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Quote dari Dove ini bener banget, coba deh swipe foto ini, intinya kita harus bersyukur & bangga dengan apa yang udah ada di diri kita, termasuk passion.

Selain dunia musik, aku juga passionate banget dalam travelling dan menjelajahi dunia. Dan aku juga senang untuk mengabadikannya dalam vlog, agar penonton juga bisa ikut jalan-jalan lewat video. Aku akan terus berusaha melakukan dan menyebarkan hal-hal positive dan bermanfaat. Apa passion dan goals kalian? Ayo share juga ceritamu di kolom komentar pake hahstag #DoveSelfEsteem #DoveKartini

Selamat pagi! Seneng banget aku baru dapet quotes dari Dove yang aku banget, coba deh swipe setelah foto ini 😉
Jd pgn berbagi cerita kenapa kita harus pede dengan diri sendiri. Dunia fotografi adalah hobiku dari kecil. Dan aku akan terus berusaha mengembangkan hobiku ini menjadi profesi yang aku cintai dan juga bermanfaat dengan membagi ilmunya kepada orang orang sekitar. Aku tidak akan berhenti begitu saja sebelum aku bisa melampaui mimpi-mimpiku. Gimana menurut kalian? Yuk komen juga dgn menggunakan hashtag #DoveSelfEsteem #DoveKartini 😁

To feel confident in ur self is important!
kayak quote Dove ini (Silahkan di Swipe).
Nah anyway, talking about confidence, jadi pengen cerita dkit tentang pngalaman jd host ppc deh😂 jadiii Dulu kepengen bgt punya program traveling. Dalem hati sih "duh tapi kayanya ga mungkin"
Secara aku ga ada pengalaman hosting sama sekali. One day, aku disuruh casting lah.. knp aku pede buat casting? Karna mereka nyari yg basicnya model. Nah sblm casting tuh duh deg2an bgt, trs aku bener2 latian terus dan nyiapin segalanya karna emg kepengen bgt program ini🙈
After casting akhirnya di tlp utk next trip... wuuiiidih senengnya bukan maiiin😂 tapi smbil mkir, duh bisa gak yaaa😂
Tp ya awalnya emg sih masih agak kaku2 gitu.. taaaaapi ya alhamdulilah sampe sekarang masih🙏🏻 dan i feel so lucky! Karna aku bisa mengerjakan sesuatu yg aku cintai dan aku suka, yaitu traveling. Gimana menurut kamu? Yuk komen juga dgn menggunakan hashtag #DoveSelfEsteem #DoveKartini

This quote from #Dove is totally true, swipe this post! I know since the beginning that I will be working in the creative industry. Although I had responsibility to bear and had to finish my Accounting & Finance major, it didn't stop me from pursuing my dream. My mom always taught me to be a fighter and never give up in what I believe in. I started writing and learning photography as a hobby and published them in my blog & Instagram while finishing university and later on while working my day job. Long story short, now I own two business brands in F&B and fine jewelry, as well as working part-time as lifestyle influencer. Many people said my job is like a dream with constant traveling and fun freebies. It is when you love what you do so it doesn't feel like work! But it still comes with a price and persistent hard work. How about you, guys? Share your story with hashtag 😊#DoveSelfEsteem #DoveKartini

Seperti kata pepatah, banyak jalan menuju Roma. Di saat kamu belum bisa mengejar mimpimu, jangan pernah melupakan mimpimu itu, karena pasti akan ada kesempatan lain untuk menggapainya.
#DoveSelfEsteem #DoveKartini

Passion adalah apa yang kita senangi dan yakini, bukan orang lain, seperti quotes dari Dove ini (swipe). Seperti passionku, memotret adalah hobiku sejak masih duduk di bangku sekolah. Dulu ngga pernah terbayang sama sekali untuk menjadikan kegiatan ini sebagai salah satu mata pencaharianku saat ini. Sedih banget karena dulu banyak orang yang masih memandang sebelah mata pekerjaan ini, terutama ketika disangkutpautkan dengan gender. Fotografi dan wanita kadang bagi sebagian orang bukanlah satu kesatuan yang umum dijumpai. Tapi hal ini justru menjadikan motivasiku untuk terus belajar dan berkarya. Never ever let other people’s opinions and judgements drift you away for your dreams. Share juga yuk cerita kamu di kolom komentar dengan hashtag #DoveSelfEsteem #DoveKartini

This is for every girl and woman who read this. You don't have to be pretty to be bright as a person. It doesn't matter what other people think, as long as you believe and confident in yourself!
Life is one big adventure full of experiences to be had, so follow your dreams, believe in yourself and never give up !! #DoveSelfEsteem #DoveKartini

Друзья! Обязательно взгляните на новый ролик от Dove, который затрагивает отношения мамы и дочери. В новом мотивирующем ролике под названием Dove Legacy бренд хочет вновь показать нам, как важно любить самих себя и транслировать эту любовь своим детям, не прививая им собственные комплексы. Меня он тронул до слез, ведь у меня самой растет маленькая доченька и я понимаю свою ответственность за её будущее. Посмотреть полную версию ролика можно по ссылке: https://youtu.be/ajrPiQaz1JY Обязательно поделитесь со мной своим мнением)👸👼👪

Aku setuju banget sama Quote dari Dove ini, coba di-swipe deh. Intinya kita harus mencintai apa yang sudah melekat dalam diri kita. Alasan kenapa aku menyukai Travelling adalah melihat hal indah dari sisi yang berbeda, cause i know we live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm, and adventure. travelling membuat aku bisa berpikir lebih terbuka dan terkadang merasa selalu bersyukur so, isn't about wasting ur money its about to reliaze beautiful thing is valuable :)
Bagaimana dengan kamu? ayo share cerita kamu di kolom komen! dengan hashtag #DoveSelfEsteem #DoveKartini


A closer look at the fab work of #makeupartist @amiewilson aka Dorothy X 😂😂 I don't typically wear makeup so she kept it subtle and I really love these shades 😊 Thanks so much to the amazing team at today's @dove shoot for putting some sparkle on an otherwise dull and ultra soggy day! Wish I was out for the night but it's deadline time instead 😱 #tooprettytowork #tooprettyformydesk #writerlife #screenwriter #blogger #crackon

We've had a fun day shooting for @dove #doveselfesteemproject website aimed at teens ages 11-16. I love that Dove is a beauty brand but this project includes boys too, because of course positive self-esteem is important for everyone. My makeup is by the lovely @amiewilson, hair and makeup artist for 🎭🎬📺 You can catch a glimpse of Ezra goofing around with some of the girls on @dove Instagram stories 😀 #dove #dovecampaign #photoshoot

Witness the future 🙏

This is Alycia!
Alycia's favorite pose is up dog...as she is representing this perfectly
She has been doing yoga since the beginning of summer, she finds it helps her with being calm and relaxed.
Yoga makes her feel happy and relaxed. She lays on her bed and breathe in and out. It makes her feel calm and helps her forget when someone is being rude to her.
Alycia is 8 years old, her favorite color is pink, her favorite food is watermelon which goes along with her fave color and her superhero princess is Wonder Woman.
#liedlions #bgcsnv #smartgirls #doveselfesteem

Witness the Future @BGCA_Clubs @GlblCtzn

Behind the scenes of our @dove commercial! Props in this one had to match furniture and dressing in old photographs (including a custom banquet seating) and were dressed in using a split screen.
Direction @alon_isocianu, produced by @marcjuliar

I started the first yoga program at the southern Nevada Boys & Girls club in March.
The kids have been extremely receptive. They are like sponges, they not only want to learn but they catch on quickly.
I will be featuring the kids, asking them to share the benefits of yoga in their lives. Never too young to start.
They are amaxing kids and they love yoga!

This is Rama.
Rams is 7 years old. Her favorite color is light blue and pink. Her favorite food is a burger. Her favorite superhero is Wonder Woman.
Rama has been doing yoga for about two months and her favorite pose is up dog. She loves airplane pose and just got into it on Monday.
I asked her how does yoga make you feel? "It makes me feel concetrated and relaxed"
What have you learned from yoga? "How to do airplanes, I do tree pose and love my branches and makes me really calm and makes me forget that someone is being mean"

#witnessthefuture @BGCA_Clubs @GlblCtzn #liedlions

#bgcsnv #smartgirls #doveselfesteem

Picture: Alex. T Smith
Let me take you through my journey of trial to triumph.

May 8-14 is Body Positive Week

As the 2014 @bodyconfidencecanada award recipient, body positive means the following to me:
* understanding that we are all created differently but equally.

Unattainable opinions of what a "good" body should look like often challenge our personal views.
Follow me this week, as I take you through my journey of trial and triumph.
#bodypositive #dove #doveselfesteem #itsokaytobeyou #loulou #plusmodelmag #canadianconfidence #bodypositiveweek #ophiliaenterprises
#everybody #ellecanada

We watch. Gasp. Cry. Talk about it. Share it. Some even laugh.
Why not just REPORT IT!
I seen a video of 2 young girls fighting. People took video, cheered it on whilst one the ladies received a beating to the head. What if that were your child, niece/nephew, or perhaps you? Wouldn't you want someone to help? Though the initial damage was done. Liking and sharing such videos further provides a platform for humilation and bullying. Let's do our part and report videos that promote and encourage crime and bullying. #mentalhealth #depression #anxiety #heartbreak #abuse #bullying #hurt #pain #wisdom #strength #pinkshirtday #dove @dove #doveselfesteem #antibullying #bullying #violence #report #antiviolence #reportit #snitchit #plusmodelmag #ellecanada #nowmagazine
#confidentkidz #ophiliaenterprises

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