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A lot of you like to point at people out there hustling & building their dreams and call them names:
Or a million other terms you hide behind in your holier than thou life.
Let me ask you something.
How arrogant are you to think your excuse for not going out and doing the hard ass fucking work to build the life you want is better/more valid than the next guy who is out there getting it done?
How selfish are you to think you dont have an obligation to go out and be the best you can fucking be for your friends, your family and setting an example for the next generation to follow?
Something for all you "live for the weekend" crybabies to consider.
You all talk an awful lot about "successful people" being arrogant, selfish and having their priorities out of whack.
Look in the fucking mirror.
Like every Friday night...lots of cheers will be made tonight...lots of people celebrating nothing more than another week of hiding from the life they really want and ducking their true potential in life.
Tonight I raise my glass to those who have the balls to chase their dreams, put in their very best work 100% of the time and do the shit that scares them the most day in & day out!
I salute you.
That's something worth celebrating! 🍻

Good news...It's #frogmanfriday which means the work week is over. Who all kicked this week in the Dick?

#kickthedayinthedick #dowork #getoutside #optoutside #navyseals #frogmen #lltb #dreambig #goodvibes #adventureawaits #adventureisoutthere

Happy #UnfatFriday If you make it a lifestyle, not just a chore, it becomes a lot easier. Stop putting your focus on the scale. Focus on living healthy, being consistent with better eating and exercise. Replace old habits that are causing you to be overweight with new ones. That's where your focus should be. Once you stop focusing on the scale, and focus on where it matters, you will notice a lot more encouraging changes during this journey that will motivate you to keep going! #ThePlusSizeTrainer #PrettyHealthyAndThick @taimcqueen

Feel the flow, feel it, it’s circular. Its like a carousel. You pay the quarter, you get on the horse, and you go up and down and around…in a circular circle with the music, the flow, all good things. #mtnbiking 📷: @dmartphoto

The story so far 🐒🤙 @pullandbear

We keep needing bigger rooms at the #TribeLife events!!! *Get the Hardcore Closer app on your phone text CLOSER to 44222

Even if he or she is a machinist 🤔

Some leg things on this 🐪 day (video is sped up):
1. Squats (bar was placed a little too high on my back in this clip, whoops 😬)
2. Romanian Deadlift w/ Toes Raised
3. Lying Leg Curls
Note: Not my full workout, just a little preview 👏🏼 #squats #girlswholift #legworkout #legday #dowork #sweatlife #fitlife #gymmotivation #girlswithmuscles #quadsquad #humpday

Time to roll my sleeves up and get dirty. #dowork
Everyone is a freaking critic these days, even those that have never set foot on a bodybuilding stage much less to be at the level of an Olympian. So let me raise my hand to you and you and you. Thank you for the encouragements. #BringIt #iamolympian #thisisbodybuilding #familyfirst #prosupps #ifnotmethenwho #wejustgettingstarted @prosupps_llc @flexatronrhoden @therealtechnician @psychofitness21 @metalshake_by_sweden @jagware_suits @mrolympiallc @flex_magazine @protan_official @npcnewsonlineofficialpage


#Repost @fitmomforlife71 (@get_repost)
Good morning and Happy #tbt ❤️💪🏼Here's a little throwback to March, after the Arnold and my photoshoot with @theuniquephysique He does amazing work. You should check him out. 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼
@theuniquepurpose @theuniquephysique 📸
Hair and makeup: 💄@shaylynsford
Tank Top: ⭕️HI⭕️
Team/Coach: 💪🏼
@angelstarr_ifbbpro @teamalphastarr
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Most genuine things in life are built piece by piece, they're under construction everyday .
They are shaped by YOU as you're shaped by them
All things require work or input on some level
The problem that you face is where do you direct that input or focus in your life? .
We know a few things for sure
1) You're 100% capable!
2) Your direction or purpose lies within you alone
3) You'll have to earn it as it won't just happen
Question is what will you do and how much will you input to discover it? .
Let f2f help you discover your direction

So much truth.
#mindovermatter #dowork

#auryte here we go with #anotherone ! Its always a #blessing when #hardwork gets #recognition . My secret to getting my clients results is that I truly care about them whole heartedly. In my line of #business , people can often times loose #focus on the real reason why they got into this indusrty in the first place. If you work for a big box #gym , you know what im talking about..it becomes a numbers game especially when you have managers pressing for quotas and percentages. #dowork #fitfam #fitness #trainer #fitspo #instafit #train #kakaako #goals #resultsmatter

I hela mitt liv har jag gått upp tidigt oavsett om det varit vardag eller helg och så är det än idag. Jag har aldrig gillat och kunnat sova länge och morgnar är det bästa jag vet.
När jag var liten drog jag tidigt upp mina föräldrar på helgerna då det alltid var någon tävling runt om i Sverige i antingen bordtennis, luftgevärsskytte eller fotboll och som de skulle skjutsa mig till. Jag vet att de uppskattar att få sova ut nu, men jag vet också att de saknar den tiden som var. Än idag drar jag dock med mina föräldrar på många projekt och de får hjälpa till mycket både i Spanien och på Öland. Jag hoppas och tror att de tycker att det är roligt. 😊👍 För 2 helger sedan var jag och pappa och gjorde i ordning på vår träningsanläggning på Öland. Jag sa då till honom att "visst är det härligt att umgås. Hade vi inte haft våra projekt så hade vi troligtvis inte umgåtts lika mycket". Han höll med mig. En stund senare frågade jag honom om jag är den jobbigaste av hans tre söner. Hans flinade och svarade snällt: "du är den mest krävande". Vet inte hur jag ska tolka det svaret 🤔, men han fick sova till 7.00 den söndagsmorgonen 😊👍. Idag är i stort sett som alla andra tidiga lördagar när jag var liten. Skillnaden är att min tallrik med Kellogg's Frosties med extra socker, de rostade bröden med ost och marmelad och glaset med oboy numera är utbytt till en mer näringsrik frukost. Lufgeväret, bordtennisracket och fotbollsskorna är ersatta av ett tidtagarur.

Idrottshallarna och fotbollsplanerna runt om i Sverige är numera ersatta av Malkars Träningscenter dit jag nu ska köra för att träna dagens 11 klienter samtidigt som mina föräldrar får en skön sovmorgon i Läckeby. 😴😊👌 Njut av denna fantastiskt vackra morgon ☀️👌. Jag önskar er en underbar dag ute i solen!

Time to hit the gym! 🏋🏼😊👍

Going Ham on chest day with my last exercise of the night.

Hellcat lower airbox swap with an AEM drop-in filter. #dodge #charger #scatpack #rt #mopar #hemi #392hemi #murica #muscle #hellcat #aem #musclecar #dowork #moparornocar

@inthezonebarber Tee is very fitting. I'm in the zone behind the barber chair and with the barbells 💪🏽 #instagood #fitnessmotivation #bodybuilder #barber #blessed #beastmode #dowork #dowhatyoulove #winning #gymlife #preplife #fitness #midnightworkout

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