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#Repost @doulosbrotherhood ・・・
Good times with some of the brothers before bike night.
#Doulos #DoulosBrotherhood #42

Come join us tomorrow at 530am at the 1123 House as Berat leads us in a discussion about our worlds future and how we can make bring hope in the midst of a chaotic world. #Doulos #freebreakfast

A little peak of one of our songs, Awaken The Ghouls #DOULOS 🤘🏽. @doulosfamily @narcoleptic.youth #ChristianPunkRock

#HDF visitando el Asilo Clemencia. Brigada de Amor ❤️ #amasirvecontagia #Doulos #siervosporamor

Journey Of Faith......Yes we can...! Dia suka dg hati yang mau dibentuk. Sejauh kita merendahkan hati dan diri dihadapanNya, seporsi itu pula berkat yang dapat kau terima dariNya. Seterbuka hatimu kepadaNya, semudah itu kau dipenuhi oleh kasih dan cintaNya. Dia yang ada ditempat2 ibadah....Dia yang hadir dalam ibadah pujian penyembahan adalah Tuhan yang sama yang saat ini ada disini dg seluruh eksistensiNya. Dia ga bisa dibatasi ruang. Dia ga milih2 tempat, tapi Dia suka hati yang hancur dan bersedia dibentuk.
#hatihamba #doulos #keset

With Voice Of Elijah Generation Ministry outbond Team.

GBIS Youth messenger retreat 2017
Villa Pinus Kenteng, 17 Juni 2017

Que falta que vocês me fazem!
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woah, they look so cool! didn't have a chance a sweater yet?? don't trip, presales are ending soon so sign up! #doulos

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Investidura con estos guapitos :3 ❤️#Pathfinders #Doulos


As #Doulos sailed towards the #PapuaNewGuinean island of Bougainville in September 1999, her crewmembers felt undercurrents of trepidation for a place where a ceasefire had only recently been declared after a decade-long civil war.
Destruction was widespread with burnt-out villages swallowed by jungle and previously-thriving businesses now rubble. Issues that led the Bougainville Revolutionary Army to fight for independence had not been fully resolved, but there was a delicate peace, a governing structure, and an invitation for #OMShips Ministry to return.

Captain Graeme Bird charted his course warily. The harbour was a minefield of hazards. No international vessel had moored in the port of Kieta since Doulos departed nine and a half years earlier. Every navigation light was broken. The wharf had not been serviced and the water had become a dumping ground for all manner of debris, including vehicles.

The ship had been there as the conflict began. In January 1990, a day before Doulos was due alongside, permission for all ministry activities was revoked as violence escalated. An exceptional solution was found, with the vessel’s lifeboats acting as water taxis to ferry Bougainvilleans to the ship at anchor. Many people gave their lives to Christ as they heard the gospel on board.

David Short, a Ship Ministry stalwart who’d previously worked in Papua New Guinea, was helping the advance preparation team. In a café in Kieta, he noticed a smart-looking gentleman eating his evening meal. When David told the diner about Doulos, the man introduced himself as Joseph Kabui, president of the Bougainville People’s Congress and interim leader of the island. He invited the ship’s representatives to his office the following morning.

The next day, President Kabui presented two requests. First, would Doulos hold a seminar on prayer for Bougainville’s new leaders; and second, could its politicians have training in good governing principles? “I couldn’t believe it!” recalls David. “Of course, this has happened many times—meeting the right person at the right time. God was very much guiding and directing…a leader doesn’t normally ask those sorts of questions!”

What is purpose? How does it apply to my life? What is the purpose of God in MY life?
Tonight we begin a new series and it's all about Purpose. We hope to see you there.
#purpose #willofGod #Doulos #lovegodlovepeople

#HDF visitando el Asilo Clemencia. Brigada de Amor ❤️ #amasirvecontagia #Doulos #siervosporamor

Nada mais satisfaz minha alma, só Jesus! 🎶🔥
#Worship #Night #Doulos

Noite de Adoração 3 🔥
Bass Marcus e Drums Leonardo
#Worship #Night #Doulos

Noite de Adoração 3 🔥
Líderes de Louvor: Bete, Adriana e Zaqueu 💥
#Worship #Night #Doulos

Noite de Adoração 3 🔥
Líder de Louvor Áquila 💥
#Worship #Night #Doulos

Noite de Adoração 3 🔥
"Se para vivermos um Chamado devemos entregar o nosso melhor, então vamos começar com o nosso coração"!💥
#Worship #Night #Doulos

#lastday#seeyouagain#moment #relationship #partner #doulos #hope #ancolbeach #ourbike #bicycle #friend #laugh #grab #specialtime #forcella

Thanks for today God, i can see how great of YOU.
I want to see my fam' but i can't
I want to hear The voice of them but i feel not good.
I don't know what to do.

Gracias por todo! Y enseñarme mas de Él.
Los amo y admiro!

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