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Our double sided stick racks hold over 300 sticks that are all BUY ONE GET ONE @ 50% off today! Open til 6! #FreakyFriday #DoYouNeed #LostMyRocks

Are we need make a community?
Do you need a community for sharing?

Komunitas seperti apa?
Siapa yang berada didalamnya?

Berikan pendapat kalian di kolom komentar. *Daripada blajar sendiri, berbagi ilmu lebih baik.

#DoYouNeed #Solar Let Us Know #LGCY Its Power Time!

You know you been to toooo many airports when they start yelling your name lol ohh #yes ms meyer please sit here #doyouneed anything lol


"I don't use Google, I have my Husband" . - Helene Seger (Woman of Zlatan Ibrahimovic) #google #zlatan #zlatanibrahimovic #zlatanisbigger #doyouneed #familygoals #familyfun #laughmore

I ❤️❤️❤️ this transformation of my beautiful friend Brande!!!
Here's what she has to say: "I& #39;m so thankful that I found Advocare almost 3 years ago! There is something to be said for being healthy! I always took it for granted until it began to affect me in my early 30's ! #healthandwellness What is wellness? A wise doctor once said WELLNESS is when you don't feel your body! So I'm glad to say that I can wake up most days and not FEEL my body!! This is so much more than weight loss guys! It changed my world! This is me on the left when I felt my body daily! It was affecting me mentally, physically, and emotionally! And the Right pic at almost 40, I feel so much more ALIVE AND WELL!" #health #wellness #lupus #fit #fitmom #fitby40 #anyonecandoit #doyouneed #weightloss #weightgain #icanhelp #advocare #livingagain

When you out on the edge
When you ready to fall
Don't give up on yourself
Don't give up on us all

Are you hollow inside?
You don't even know
If you dead or alive
If your heart has grown cold

When everything's broken
When you're loosing control
You just need to focus
Believe in yourself and let go

I see you've given up now
You're right on the edge
And you're looking for answers
To the problems you have

When you're feeling so hopeless
When you shattered like glass
You just need to focus
And forget your mistakes from the past

Do you need a friend to hold your hand?
Do you need someone who understands?
I could be the one to walk with you down to the end

#TheSuit #DoYouNeed #DayAfterDay #Throwback #MountStong #GunungStong

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Hey Guys! 👋 Here you can see a picture of a cow! 🐮 It was taken in Austria in the mountains in the summer holidays of 2016 📷 This is my best picture of all the cows! 🐄
Unfortunaly, I don't know what I could tell you 😕 I've got holidays at the moments, but there aren't special events so far 😅 But on Saturday we've got a tournament ⚽💪 And we tidy up our complete house, so that it looks better again! 😊 It's successful so far! ☺
Should I show you some pictures of our flat? I would post them in my story! ☺ Please comment! 👇
#Question What is your favorite picture so far on my page? Please comment with '❤& #39; under your favorite one! 😊
#Answer My favorite picture is my 4th post 🐹
#Doyouneed [Glasses 👓? ] [Pills? 💊?] [Eating more than 3 times a day? 🍴] #Answer [❌] [〰] [❌]
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