I understand not all Muslim people are bad... but the bad ones tend to make more noise than the good #DownWithRADICALIslam

@ericfuckingandre posted this tying to shame him I guess... but apparently western women think they don't have rights in a free nation under the law. Trumps been president for less than 48 hours and you guys are now wanting to "protest" injustices ? Sounds like a lot of bullshit to me .. the same people protesting are the same people who want to welcome refugees.. you think you females have it bad, talk to some German women and ask them how bad the raping and sexual assault has gotten since they decided to be "culturally acceptable".. at this point, you guys deserve everything coming to you.. #MAGA #DOWNWITHRADICALISLAM #FUCKLIBERALS #FUCKERIC

I've said it before and i'll say it again, political correctness has gone too far. These were people with lives and families. May the dead rest in peace. #nicefrance #fightforwesterncivilization #fightforeurope #fightforfrance #downwithpoliticalcorrectness #downwithradicalislam

This is so true. Good ol' Hitlery must be stopped. I hope everyone is really starting to wake up. If you think she is going to be a good president then you are delusional. Look up UraniumOne, laureate university, the Clinton foundation or a million other things..stop trusting the main stream media #infowars #neverhillary #stoptheclintons #longliveliberty #prosecondammendment #downwithradicalislam #jesusistheway #makeastand #socialjusticewarriorsarewhinnybitches

EVERYONE needs to understand this was not just an attack on gays. This was an attack on America. I'm tired of seeing those damn rainbows. I wanna see more flags like this. DAMN IT we are Americans and your first response it a rainbow flag? It should be this one. And another thing..I wonder if that night club was a gun free zone...it is not up to the police to keep you safe. It's on you to keep you and yours safe. We must not roll over and give up our rights. We must stay strong and fight. This is America get off your ass. And yes I know the bar is there at the top that's on purpose maybe someone will be curious and look something up for a change and stop trusting the media beast. #makeamericagreatagain #prosecondammendment #downwithradicalislam #godisgood #makeastand #downwiththeclintons

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