If it makes you happy, no one else’s opinion should matter #kissmyass #doyoualways #snapchatislife #snapchatfilter #thursdayjr #babythursday

Don't loose your identity just because.....
Wishing you all a bright day.


Its popping in the pool.. Haha 🎶🔊🔊😇
#doyoualways #smile #lasvegas

Thats why I am a strong believer in making choices that steer you towards YOuR BesT LiFe! The version of it that brings true happiness and Joy. Don't take it personally its about living the best version of MY life #Supersoulsunday #DoYouAlways #BetterChoices

Gooey Chickpea Chocolate Chip Blondie sprinkled with Sea Salt. Made purely with chickpeas, honey, 100% peanut butter & chocolate chips. Just 4 ingredients ✌👌 Trying new things once again. Savage 😁😂💕💪 #sunday #trynewthings #baking #fitgirlsinspire #foodphotography #healthychoices #proteinpacked #nourishyourbody #girlswithmuscle #musclepower #irishfitfam #fitfam #fitchoices #fitness #fitspo #youvsyou #bodygoals #fitnessmotivation #fitnessgirl #fitfood #creativegirl #doyoualways #dothethingsyoulove

Let it go..do you always..cut out negative envious people love those that love you..spend less time with the fake ones..#doyoualways

Mannn. So, when I lost my entire storage unit left in Vegas it included a massive sneaker collection acquired over 7 years with 50+ @flightclub exclusives and other dope finds over the years.
Soon after moving, I watched my precious shoes auctioned off on eBay by some whack couple that bought my unit that lived in Pahrump, Nevada...it was rough.
Anywho, these were one of my favorite pairs of 1s. Some real OGs, the kind that when you slip on you feel comfort because that particular shoe means something to you.
When I got to Lexington, one of the first things I did to ease the discomfort of moving to....KY and this new beginning, was to try and track down this same pair of shoes.
God must have been looking out that day because somehow I found probably the only other pair in my size in the world on eBay from a chick in England.
They arrived about two months later, a little dusty, but I cleaned ‘em up and gained some sort of weird “sneaker closure” that put a smile on my face at that particular time. I needed that. It took me a long while to start collecting again and let go of losses in the past and move forward, but that’s what life is all about, right?
If you know, you know, if not, that’s cool too, but whatever it may be for you to keep it moving, push forward and do the damn thing, DO IT! Even if that may be a pair of ol’ sneaks.🤷🏻‍♀️👟🤘🏼#sneakerhead #shoegame #smarternotharder #payyourstorageunit #dontcountonothers #doyoualways #message #thoserosegold11sreleasetomorrowtho

We have started to get quite a bit of new followers so I thought it would be a great time to introduce myself....Jackie is the name I go by but Mom is what I’m mostly called by the boss lady😉. I love clothes but my main passion has always been horses. I absolutely love to mix the 2 together in and outside of the arena but you will mostly find me in a hoodie, a good pair of jeans, cute Nike’s, and a hat. Our custom denim is my favorite part of the shop and it wouldn’t be possible with the amazing stitch work of @tumbl3weeds. The main goal of the shop is that anyone can walk in and find their statement piece or just a great everyday outfit. I love this crazy thing we call life and couldn’t live the one I live without all of our wonderful customers so to you I say thank you! #giddyupclothingcompany #dontbealadybealegend #therealbossisHazen #fancypants #lovethelifeyoulive #doyoualways @optomorbust

I know many of you can’t wrap your mind around what Quintin and I do for a living... and that is 👌 ok... I admit it is a bit “abnormal” way of making a living to our typical society view.
Being skeptical is good! ☺️ However, I challenge you to evaluate that skepticism so you are not adopting someone else’s views as your own. 🔈If you hear me say anything hear me on this🔈

Follow me. Follow my life. Follow us.
I promise you... It will speak more than our words! 😘

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