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👊🏻What's your excuse? Rocky and Conan at an old age!

191lbs. Still have a few pounds of fat to burn. Then it's all about staying ripped, but at the same time growing into the show. Watch me work. 8 weeks out. #Olympia2017 #levels

I decided to hit a single with 245 today. I thought I could probably do a couple but I haven't benched anything over 235 since before I tore my labrum all the way back in 2014 and I weighed around 170 lbs. I'm currently 157.8 lbs as of this morning. It felt pretty light so I did two reps with at least one in the tank. I felt really good about this considering I never do less than 4 reps these days. I'll never max out on bench again (this was an amount I was 100% confident I could press). I tore my labrum in 2014 pressing 250 lbs paused in a mock meet that I didn't need to be doing. @mattogus even told me not to but I didn't listen and subluxated slightly, tore my labrum and ended up out of the gym for 6 months. It was a great learning experience though. -
Anyway, train smart. And don't sacrifice form and don't max out too often, if ever. And get @maxhypetraining because the strength gains are sneaky! Comment below if you've gained strength on this hypertrophy focused program! #maxhypetraining #gains #believethehype #cuttingedgephysiques #benchpress #strength #bodybuilding #lightweight #longarms #doyouevenlift #chestday #upperbodyworkout #gym #powerlifting

⭐️Tag, you're it⭐️
Ok guys and gals, I'm bringing back one of my favorite games! Here's how it works:
⭐️Choose an apparatus (bars, rings, floor, etc.)
⭐️Post a fun sequence
⭐️Tag your friends and see what they can come up with.
⭐️All skill levels are welcome to play, the only rule is to have fun!
⭐️Please tag me, I would love to see what you come up with!
This week I would like to tag @kriskepler @cleverhandz and @sarabeast_ 🤸🏼‍♀️💪🏼🎀 Let's see what you've got!
#tag #tagymnastics @paradisocrossfit

На вторые сутки ловли, гроза мореплавателей и всего живущего в воде- Кракен , был пойман😂 (с) в ходе ловли, ни один "кракен" не пострадал. Caught the Great Moby-Dick🎣

Who doesnt love #Bane aka Tom Hardy 🤘🏼 What a complete BEAST⚔️

Even If you are giving your best at the gym, and NOT MAINTAINING YOUR DIET🍱.. certainly you won't SEE THE RESULTS! 😠
Cuz DIET is MORE IMPORTANT than what you DO at the gym ! 👀😉

Thanks to @divinenutritionsupplement for their high class supplements( viz Whey, BCAA , Glutamine, etc) I'm seeing optimal results 💯💯 👍

LET'S DO IT ! 😠👍
#AnkitaSinghOfficial #YouNoLess #BikiniPhysique @ibbf_India @ritebite_maxprotein

Heißhunger auf Süßes 😃 ? .
Du hältst dich den ganzen Tag an deinen Ernährungsplan, du ißt vernünftig, hältst dich an die Zeiten und gehst auch noch zum Sport? Aber danach kommst du nach Hause, legst dich auf die Couch und da fällt er über dich her: der Heißhunger. Chips, Schokolade, Nüsse, Haribo: Irgendetwas unvernünftiges, aber super leckeres!
Wie verhindern? .

Mein Lösung :
Eis mit Früchten 🍨🍌🍒🍎🍐🍋
Kaufe im Supermarkt (Rewe, Edeka) ein hochwertiges Sorbet. Hochwertig heißt nicht mehr als 3 Zutaten, keine Aromen, keine Zusatzstoffe. Sorbet ist eine Fruchtzubereitung , es enthält keine Sahne, Nüsse, Schokolade oder ähnliche Figurkiller. Nimm z.B. Himbeer-,Erdbeer-,oder Zitronensorbet. Dazu wählst du passende Früchte (bei Erdbeersorbet frische Erdbeeren, bei Himbeersorbet frische Himbeeren usw.)
Nimm wenig Sorbet und viele Früchte.
In 5 min zubereitet und leeeeecker!😍
Vorteil: Viele Vitamine , kein Fett, keine Aromen, kein E-Stoffe
Nachteil: viel Zucker, viel Kolnhydrate
Aber besser als diese unsäglichen Freßattacken 👌🏼
➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Cravings for sweets 😃
You eat healthy whole day long, follow your nutritionplan. Perfect timing of the meals included. More than that you were at the gym performing great!
After that, when coming home, putting yourself on the couch it's coming over you: hunger attacks. Crisps, chocolate, nuts Haribo: all this unhealthy, but absolutely great stuff!
How to prevent🤔 ?
My solution: Icecreme with fruit🍨🍌🍎🍐🍒
Buy at the supermarket (Rewe, Edeka) a quality Sorbet. Quality means not more than three ingredients, no added flavors, no food additives.
Sorbet is a fruit preparation, it does not contain whipped cream, chocolate, nuts or similar bad ingredients.
Choose for example raspberry-, strawberry or Lemonsorbet.
Add same fruits (strawberries accompany Strawberrysorbet etc.). Take lots of fruits and less of sorbet.
Prepared in 5 minutes and so goooood!😍
Advantage: no fat, no additives, no chemical substances .
Disadvantages: lots of sugar, lots of carbs
And much better than this bad cravings for sweets

Amazing @kristeloreto !😍🙌🏼


When you're in Cali and the hotel you're in has a crappy gym.... still get those gains! I had to get creative with the help of Raulin and the beautiful sounds of bachata! #noexcuses #gymislife #gymmotivation #doyouevenlift #inked #inkedandfit #fitness #neverquit #armday #bachata #raulinrodriguez #musicandmuscles

Give this man a call, @lululemonmen!
Raise the bar! (or the sandbag...)
With @strongfit1 coach @julienpineau1, at @unscaredcrossfit

Nerves skip leg day. What do you prefer raining Panda's? Double tap and comment below.

Hat weeeeengs

Quick meal prep for tomorrow (mince with onion and spice and some broccoli. Wrap it up in some gorditas). Still cant eat properly but we have to get it done ✅, we looking for clean gainz. Have a good eve fitfam 🤘🏽💯.

New home, new gym, new goals! Great workout today! 💪🏽

When a VP gives your office gifts and she knows you so well 💪 well knows you're a gym rat at least, just not how much you lift. The shirt I was swimming in is now getting to snug 😂 #helifts #doyouevenlift #bodybuilding #bodybuilder #muscle #gym #fitfam #instagay #muscleboy #beast #hairy #muscles #fitness #jacked #swole #dressedup #scruff

____ Front Squats ____
yeah deutlich besserer Tag als gestern. erst back #squats mit 50 Kilo und dann Front Squats mit 39 Kilo, 4x8. da kann man schon sehen, dass bei den back squats die kraftübertragung nicht ganz stimmt... aber ich arbeite weiter dran. und die besten Gesichter kommen beim kämpfen zustande 🐯
Setz dir erreichbare Ziele 🔥🔥🔥 #burn #motivation #squateveryday #nopainnogain #mindset #transformation #Hamburg #bodybuilding #trainhard #grow #focus #strength #ripped #fitnessgear #muscle #gains #fitfam #fitnesshamburg #girlswithmuscle #legloswerdgroß #leidenschaft #doyouevenlift #liftingladies
#noexcuses #pumpingiron #instafit #machdichwahr

Killed it with my man @a_maldonado3 or should I say he killed me with this workout😂 Trying out new styles of training is always great for your body as it quickly adapts to repetitive workouts and that's something I experienced today, absolutely drained but it was well worth it 💪🏼

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