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{Day 7} Trying to teach Edgar #downwarddogpose, but he's not having it. He prefers puppy pose. 🐩 #clovisyogisunite #lastday #standardpoodle #edgarchevoya

She wasn't feeling so well today so I got her outdoors to do some yoga.. #MamaDaughterDiaries #mamadaughteryoga #downwarddogpose

Are you downdoggin' it today? Simple pose, yet satisfying 🙏🏼
#downwarddogpose #yogamom #morningmeditation #feelingthevibe

Perfect downward dog here 😂📿 #yoga #downwarddogpose #yogaeverydamnday #puppy #santosha

@avelesmma getting some much needed stretching suggestions after not being able to stretch his knee for 2 weeks. Pay attention to the progression using the table. You can use any type of elevation of the leg while doing this stretch. Flexing the toes towards your head to incorporate the entire back side of the leg. The long spine helps with making it a true hamstring stretch and not a lower back #lumbar stretch. #downwarddogpose in yoga does offer the same stretch but the position of the hands can be taxing on the shoulder. #hamstringstretch #livepainfree


Okay it's time for Downward Facing Dog - part 2️⃣! (This is my first voice over, on top of rushing to say as much as I can in such a short time frame, so excuse any awkwardness😫).

This is an excellent modification for anyone who, for whatever reason, cannot do Down Dog as it's traditionally practiced with hands on the ground (see earlier video for demo✨). I actually do this often bc it's quicker and easier than doing regular DD and you can do this practically anywhere! 👏🏼 It feels great for my shoulders and spine, especially when I've been seated and/or on a computer for a long period of time, and is an easy way to open the back of the legs.
So let's get into some finer deets➡️➡️ as you push into the wall and walk your feet backwards, move very slowly and mindfully, ESPECIALLY if you have tight shoulders. When you extend your arms up over your head, your shoulders are in flexion, and this is usually tough for people who don't have a lot of range of motion on their shoulders, so only lower your chest as far as is comfortable to feel a stretch 👍🏼 .
Just like DD on the floor, try to:
🌼keep the press predominantly through the thumb and index finger as your fingers spread apart. 🌼keep your shoulders away from your ears and the outer armpits wrapping outwards and under you. 🌼keep an even press through your feet. 🌼keep a slight engagement in your belly...(so don't let your belly drop, keep it scooped in😛). 🌼try to hold for 5-10 deep breaths. 🌼and most importantly (in my opinion) do whatever feels good in your body, and don't do whatever doesn't feel safe. You don't have to be a cookie-cutter version of any pose. Move the joints (SLOWY AND INTENTIONALLY) in whatever way feels nice, like how I release my neck and bend my knees.
Any questions? Please let me know😊 I foresee demos of Plank Pose and some should opener stretches coming soon.. 👌🏼

My little sister wanted a picture yesterday while we were getting ready to exercise (that's what she calls it but we are actually doing yoga), even though she keeps wanting to do a different one cuz she can't do the one we are doing at the time. Lol #3yearolds #yogatime #sisters #jadaandolivia #SpiritualBelleGoddess #downwarddogpose #treepose #warriorpose #babyfireflypose #forarmhandstand #handstand #flyinglisardpose #namaste #mudras #crowpose #jadaaimejohnson

You think you have it all under control, all figured out when life throws more obstacles at you. They can be obviously physical or more subtle emotional blocks. 5 more days to the start of a new way of life hasn't come at a more better time ❣️ #ryt200 #ytt #teachertraining #yogafun #yogalove #yoganerd #yogagram #yogaeverywhere #yogapants #yogachallenge #yogaeverydamnday #yogainspiration #yogajourney #yoga #downwarddog #downwarddogpose #yogaforlife #mindfulness #gratitude #fitnessjourney #mindfit

Practicing a downward dog pose, slowly #downwarddog #downwarddogpose #yoga #sundaymorningstretch #workout #getfit #

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