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That moment when you try to pose like a model but you end up with the result looking like somebody who sat to long at the toilet... #gießen #unigiessen #gießenistok #giessenliebe #photographysession #simpleshot #explorerdna #carparkpics #latenightsession
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This is me, a year ago, when I was blonde. I am dying to start working out. I am seeing my surgeon on Monday and he’ll let me know when I can start doing more than just walking. Expecting my first hernia in about three weeks. #givemeadviceanddie #beefcake #gains #musclemole #grrrrrrr #doyouevenliftbruh #roidrage #buff

Coach @samanthaharrris kicked my a$$ with today’s cardio tabata! 🔥 #idontknowifyoucantakeit #fancyfeet

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I've been having this conversation a lot lately, especially because in the student clinic where I supervise a lot of the clients coming in have been wanting to follow a strict vegan diet and improve body composition. This is not easy to do without some educated and devoted planning. >>>>
⁉️Did you know⁉️
That weight training/resistance training/CrossFit/etc. does NOT build muscle?
Nope! It actually breaks down muscle fibers, which is part of the reason we get sore after a heavy or intense lifting session. 💪The R E C O V E R Y process is what actually helps those micro-tears repair and allows our muscles to grow. This infographic shares some of the most important components of recovery, which allow us to build muscle. 💪

1️⃣ Diet - IMO, THE MOST important piece of recovery. You need to fuel your body to function optimally by consuming enough total calories, and you need protein to fuel that muscle growth.
➡️ Generally I recommend 0.8 x your body weight or goal body weight in lbs. as a place to start.
2️⃣ Ya gotta lift to build muscle. Lift weights, use resistance bands, lift your body weight, use machines, whatever you have access to. But ya gotta lift, and ya need ta challenge yoself! ➡️ If you're breezing through 15-20 reps every time, up that weight sister!!!
3️⃣ Cardio only or too much cardio paired with too few calories will inhibit muscle growth and potentially decrease the amount of muscle you already have. Trust me, I see it happen all the time.
➡️ To make sure this doesn't happen to you, follow #1 & #2 and get your body comp. tested regularly to keep an eye on that!
4️⃣ + 5️⃣ Stress & Poor Sleep - Both can create an imbalance in hormones which can lead to a state of muscle atrophy. HGH is mostly produced while we sleep, so if we're not sleeping, we're not building muscle.
Also, high levels of stress often lead to overconsumption of sugar and processed foods which def do not lead to muscle growth.
If you'd like to have someone tell you exactly how to eat to build muscle (for YOU and your specific body type) schedule a call at otbnutrition.net

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FLEX FRIDAY 💪🏼🌞💥 who gon’ stop me huh? I’ve ALWAYS been my own worst enemy but these days I’m feeling GREAT & living better!

Not the best form but ya girl is getting there! Am I the only one that sees someone do something challenging & thinks, I HAVE to try that? I’m not competitive at all. 😏😂💪🏼

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