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Save water, shower together 🐶🐶

Credit @mylesandwillows 🐶

Beach babe 🐾 from: @stookiethesausage #beachbabe

"I& #39;ve been on the inside for a long time now. A long time. At least five minutes." ⌛️⏳⌛️⏳ #LetMeOut #NoMoreCrates #WienerDogWorld 🌎
Photo 💛 @bolt.the.adorable.dachshund

HELP PLEASE! Do any of you have experience with allergies? Some of you might remember when we really struggled last year with Bruno's skin. We've cracked what is happening which is a start but it's super sad - he is allergic to grass 😢 It's a contact allergy so when he goes on grass he becomes extremely itchy about 24 hours later and is really uncomfortable biting his paws, scratching his face and his boy bits. So far we've managed it by avoiding grass, he spends most of his off lead time in the woods which doesn't hurt him. Yesterday we went to the vets to see what our options are as there is grass at our wedding venue and we were worried about the impact on Bru. We'd love to be able to let him run free on grass as he adores it, we can go on picnics again and he can enjoy some of his favourite places like Hampstead Heath again. BUT it potentially means a life time of medication 👎🏻 we did some researching last night and got worried about the side effects of these meds. The vet mentioned apoquel which seems better than steroids but we still read some bad things about it on the internet (although there is always someone who has something bad to say!) Should we just keep him off the grass long term and not give him any medication or should we give him medication and improve his life?! He gets to see more dogs and socialise too when he goes to grassy areas. We're going to get a blood test done on Friday to confirm exactly what he's allergic to and they can make him a desensitisation vaccine which may also work (and apparently is natural?) As you can see it's a difficult decision, what does everyone think? We really appreciate your input and thoughts and please do get in touch if you've had any experience with allergies or any of these meds, we feel completely stuck on what is the right thing to do! I tend to try to avoid putting anything nasty in Bru and we're so careful with what we feed him it feels really wrong to be giving him meds which could impact on his health long term 😢 #help #allergies

#tbt #throwbackthursday to the time I slept in my crate, downstairs 😒 HAHAHA 😂😂 we can all laugh about that short lived period now the humans gave in to my howling and let me upstairs 😏🙊 Dougie - 1 💪 Humans - 0 😂😂

THE REAL WIENER-PHILHARMONIC! Presenting Meatball Sprach Zarathustra - Strauss 1896. High brow music from a low rider doggie!

Ready for bed ❤😍🐶🐾💋
Beautiful pic @mayathesausage
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Good night world 😴
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#TBT to last Summer ....
#ComeOnSunshine ☀️

New notepads are coming! Be the first to get your hands on some this weekend at @downtownhouston and @heartmadehouston's art market.

GAF3.0 will then launch online sometime next week. Details coming!

Someone is feeling much better, thank you very much, and is pleased to report his signature snaggletooth has been unaffected by his visit to the dentist. #snaggletooth #dogsmirk #rescuedog #rescuedogsofinstagram #doxie #dachshund #dachshundsofinstagram #dogstagram #dogsofinstaworld #weinerdog #sausagedog #brudderbuddy

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