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I wanted to make simple, flattering suits with high quality, super soft, form fitting fabrics. I hope you'll love them as much as I've loved creating them. @champagneswim

Office for the day💻 work hard, play hard! What you don't see online from a lot of content creators and filmmakers is the hours we put in to making an edit and the sleepless nights and all nighter editing sessions but if you're passionate about something is it really work? #GoPro #HERO5 #capturedifferent #wohza #SriLanka

Fazla kalabalık yapmaz bu sene:) #antalya

#springwatch 💕.. this is not today sadly spring has disappeared again ☺️📸 @jesstudd

I'm sitting in my home today, and looking outside, where I could hear the thunder while it's also partly sunny, but the dark clouds have gulped snowclad parts of the mountains.
Lunch is being cooked, as usual dal and rice, and most of my friends have left in last few days, with whom I ended up running around during last one month. So time to relax a bit. And I'm deciding between taking a nap in the balcony or finishing the editing and writing work.
I have a book to complete, it's called Innerline Pass, and after a long time I've picked a Hindi novel. And my favourite liquorice tea is over, so I've to soon go and buy some of it along with some asafoetida. Plus get some flowers for the house, I feel like having some around this year.
I'm still thinking about yesterday's India vs Australia match, for my throat is still sore after all the shouting yesterday. And I think the teams must've left Dharamshala by now, but we might once again bump into Matthew Hayden, who became sort of Illiterati regular.
I still have to arrange stuff for my upcoming Spiti trip, sort out my gadgets and empty all memory cards. Plus work on my upcoming website, and get done with a few meetings, plus pen down next parts of Noor series.
And then all the work starts appearing as I think about it, so I guess I'll shut myself again and stare outside. For it's March, trees are blooming again, butterflies might arrive soon as well, and it's not too cold, too hot. Perfect afternoons, before armies of fireflies invade our gardens in the evening in coming weeks.
And world looks beautiful today, life seems slow and simple, with nothing much to see or feel or to do. A beautiful afternoon to just loiter around the passing moments.
I think I should've a windchime at my place. Few more incense sticks too. I guess I'll play some Indian Ocean now, or clean my camera. And then photos are asking me to edit them as well. So I might get some work done.
Or maybe I might just go into the balcony and sleep there for the afternoon. For it's March, neither too hot, or too cold.
And I hear the clouds thundering again.

When Pokee smiles, my whole world stops and stares for a while 🌏❤ #happyhedgie #smile


A SNOWY HUNT"At -39 degree Celsius, you can hardly feel your fingers," says photographer Nigil H. "Everything exposed just goes numb." At Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, he captured this coyote mid-hunt as it braced against a blustery snow day.

Just because the path is different, doesn't mean your lost. #throwback

Have you ever been somewhere that everyone you talked to raved about and then have a terrible experience? You're not alone! 💁Despite having the Grand Palace and being a cultural powerhouse, Bangkok just didn't vibe with us like it seemed to with everyone else. A gentle reminder that travel is not always sunshine 🌞 and rainbows 🌈! Check out our very ⚠️ REAL AND HONEST ⚠️ experience on the blog (Link in bio ➡️ Destinations ➡️ Asia ➡️ Thailand ➡️ Bangkok, Thailand - Bad First Impressions)

Jour 165 🗓- Nouvelle Calédonie : c'est sur cette pirogue que nous sommes partis découvrir la spectaculaire baie d'Upi 💙

Disappearing into the greenery in Florida, USA 🇺🇸

I can only imagine these must have fallen out of the world's largest box of Fruity Pebbles..🍡

Venezuela por haberme dado tanto
Estoy contigo en la risa y en el llanto
Siempre quiero amanecer entre tus brazos.
De sabánas que se alargan sin descanso.
Que mis niños se diviertan correteando.
No hay juguete que se iguale a nuestros campos 🇻🇪💖🇻🇪💖🙌 .
By @sanluisoficial 🙌👏✨

De saída... 💃🏻

Reflections. | Calm and peaceful sunrises with @kennethbuchler . Excited to be free and able to get back out there soon. | #sunrise #dreamlake #rmnp #co

Full disclosure: Yes - the water is that blue, and No - it's a strapless top 🙄

No more studying, no more exams, just summer please☀️

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