Thank goodness 🙏🏾 Because my calendar right now is SCARY 😱📆 #somanydeadlines #lawyerproblems #EarnYourHappy

Dream big..... then #DOWORK

Back day with Nina! Looking good homie! @nina_and_veda @exemplarfitness @obliquemagazine

Chris is an absolute rock star!!! Everyone in the gym has taken notice of his effort. @shift843 @exemplarfitness @obliquemagazine

I just had to stop and take a minute to give a shout out to my boy @diesel_1le. People can say what they want, but this is what you call determination right here. When you go full send shit happens. He got this motor put together in a week once his parts arrived- in his damn basement and carried the shit back outside and has her back up and running again. When shit breaks, you come back stronger. 💪🏽 Good shit my brotha!
@diesel_1le (@make_repost)
Back like I never left... 😎 #motivationmonday
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Kicking & Fussing all the way to the gym but today I was truly inspired by this young lady to keep going! I have been seeing her in here every am with me @ 4am doing what works for her & I am inspired! I was telling my friend that she’s on the treadmill for an he & she quickly corrected me & said “3 hrs!” 😍 She said that she was 400lbs & is currently 160lbs. She said that she just walks and does some of the machines 3 days a week. We were talking about my AM Sleepy face & how some days she will say GM to me & other days she will look at me and say “She doesn’t want it today” & leave me alone. Disclaimer: I am NOT my face!!! If you see me holding my face a certain way in the gym that’s not truly my mood. I will really talk to anyone that will talk to me so if you can get over my face you get to see that I’m sooooo Sweet, Silly & Fun! Be inspired by our sister & work on YOU!!

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