Fifi and the cage - update
She got a little bit used to being in a cage sometimes, I took her eggs out of the nest and even put a fresh, different color towel inside the nest(to make her feel is a new one lol) and she loved it❤️
Yesterday afternoon she had a surprise for me inside the nest, a new egg(do they lay eggs so often?)
And now she is really relaxed staying on her egg or going down for food and water, and of course having some time out of the cage and she even goes back in the cage to sit on her nest ❤️ I think a second egg is on his way.

Btw what do you do with the abandoned eggs? Is it strange I want to keep them? They are so small and cute, cannot simply throw them away😄

If you think you’ve got a 💩job, spare a thought for Joanna Courage of Gloriavale. Her days are spent making butter in a concrete mixer. It wasn’t a job that she chose for herself, but when you belong to a cult run by a convicted sex offender, you do what you’re told. And you can bet your front teeth that she hasn’t been paid a day’s wages in her life. 🤷🏻‍♀️
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Dove “new” beauty cream is amazing! Smooth hand instantly! #softskin #dovelove #dovepink

Love these ladies oh so much. #DoveLove

5.23.18 - Yoooooo I haven’t seen my B.B. since 97! Bloody Mu Chapter Sigmas & Bloody Mu Souls in the building who by the way are also ZETAS! #MuChapterReunion! BB Lion King Sam L. Mcarthur (#4 Spr. 95) it’s been YEAAAAAARS! So happy to see you bro! #MuChapterSigmas #SigmaSouls #PhiBetaSigma #ZetaPhiBeta #DoveLove 🕊🕊💙🕊🕊 @soulfulzeta @sammcarthur

11 years already?! 🤔

#sigmakappaversary #sigmakappa #dovelove

Love of my life.... my dove... miss you so much #sestra #desinger #photography #dovelove #mybabe

Our lovely sister Ashley is representing DPD while on exchange in Barcelona! This is what she has to say about her experience: •

“Hello friends!! I'm Ashley from Beta class and I've spent the last 4 months in Barcelona, Spain studying abroad. I study business at Mac and what really appealed to me about the program was the ability to do an exchange and an internship within my 5 years here. So far, Barcelona's been a blast and I've been igniting my inner cheetah girl! I've been travelling a bit while in Europe and just booked a solo travel to Venice and Nice for the end of June. I've met so many amazing people here and have had so many new life experiences, that I'm not the same person I was before my exchange. I'm a more globally aware person, have continued to grow my faith by getting involved at a local church, and am slowly getting better at Spanish. I look forward to what life has in store for me in the future, but will certainly miss the liveliness of this city!” 🕊

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Another print flying away!🕊

An illustrious Piece For The Finer Ladies.

Crafted By: @ilovegreekstuff2
Order At:
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There is nothing important than our hometown

Happy Thursday! Today we are sharing some fun facts about Mint to Be Weddings 💚

Fun Fact #1: Did you know that Caroline and Brittany met in college at Appalachian State? They first joined forces through their sorority, Sigma Kappa! #DoveLove 🕊

Fun Fact #2: Did you know that we wear the color mint to ALL meetings, networking events and weddings? Typically on wedding days, we wear black with accents of mint green but for meetings and events, we’re usually all minted out!! 💚😜#MintLife
Fun Fact #3: Did you know that Caroline has a graphic designing background and actually designs a lot of fun and personal signs and seating charts for her clients? 🖥 #JackOfAllTrades

Fun Fact #4: Did you know that Brittany is not only a fabulous coordinator... but is also a high school teacher AND mother to her sweet little son! ✏️🍎 #BossLady
PHOTOGRAPHY: @kristenprivettephotography
VENUE: @separkmansion

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