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Don't need a reason to feel like I do
Don't need a reason, but I've still got a few
Don't need a reason, don't need advice
From trash in the gutter on the road to paradise
I carry grudges that are older than time
The burden breaks my back, leaves me blind and paralyzed
Forgiveness is a virtue and pride is a sin
But neither one has saved me from the mess I'm in
Corrupted institutions
With violent solutions
Revel in agony and moral decline
War without terms
Food for the worms
Things are just fine
I owe a debt that I can never repay
A sacred allegiance I can never betray
I've stumbled and I've fallen but I will not stray
Don't need a reason to scream for a change
Hand over fist
Blissful ignorance
When the train runs off the tracks
How else should I react?
I'm not a victim but I'm not a crook
Don't give me a reason or a second look

Okay, last time I am posting about prints. I promise. Since finding my hard drive and a bunch of photos I want to make everything I’ve done accessible and printable.
Shows shot in southern california in the last 8 years. Below I am going to list a bunch of bands at the top of my head. There’s def some that are slipping the cracks. If there’s a band you don’t see, ask if I’ve shot them. Whatever band you’re interested in getting a print of. I’ll send you low res copies of all the photos I have of said band and you choose what you want in between the sizes of 11x14 all the way up to 24x36. The price I send includes shipping. I am shipping wherever in world. Thanks.

Downpresser never fails to inspire angry indoor moshing. #downpresser #hxc

Tickets are now available for
Firm Fest 2018 !

#firmfest #firmfest2018 #coa #downpresser #thedrunks #wolfhead #zerohour #manchester #theshaskeen

These and lots more used hardcore 7”s going out today. It’s @soundandfuryfest weekend!!

Artist: Downpresser
From: United States
Style: Hardcore, Metal
Track: Twist Of Fate
Album: Don’t Need A Reason
Year: 2013
Label: 6131 Records
Order It: @6131records
#downpresser #downpresserhc #dontneedareason #6131records #hc #hardcore #metal #nowplaying🎧 #nowplaying @6131records @downpresserhc

Some early @triplebrecords joints.

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