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FEARLESSLY ME💕 Hi my name is Nochtli! I love being myself, mixed with a lot of weirdness from time to time and just be a happy human being😍 Why am I telling you this? Because I see too many copies nowadays, people who try to fit in, set their personality aside because of what others want them to be. Not a happy place to be in.
Being called different is like being called limited edition🦁 That's why I will always encourage people to be who they are meant to be. Even though the world might think differently.🖐️🙂I
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#ootd deep V sports bra by @bodyengineersofficial
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Cara ♥️ .. so honored to have met this inspiring young woman yesterday in London 🇬🇧 .. we are all human, we can all use our voice & we can all change something. In her new docu-series she empowers women to be real, to share their stories, struggles and strengths. #DoYou - 'cause nobody can do better with being you than yourself can ♥️ #EveryNumberIsAPerson #DoYouStories

Cara Delevingne Puma işbirliğiyle YouTube’da kadın mülteci, şair ve dövüş sanatçılarının hikayelerini anlattığı #DoYou serisindeki başladı👊🏼 (videoları youtube da var ) @caradelevingne @puma #doyoustorie

It's time to workout💪🏽 With my new @PUMAWomen Fierce from the Velvet Rope collection 🏃🏽‍♀️💥
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JUMPING TO CONCLUSIONS with my @PUMA Fierce Velvet Rope #DoYou
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Tomorrow kicks off my #DoYou docu-series with @PUMA, which was inspired by my trip to Uganda working with UNHCR and shares stories of women who are working to change the world. This series is only the beginning-- next I want to hear from you. Share your story with #DoYouStories

La coleccion VELVET ROPE de @puma lo peta para entrenar🔥 #doyou #PUMAwomen @elcorteingles


Motivation Wednesday. #dreamquote #stoplivinginfear #doyou

Did ya...

When you can't get outside but you know you need to run...you run circles in your apartment for 30 minutes.
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Your way of thinking will help accomplish your goals and the things you do not the things you say will determine how people see you #motivation #doyou

✖️✖️If this is you ✖️✖️ 👩🏻👨🏻💭Traditional thinking when it comes to earning income....
🕰🔁💰Trade set amount of time for set amount of money. Don't show up, don't get paid. Simple right?
On top of spending 40+ hours a week at this place you physically have to be at, you are juggling life. Family, friends, fitness..it's exhausting. You are busy!!!! And you plan on doing this until retirement ?!?! 😬 🤔 What if you could build something great cracks of your crazy busy life? One where the cracks get bigger over time, and it compensates you in money, time, gifts, trips, and did I mention a white shiny Lexus if you work really hard?
You don't physically have to be anywhere, and if you're sick you stay in bed. If the kids need you, you're there. It's possible, I watch so many incredible women do it each day. Some have careers, kids, and all the craziness the rest of us have. They fit this awesome little skincare business in wherever possible (sitting watching their kids at practice, at the airport waiting for a flight, during nap time, on lunch breaks, on vacation) and it's rewarding them to the fullest. Why not you?! 👭Looking for 2 new partners for Aug. You DON'T need any sales experience, you DON'T need know anything about skincare. Only thing you need to know, is that you want MORE and be ready to go after it. The rest I can show you. If you're curious, let's talk, no pressure 😉
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The world would be a much happier place if this were true. Trans people, you are not a burden, you are beautiful, you are strong, you are courageous, you are loved and you matter. ✊🏽#TransRightsAreHumanRights #ProtectTransTroops #TransIsBeautiful #BeStrong #DoYou #FuckTheRest #LGBTQ #EqualityForAll #NoPlaceForHate #FuckTrump

Everyone's reason for being healthy is different. The point is to find what works for you and makes you the best version of yourself. Developing a nurturing lifestyle takes practice and finding a regimen that fits you like a nice pair of pants is so rewarding. 👖😆 #justdoit✔ #findyourwhy #integrativehealth #acefitness #doyou

The definition of cool. Our #WCW is @traceeellisross

🎃🎃🎃 Fall wreaths! #KontessasConjure #doyou

Public Service Announcement #DoYou #BeWeird #DontConform #Woke 🛀🏻🔌💀👌🏼 Be true to yourself! Love Love! Repost froM THE ILLUSTRIOUS @staceybeaglegirl 😍😘😘😘

When it's summer time but you feel like wearing your sisters vest. #workit #doyou #wearthevest #boyswithsisters #MayaLove

Apparently jellies contain unsafe levels of lead. I received two dms about it from my previous post and I just read an article on it. I just had to share. Good Bye Jellies!!! ✌🏽🙀✊🏽☝🏽
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On days off I try not to get too caught up in the "to do" lists but let's be honest, sometimes you have to adult 😣 BUT after that's done, it's ME TIME 💞 Today's agenda? Workout ✔️ Pedicure ✔️ Pool time with my newest read and enjoy some FL sunshine and vitamin D ☀️💛✔️. Taking a time out for yourself is so important. I am still learning to roll with the punches, not feel guilty about it and and take care of me first. It is not selfish, it's a necessity 👊🏼
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