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I used to walk into a room wondering if they like me, now I'm wondering if I like them 😏 #copied #doyoualways #FilteredtoStupor

If there is one thing that I have learnt about living a healthier/fitter lifestyle, it is that you will be judge. You will be judge by silly boys who thinks that the photos you post are for them. But they don’t realise the amount of sweat, and at times tears (and maybe even a little bit of spew) that goes into the hardwork that you have done to better yourself. Then there will be those women who will judge you for being too “conceited” because you aren’t “humble” enough, but you ARE humble; and you are ALLOWED to be proud of your progress because you grinded and worked hard for it.
And then, they will tell you that you lack self respect or lack respect for your significant other because you post photos with minimum clothes on.
Let me tell you something, nudity & modesty may empower women. Different things empower different women and it’s not your place to tell her which one it is.
@demibagby once said, “my body is not a reflection of what I do, it is a reflection of who I am. I will always work for what I want, and am willing to sacrifice who I am for who I WILL BECOME.
I don’t care where the top is, leave me at the bottom and watch me work for it ’til I make it.” #bitofmondaymotivationforyallll #doYOUalways #hatersaremotivators

Musing after my kids go to bed 😘 #momsjustwannahavefun
#momswhomusically #superfreak #doyoualways

Forever thankful to have this lady by my side! Although these past few months have probably been the most time we've ever spent apart since becoming connected just a few years ago and basically attached at the waist hah ..filled my heart to of spent this long weekend together catching up from having a romantic diner date to beach days and all around getting out and just having fun as we do! No matter how far apart we ever get I know you'll always be right here with me loving me for who am knowing no matter what decisions we act on there's nothing but full support always! Love you bigger than this galaxy boo #myrideordie #loveyouforever #youdabest #doyoualways 💕👭💕

(Tag a Friend who loves to dance) How I started my Saturday morning 😜💃🏼
🎶 @beyonce
#doyoualways #dancelikenooneiswatching #danceitout

If you can show up by 8am then go ahead girl... party the night away #doyoualways @islandbeauties2

Everybody Moves different. Dont get lost in the sauce trying to keep up with the next ! #DoYouAlways #immothafuckintied 🤦‍♂️😴✌🏾


I used to walk into a room wondering if they like me, now I'm wondering if I like them 😏 #copied #doyoualways #FilteredtoStupor

This beauty sure brightens our day when she visits the salon 🖤 cut by: @braedenbodaway #HairCut #DoYouAlways #YouAreBeautiful

Growth is so beautiful... & when you finally feel like your growing in to the person that you want to be because you just focus on you and not these unhappy , fake , wannabe , playing dumb bitches or niggas . #lifeisgreat#letgo#doyoualways 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙏🏾🙏🏾

#realtalk💯.. just pay attention! Price is the most argued principle of a consumer. And it boils down to one thing.. affordability. Therefore, in business, you must meet people where they are and know what to give for the price they are willing to pay. #businesstips #putapriceonit #doyoualways

Don't ever listen to someone telling you how to run YOUR life.!!!. Do as you please when you please point blank period. It's your life they not paying your bills. #keepyourheadup #doyoualways #fucktheiropinions

ohhhh yes indeed....✌🏻💙

She was the kind of girl
who searched for the things
that could never be found •

#wanderlust #abstractbeauty #findtheforce #livelifedontletlifeliveyou #doyoualways

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