Little teaser. Big thanks to @hiddenpalmtree for this one.

Forged for All. Mega happy to have a set of these now. @titan7wheels sure does know how to bring an amazing wheel to the masses. They fit great, they look great, and they feel great. #titan7

SoCal vibes, a #latergram from Bimmerfest 2018 weekend. 📷@baye9x

Some nice shots from the video shoot with @hiddenpalmtree this past weekend following #SuperiLL #hawaii. He may be fairly unknown but you guys should definitely watch out for his work. Videos coming out pretty sick.

☆ Reflect What You Desire ☆
♕ Photographer: [ @ronin.mf ] ♕

I refuse to let idiotic street takeovers ruin the joy of cruising in my car. The actions of irresponsible "car enthusiasts" have made me feel as if I'll been driving around with a target on my back. Front plate is back on and I'll be holding off on my plans for the car. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Gᴏʟᴅᴇɴ Sᴛᴀᴛᴇ ᴏf Mɪɴᴅ ✨
Photographer: [ @ronin.mf ]

She's done from the shop. I took the diffuser out because the shop didn't use the brackets supplied. 😓 They also lost the screen that goes behind the valence, painted gloss black instead of semi-gloss' jagged edges and about an inch of cracked paint on my bumper.. 😡😡😡 Guess I'll have to do the finishing touches myself. .
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///Ⓜ️ Summer Nights. #nofilter

Just so people can judge for themselves, here are 2 pictures of colored buttons for e9x chassis cars. .

First pic from left to right, modbargains - OEM - IND

Second pic on left is Modbargains, on the right is IND.

Modbargains was purchased first, as they released their product first. When I received the part it did not fit. I had to trim the back of the button a good amount to make it click in. The IND button went rite in, same fitment as OEM. Then there is the color. The blue should be as close to the bmw rounder blue as possible. Otherwise what's the point? I will let you guys judge for yourself.

#wheelwednesday, am I doing it rite?

A quick pic from Bimmerfest 2018, I need another vaca asap. 📸@baye9x

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