness the potential of #Congolese agriculture to benefit farming families. #coffee #sustainablecoffee #drc

Это - лента романтика.
Это - символ тех, кто унылой обыденности предпочитает красоту. Тех, кто устал от показного цинизма. Тех, кто ценит и любит иные миры и эпохи. Тех, кто хочет нести прекрасное и в наш мир.
Серебристый цвет на черном фоне означает искру творчества среди мрачных будней, а также то, что яркий проблеск прекрасного возможен в том числе и в тёмных декорациях.
Этот знак был придуман в 2011 году при основании творческого сообщества Dark Romantic Club и долгое время был символом участия в клубе. Однако не так давно мы решили, что лента - общее достояние, и ее может носить (или постить) любой, кому близок романтизм как таковой (с)
А вот фото с гитарой, стихами и рисунками уже в следующий раз, в новой цветовой гамме. Эдакий непростой поэт - романтик :D
#winter #January #romantic #drc #flute #piano #black #silver #зима #январь #романтик #дрк #флейта #пианино

Vosne Romanee - The village where the most expensive wine in the world comes from, Romanee Conti of course!..
Here’s a few wines I tasted last night from the same village, from a chap called Henri Audiffred, one is the 1er Cru Reignots, which is a mere few hundred metres away from the Romanee Conti vineyard..
Vosne wines have a reputation for being both powerful and elegant at the same time. Theres sometimes a “Vosne Spice” people describe, its like 5 spice, nutmeg, cloves etc..
The Vosne Romanee on the left had a sensational nose, a bit like parma violets and tulips amongst a load of vivid berries! I could have smelled this all day..
My favourite of these three was the mighty 1er Cru Reignots. I really loved the minerality of this wine, layer and layers of intense fruit with this mineral grip knitting it all together. Very very serious wines that really do leave you lost for words! These are wines that are still in barrel so I can’t imagine how lovely they will be once they’re released and have some age! Many thanks to @burgundyportfolio for putting on this great tasting.

Essa é a Emma Beatriz 😸 Minha paciente com DRC - Doença Renal crônica. Emma tem 12 anos e apresentava cistite recorrente foi tratada ao longo da vida com ração terapêutica para cistite. Chegou a Clínica Veterinária da Barra com emagrecimento progressivo, hálito uremico, salivando muito, desidratada, anoréxica e apática. Realizamos os exames necessários Emma apresentava ➡️11 de creatinina e 400 de uréia⬅️😰 além de infecção... índices muito elevados que indicam falha renal importante. permaneceu internada por quase 7 dias em um hospital para manutenção da terapia intensiva instituída. ➡️👩🏻‍⚕️Ontem os exames foram repetidos está com 4,8 de creatinina e 138 de uréia.⬅️👏👏👏 Os indices ainda estão alterados mas apresentou melhora significativa e hoje volta a clínica em estado melhor para darmos continuidade ao soro subcutâneo e os medicamentos.
Sabemos que DRC não tem cura mas tem tratamento e com a sua manutenção podemos sim melhorar a condição clínica de um paciente doente Renal. Sabemos também que não é fácil e que o prognóstico é desfavorável. Mas não desistimos de você Emma !!! Estamos juntas até o final !!! #vet #drc #rim #kittens #gatosdeinstagram #cat #catloversclub #medicinafelina #pacientefelino #gato #medvet #veterinarymedicine #felinos #amorcat #capixaba

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