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One of my best Sundays painting Kookahs with friends and the kids from our yayasan ❤️ Cant wait to see hasilnya nanti bulan juli yg @projectkooka akan lelang 3000 dolls utk charity utk biaya sekolah anak2 yatim. Love @msurjaputra 's creative idea to put a little art and love and fun into giving back and helping others 🙏🏻🙏🏻 Thank you @lunamaya @chachadico @reinobarack @nikiruwan @safeffendi
for helping today 😍❤️🙏🏻 #charity #kookah #project #sunday #dowhatyoucan #startwhereyouare #letsshare

From organic gardening practices and recycling cardboard to preserving land for conservation, efforts big and small play a role in helping protect our beautiful Earth. #blackberryfarm #EarthDay2017 #dowhatyoucan

🐝It's Earth Day! And anyone who knows Camp Out knows that the only thing we love more than beautiful pinups... is all the beautiful creatures that make up our Earth! 🐝 Every single thing on this planet enjoys a symbiotic relationship, human beings benefiting the most from these relationships. And just like all good relationships, it takes work! That means making good decisions for our planet, being thoughtful of all organisms, putting in work to make sure the planet is nurtured and always taking out the trash! In this case, trying to make less of it 🙌 So to celebrate Earth day at Camp Out here is the beeuatiful @reedandweep from our Spring issue at www.campoutmagazine.com wearing a perfect romper hand embroidered by @honeybunnyintimates with one of natures hardest workers... the honey bee! 🐝 enjoy this photo by @whoismrbates with muah by @rockwellbeauty and remember to think of these little hard workers who we need very much 🐝 #campoutmagazine #whereitsalloutthere #loveourplanet #withoutearthwherewouldtheboobiesgo #campoutpinups #reedandweep #dowhatyoucan #earthday #evensmallthingscount

#ClaroTeDaMás y por eso nuestros clientes ya tienen primero que todos el nuevo Samsung Galaxy S8. ¡Busca el tuyo mañana en tu tienda Claro más cercana! #DoWhatYouCan #S8

Tell me, what's one thing you'd like to accomplish by this time next year!? 😙
Share below! 😄👇🏼👇🏼
I would like to have a bunch of videos available online for you all to practice with me! Let me know below what you would like to see! 🎥🤸🏼‍♀️
Practice seeing your goal as already achieved in your minds eye! But don't just visualize it.. See yourself living as if it has already happened.. see yourself living in the reality where you have accomplished your desire.. How do you stand? How do you speak? How do you feel? 👁🌟👁
What's one thing you can do right now to work towards this goal? It can be small! Even just writing it down, and taking 3-5 minutes to breathe deeply and use the power of your mind to inform your reality of the direction you intend to head in.. i.e. setting your intentions! Connecting with your 'assemblage point' - the point from which we move (roughly around our third chakra) and assert our willpower from - and REALLY FEELING the feelings you will feel after accomplishing your desired goal will only help you to attract it into your life that much faster! 💗🦋🌸✨
wearing / @aloyoga
photo / @lifeinanimage 🙏🏼

@GalapagosTrailRun 2017 ☑️ #Done Feliz de hacer la carrera y poder contribuir de alguna manera al deporte, a nuestras Islas Galápagos, a nuestro país, al mundo y en #EarthDay 😎🌎🏝🐢 %100 DE ESTA CARRERA SERÁ DONADO A @darwinfound 💪

Gracias a todos los que participaron y a nuestros auspiciantes por hacerlo posible:
#GalapagosTrailRun #Proud #helpothers #MOSTWONTIWILL #give #GalapagosIslands #Sports #Health #Ecuador #Earth #Nature #Green #DoWhatYouCan

Day 22...Earth Day
It's future is in our hands 🌎

#dowhatyoucan #recyclereusereduce♻ #2minutebeachclean
Disclosure, used sea glass over a beautiful print I bought in Asheville,NC


Always an awesome feeling to wake up with #exercise. Four kilometers done! #thyroiddietician #hashimotos #realfood #paleo #nutrientdensity #fitness #dowhatyoucan !!

[Your Daily Doable] What masterpiece will you create if you don't give up? #keeptrying #masterpiece #dontgiveup #quittingisnotanoption #dowhatyoucannow #dowhatyoucan #dailydoable

After lots and lots of cutting, Trigger would like to present 44 doggy blankets to take to the shelter! #purpleforgirls #blueforboys #sanantonio #doggydonations #softandwarm #thinkoutsidethebox #humanesociety #happypuppies #adoptdontshop #dowhatyoucan #helpyourlocalshelter #everythinghelps

#Repost from @minoritymindset
I'm guilty of this at times. Thinking too much gets us nada but stress.
#SerenityPrayer #DoWhatYouCan

One day tardy for #earthday. Our local @acmemarkets decorated recycled paper bags. Visit my page @authenticstrive to see not one, but two elementary hand-marker(ed) paper bags. No pre-coloring book (like this one) but wanted to share him too. The more environmentally conscious I've become the more I see just how much mass production is out of my control yet equally how I can take small steps to contribute in my own way.♻️🌍🌎🌏#dowhatyoucan #loveourplanet

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