One big downside of taking over this Box was losing this awesome company @iamprojectx as a vendor. If you don’t follow them or don’t buy any of their products you should! Always proud to represent this company!#doyounoexcuses #hanaleiprojectx #swagisonfleek #iamprojectx

Congratulations to coach LeReen for taking her level 2 today! Flash back for her. Level one photo from 2013, flash forward to 2018 and she had all but 2 of the same instructors. #crossfitislife #doyounoexcuses #crossfit

When the big guy wants to try #handstandwalks for the first time you say hell yea!!! @koa_wood1218 #doyounoexcuses #whatgoesupmustcomedown #igotyounoworries #trustfall

Congratulations to Zach for completing his murder board last night and working with 44 athletes. We are all excited to have you be apart of our coaching Ohana a we look forward to what you have to bring to this family! Next time you see him help me welcome him and his Ohana to ours! #thestudentbecomestheteacher #doyounoexcuses #firstofficialwaipiointern #crossfitwaipioohana

No beach wod but we are trying to keep the kiddos happy!! Please come join us for a fun wod and hang out and BBQ. Let the kids play and let's all talk stories! (If you able to pitch in for this gigantic water slide we would appreciate it) #doyounoexcuses #kidsnotincluded #lastminuteplans #itwillstillbeawsome

5p showed up hard and got our new shirts! Limited supply so be sure to get yours soon! #waipiowednesday #doyounoexcuses

New shirts are in with our new logo! Olive green, men’s shirt and women’s muscle tank! #crossfitwaipio #doyounoexcuses #cantevermakeenoughshirts

He's almost there! Come on out on Thursday and show him some love! #crossfitwaipio #doyounoexcuses

A huge congratulations to Jeannie from our 6a class on competing in Tahiti in international world sprints for outrigger canoes! Your drive and motivation always inspires us! #doyounoexcuses #secondseat #masters

You have been warned! #doyounoexcuses #ropeburnsarentcute

A great turn out for a great cause. Mahalo to @alakai_crossfit for hosting. Congratulations to Shawnna, Rosie, and Ellie on your first competition. Also a huge congratulations to Chantelle and her team for placing 1st. #doyounoexcuses #crossfitwaipio

Come out tomorrow to @alakai_crossfit to support our team "there is actually 4 of us, someone had to stay and keep beer cold" as they raise money for cancer. Here are the heat times 9a, 10:15a, 11:20a and 1p. Anyone who has competed with us knows that Ellie and Shawnna are there to always support so please come out and support. Make sure to tag us in the awesome photos. Go get em ladies! (Actual competitors (L-R ellie, Shawnna, and Rosie. Top (beer patrol) Amanda) #doyounoexcuses #crossfitwaipioohana

Welcome to the #crossfitwaipioohana Hartwell, Walter, Fred, Will, Alexis, David, Rhonda, Lisa, and Dan! Bringing there family to workout today and celebrate them in their completion of a 6 week challenge. Also Mahalo to Hartwell to allow me to be his partner today! Huge huge Mahalo to @gcfhawaii and Bruce for supporting our athletes through these 6 weeks! #doyounoexcuses #nextsteps #kickdiabetestothecurb #functionalfitness #nutrition #lululemon

Last hat has been sold!!! We will get more soon so be ready! #doyounoexcuses #pinkshiscolor

Get ready for today! We all love Thursday conditioning days! #doyounoexcuses

Congratulations to our 1st July elements dawn and Dee! Next time you see them at the box welcome them to our #crossfitwaipioohana #doyounoexcuses

We have been working on our new logo and we have finally nailed it down! We are excited to start printing it and have started with new decals! If you want one we currently have black, white and royal blue. $3 a piece (cash only please🤙🏾) #doyounoexcuses

New swag!! Come and get it! 3D #crossfitwaipio snap back. $30 (plus tax) #crossfitgearonfleek #doyounoexcuses #swag #survivorclothinghawaii

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