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Coffee! One of my New Year’s resolutions is to cut down on buying coffee from coffee shops alone - but it doesn’t count if you’re with friends, right? Lots of the questions I got about PhD life were based around the solitary lifestyle of a researcher: is it lonely? How do I cope with the loneliness? I actually think I’m a huge introvert, and so don’t mind spending lots of time by myself in quiet places: I generally find meeting lots of new people at once exhausting. At the same time I think it’s really important to have meaningful human contact regularly, and make an effort to make and see friends! For me, this is often about scheduling breaks (or sometimes meals) with other people - it gives structure to an otherwise disorganised term. Unlike people that work in offices or in teams, there isn’t as much of a chance to regularly chat to people, or be held accountable for the work that I’m doing, or discuss ideas with people working on similar projects, and so meeting people for academic reasons is also important. The internet (this blog, my Tumblr) helps a little, but isn’t the same as regularly having daytime ‘work parties’ with people IRL. I try and meet friends for regular work sessions - and yes, the odd coffee! #studygram #coffee #bloggerlife

RECRUITMENT WEEK starts tomorrow ladies, can’t wait to meet new lovely faces. #DFL #dphil 🦋

With Stroll For The Kids on February 3rd, we’d like to begin introducing you to our stroll team!

Meet Michelle “Sora” Tran! She crossed SP16 as apart of our lovely Psi class! 💙🌸
Interesting Fact: Michelle can make her hands sweat on command 😝
#SFTK #ucdphil #dphil

During a weekend retreat, our ladies had a chance encounter with our Sisters from our Alpha Chapter. Regardless of what chapter we are from, when we meet our sisters we know that we share the same values. DPhiL ladies spanning all over the nation are united as one over our shared experiences.

Belated Xmas present from one of my munchkins, @vickehhx3 Idk how to feel about her calling me Donut though... lmfao ♡ #sisterhood #sorority #dphil #housemate #present #belated #xmas #christmas #card #bubzbeauty #book #autographed @itsbubz

Forgot to Post. Dinner with the Dean w/ Fall 16 Syands 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙌🏽 #PSP#CUS#DPhiL#GreekUnity

Women’s March 2018 ✊🏼
More than one hundred years ago, women marched in Washington to fight for the right to vote. About seven years later, the 19th Amendement was passed.
A year ago, people of all backgrounds-women and men and gender nonconforming people, young and old, of diverse faiths, differently abled, immigrants and indigenous- came together to march with the mission to harness the political power of diverse women and their communities to create transformative social change.
This year people came together again to continue the Women’s March’s mission. The Women’s March is the largest coordinated protest in U.S. history and one of the largest in world history.
We are proud to see sisters stand up as leaders in the community and use their right to protest peacefully. 👏🏼

There's so much more than being a Sorority Sister. Not only do we spread culture, we are Dedicated Female Leaders who fight for the rights of women and the rights of EVERY human being who has been stripped of these rights. We stand not only today, but every day! -----🦋
Sister Slate and Sister Stryke participating in Orlando’s first anniversary Women’s March “Day Of Action” at Lake Eola! #womenempowerment #DPhiL #DFL #UCF #DedicatedFemaleLeaders #Orlando #TheCityBeautiful #DPhiLStandsWithHER

Don’t forget! Our first recruitment event is tomorrow! Join our amazing family ❤️🔥🦋!! #alphaalphaclass #recruitment #spring2018 #dphil

William Godwin, the object of my academic affections, lived in the building to the far left of this sketch, known as The Polygon, in Somers Town, NW London, from 1797-1807. If you swipe left, it is the green polygon-shaped structure (blob) in Clarendon Square. He also had lodgings at 25 Chalton Street (off Clarendon Square)! I've done a couple of pilgrimages to this area of London before, in an attempt to retrace Godwin's steps and get a feel for 'his London'. Unfortunately, The Polygon is now a block of brutalist council flats. 😭😩 But Chalton Street is still untouched - the street is tree-lined and it has a lovely pub!
#phdlife #history #williamgodwin #marywollstonecraft #maryshelley #englishliterature #socialhistory #quiteinteresting #qi #dphil #eighteenthcentury #nineteenthcentury #london #regram

Congratulations to our sister, Houa “Vestyra” Lee, for being accepted to Noble Niner Institute! We are so proud of you and your accomplishments. May your achievement inspire sisters and others in the Asian Community! @houalee11 @deltaphilambda #DPhiL

Here's a picture of our chapter at the 2017 Northeast Formal. Being able to do business during the day and representing our letters at socials with pride at night is just another reason our sisters are all #gogetters.

COME to our recruitment events If you care about the Asian community and wanna be part of the family where ppl are binding together so closely 💕
#dphil #everlastingsisterhood #asianinterestsorority

Good morning #Oxford. #phdlife #dphil

#flashbackfriday to sunny skies and warmer weather with Sister Hermés at the Santa Monica Pier! ☀️

Tea stained? Or coffee? #studygram #research #tea

It’s today!!! Come out to Meet the Greeks at 7pm in the SU Cape Florida Ballroom and see your favorite butterflies 🦋🦋 #freeshow #freefood #UCF #DPhiL #DFL

Finesse Friday ✨
How cute is our Beta Chapter prepared for Stroll For The Kids? 🤗
Stroll For The Kids is a friendly stroll competition our sisters at @ucdphil put together to not only promote Greek Unity but to give back. Every year they raise money for a different non-profit organization that aims to aid youth.
This year their non-profit organization is YWCA whose mission is to eliminate racism, empower women, stand up for social justice, help families, and strengthen communities. ✊🏼

We got sisters left and right. We got sisters for DAYS. Our 19 chapters span all across the east coast and as every day passes by, we grow in number. However, with us, it's not just a matter of quantity but also quality. Each and every DPhiL sister brings something to the table. 💪

#PhilanthropyFriday we're looking back to when Epsilon Chapter (@ucf_dphil) volunteered with @apac.ucf at Track Shack’s U Can Finish race

#TheJadeTimes #DFLTJT #DeltaPhiLambda #DPhiL #DFL #GreekLife #Sorority #SororityNews #Volunteering #UCF #UniversityofCentralFlorida

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