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I usually don't post about the NFL but god damn he's fast.

⚡️10 WAFL players have been invited over to the NAB AFL National Draft, one being our very own @aaron_naughton13⚡️ full article in the bio👆🏻#wearepeelthunder #ptfc #afl #draftcombine

Me & @brooke.weisbrod #repost thanks again for the insight on everything ...#TuffJuice #ESPN#DraftCombine

Prospects in Buffalo 2017 #draftcombine #buttendz #beambassador #twirl88

WOW! The is brilliant and thank Fuc* we are moving in the correct direction ...well done AFL! At this years AFL draft combine they have added an "Athletic assessment" which includes; 1. Overhead squat 2. Lunge 3. Push up 4. Chin up & 5. Single leg RDL! Now ...the benefit of this for recruiters and conditioning staff is the collaboration of the anthropology (height, weight, body fat etc), physical testing (speed, power, agility, work capacity) & now movement competency data (athletic ability) to make the best decision for their club. This is great for S & C coaches because now there is a focus to develop strength & movement competency other than just run/increase work capacity. Everyone benefits from developing movement competency via my BIG 6 primal movements (hinge, squat, push up, row, overhead press & chin up) and now the game I have grown up with and I love has taken a step in the correct direction in terms of physical preparation. This is great to see and I believe the industry in Australia will boom (private sector) in the next 5 years. Go back and look at my old podcasts ...I predicted this 😉👌 well done to all who made this happen! There is more to Football than running or just going to training. CW #wssc #changingthegame #christianwoodford #AFL #draftcombine

Nolan #Patrick and Nico #Hischier show us what they've got at the 2017 #DraftCombine #NHLDiscussion

Kay Felder ( 5'8 ) has 44 vertical! 2nd best in NBA history!
#floaternews #nba #draftday #draftcombine

The NBSCA Combine Conference was fantastic this weekend. A huge thanks to guys for putting it on and those presenting.
#nbsca #draftcombine #chitown


At the #DraftCombine trying to show what I got! Time to make the NBA. #NBALive18 #TheOne

Y'all think it's a joke until I turn one of these dayparties into an all out #draftcombine. #cuffingseason2017

⚡️10 WAFL players have been invited over to the NAB AFL National Draft, one being our very own @aaron_naughton13⚡️ full article in the bio👆🏻#wearepeelthunder #ptfc #afl #draftcombine

Congratulations to Andrew McPherson, one of eight from SA invited to the NAB AFL Draft Combine in October! #footyfactory #futurestar #draftcombine #wwtfc #jointheteam #sanfl

S/O to @isaiahcanaan_ go give him a follow he has great content!!!

I don't know if y'all have noticed but isn't it a weird coincidence that Rubio went from the T Wolves to the Jazz, George Hill went from Jazz to Kings Darren Collison went from Kings to Pacers and Jeff Teague went from Pacers to T-Wolves. It's like they all switched places 😂
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Now that Avery Bradley is gone😢 I think we should try and start Terry Rozier at shooting guard. While he might not seem as good as 🆎 look at their sophomore year compared stats.
Rozier: 5.5 PPG 3.1 RPG 1.8 APG 17.5 minutes
Bradley: 7.6 PPG 1.7 RPG 1.4 APG 20.4 minutes ---
Rozier could be worse or better, he's my favorite player on the Celtics and I believe that he can really be a great player if he gets enough minutes. Rozier hasn't shot the ball as well as Bradley did but that will improve over time. He has more experience than Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum, so he should fill in while they develop, also he's quick and can steal the ball and run the fast break even if he's not as good a defender as Bradley. Marcus Smart should stay backup PG in my opinion unless Ainge trades him🤷‍♂️ Whaddaya think of all of this❓

Another monster game for Jayson Tatum who had 27 points 11 rebounds! 🔥 He has been averaging about 21 PPG 10 RPG in the summer league. Celtics beat the Lakers 86-81. It is good that we have a player to help us grab some boards. Also for people talking about players making the roster, we have 2 extra spots this year so we can let more players on, the NBA rules changed to 17 players max on a roster.🍀🙌

Professional #AFL performance testing at $14.99 including the new #DraftCombine #YoYo Test and online data account with national comparisons.


What will Jayson Tatum average in Pts Rebounds assists I think he'll average 13, 6, and 2

Even though his stats might not look amazing, not only did he have a bit of an off year last season but, remember he shares the frontcourt with Andre Drummond who grabs 14 rebounds a game. He will help us because Al Horford doesn't grab a ton of boards, so he can step in and help, in Detroit he didn't need to help with rebounds. I think it is good to have some more experience on the team, and we're certainly not losing any fights on the court with Jae Crowder, Marcus Morris and Marcus Smart, according to Gary Washburn a sports writer, which is true😂🍀💪

Marcus Morris has been traded to the Celtics. Welcome to Boston Marcus! Kind of random... Very sadly Avery Bradley and also a 2nd round pick went to the Pistons. I think this is a smart move because we cleared cap space. But I'm sad to see Avery go. Thank you Avery🍀🤝 The good thing about this is that it will allow either Jaylen Brown, Jayson Tatum or Terry Rozier to start at shooting guard. This is good to develop our young talent🔥

Even though we've lost the last 2 summer league games, I don't really care. First of all because the Summer League only is to develop young players. Just seeing Jayson Tatum play is crazy. He's only 19 years old. I think he's gonna be really good,
He's averaging 18.7 PPG 9.7 RPG 2.3SPG. I think he won't average that in the regular season but maybe a little less than that. He's a perimeter threat and he can get to the basket and rebound. He also has a smooth midrange jumper that's dangerous to other teams. Seeing our teams potential is crazy🍀 How good will Tatum be?

If we could do this I think we could make it to the finals. Trade Jae Crowder, Marcus Smart, and two 2018 1st round draft picks for Hassan Whiteside.
Starting 5:
PG Isaiah Thomas
SG Avery Bradley
SF Gordon Hayward
PF Al Horford
C Hassan Whiteside
Key Bench Players:
6 Jaylen Brown
7 Jayson Tatum
8 Terry Rozier
9 Ante Zizic
Guerschon Yabusele
Jonas Jerebko
Semi Ojeleye
Demetrius Jackson
Daniel Theis
comment if I forgot anyone
I know we can have more people on the roster but the last few players aren't too specific. The rosters have been changed to a max of 17 players instead of 15. Would this be a lineup that could win rings? 🔥🍀🏆

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