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Measure 100 times cut very carefully. Taking my time making an edge guide for cutting the juice groove in my cutting board. Excited to use my new tray/bowl router bit from @toolstoday and @amanatool

How do you stand out from the crowds? How do you define your brand? This is something that I have always struggled with. I think the answer for me is being multi-faceted. I do a little bit of everything, and it keeps me going. This trailer lettering is the next step in my business ventures. Getting out there and being seen establishes confidence, credibility, and determination. You never know where your next job will come from, maybe it’s that person tailgating you on the highway. Also, a huge thank you to @rowlesmade for being a pro-vinyl installer.

Testing ebonizing solution on a piece of oak. 2:1 water to vinegar, soak in a jar of nails or steel wool for a week. #science #chemistry #firewood

Wasn’t sure how to follow a post with 126k views so decided it is business as usual. But first, a MASSIVE THANK YOU to all of you who took the time to view and like our previous post.

Here is @oodikun Usually a very shy woodworker I think he was so happy with his new #mybench that Carol blindsided him into having this photo taken. I have made a number of jigs to speed up different processes with the bench. One is the jig I use to drill through the 75mm bench top for the dog holes. The other is the jig I use to fit the vice and vice jaw. This large Wood River front vice from @timberbits is a no nonsense, solid workhorse that in my opinion represents excellent value for money. Splashed out on some nice rock maple for the vice jaw though 👍 I love this vice jaw. And for those of you observant enough, yes this is a bench for a left hander 🤚 surprising how many left handers we get in our classes.
This bench does knock down for transportation but when you have a long wheel base van and a “couple of burley lads” showing off for the camera ....... job done! Ok there was a bit of grunt involved 😝


Spent some extra time in the shop this weekend helping this little guy get ready for his pinewood derby race. Wish him luck!

Shop shadows

Ian started working on a fun side project- a stand for his iPad to use during our D&D sessions. He’s hand carving the base here and I can’t wait to see the finished product! .
#woodworker #woodworking #dowoodworking #dowoodwork #woodcarving #woodcraft #handcraftedgoods #handcraftedgifts #handmadegifts #handmadewithlove

Got this cherry log loaded up to head to a sawyer. Should get 5-6 nice 10/4 slabs out of it. Cross ties+comealong=☑️ #memphiswoodshop #log #lumber

Cutting the mortise of the haunched mortise and tenon joint I showed yesterday. I started by cutting the slot for the panel using a handheld router cutting from either side of the board to ensure the slot was centred. I then used my mortiser to cut out the mortise, squaring the chisel against the shoulder of the slot. I then did some minimal cleanup of the mortise with a hand chisel #mortiseandtenon

🌴🧢Thanks to Fletch and Cody at Luke Bryan’s @crashmyplaya in Mexico for reppin’ ‘Porter and Wood’. 🧢🌴 Even though it’s only a couple of blokes wearing my P&W caps, it’s awesome to see my very small business in rural QLD have a presence on the other side of the world at a Country Music festival in Mexico. 🏝

And these guys are doing what the brand is all about, travelling, country music and working to live! ✈️🎸🔨

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