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Don't let pregnancy keep you from moving. Come to one of our prenatal yoga and dance classes every Monday at 6:30. ☀️

Guys! I did an interview with Brooke from @natures_premiere_ds talking about all things doula. It's certainly worth a listen. Tune in on iTunes and stitcher to "the natures premiere podcast" to listen. It's live now ❤😃. #naturalparenting #doula #doulalife #doulatraining #doulasofinstagram

Interactive workshop lead by @cg_doula as part of the of the mini-workshops for doulas I host. Fun to have a guest teacher and to challenge some of our beliefs about ourselves! #doulas #doulatraining #communicationskills #birthtakesavillage

Hey Los Angeles! We are hosting our CARRIAGE HOUSE BIRTH foundation birth doula training in JUNE. ✨THERE ARE A FEW SPOTS LEFT✨ Link to sign-up is in @carriagehousebirth profile. Email us for info/questions inquiries@carriagehousebirth.com **stay tuned for ADVACED doula trainings hosted by our gal Elizabeth @gracefullbirth #carriagehousebirth #doulatraining #chbdoula #losangeles (photo of the cosmic vagina of the universe pillow by Alice @aliceschavoir) **We also have 1 FULL scholarship still available for a aspiring birthworker of color.**

I want to check into your state! So invite me! I just got an invitation today to the United Kingdom And while I'm excited to go there are a lot of places it in the US I have never been and I would love to meet you! #doulatrainer #doulatraining #labordoula #doulatrainerlife #genakirbystravels

Happy Doula Birthday to me and my 8 classmates!! Tampa Training 2017 is all wrapped up! We did it. There are 9 new doulas headed out across the country to help moms have amazing births. I can't wait to do this. I'm so ready. #doulatraining #birthbootcampdoula #madelineschullebbcd #bbcd #doula

"The way a culture treats women in birth is a good indicator of how well women and their contributions to society are valued and honored." Ina May Gaskin 🙌🏼 #carriagehousebirth #doulatraining

Back to school! #🤓 #doulatraining


Now that summer has officially started, we are excited to get our hands a little dirty! It’s ‘Find it Friday’, and today we're talking all about gardening! Not only does it benefit our wallet, from the savings of grocery shopping - it drastically helps our health. From the nutritious options gardens boast to fuel our body, to the variety of mental health benefits it provides. Relaxation, fun, family friendly and even fitness, are just a few other great things gardening can bring to our lives. The microbiomes, from the dirt itself, are also beneficial to keeping a healthy gut flora, which will work hand in hand with those delicious foods you are eating! So get out there, kick off your shoes and get your hands into the dirt! Don’t have the space or live in a major city center? Check out community gardens! Here in Toronto, we have the Toronto Community Garden Network, which boasts dozens of gardens throughout the city for Torontonians to enjoy and grow some nutritious items. They are committed to greening and sustainable gardening practices across the City of Toronto, and to make community gardening an integral part of city life. Check them out at http://tcgn.ca/. What are your favourite foods to grow, in your garden?

"The Birth Affirmations" - a series of positive affirmations that can be used to empower YOUR birth💖#thebirthaffirmations #earthboundbirth #birth

"The Birth Affirmations" - a series of positive affirmations that can be used to empower YOUR birth💖#thebirthaffirmations #earthboundbirth #birthcare

Don't let pregnancy keep you from moving. Come to one of our prenatal yoga and dance classes every Monday at 6:30. ☀️

There's something inherently good about #fakeittillyoumakeit as a new doula.
#doulatraining #thedoulagroup #toronto #orangeville #birthdoula #lovemyjob

Summer ☀️ with the kiddos at home often means a change in everyone's routine, and when you own a #doula or birth business, it can be extra challenging when you're juggling parenthood and working from home. The kids want to do something fun and you might waver back and forth between guilt of not spending more time with the kids and frustration at not being able to get business tasks done.
The Summer Sanity series takes you through some exercises and offers some suggestions to help you get some systems in place and divvy up your time so you can enjoy your kids AND get stuff done. Check out the series at @inspiredbirthpro or http://bit.ly/2tz6gCI

Everyone say, "clitoral erection"!!! My trainings are raw and real, truth speaking, lie-illuminating, unlearning and rewilding...and a hell of a lot of fun.
Thank you, Michelle Maclean for coming in to speak on your passion and path as a birth doula. Love having you light fires with me each time you come. We make a nice bonfire ;)
Michelle runs the most powerful and comprehensive 270 hr Doula Training with Pacific Rim College in Victoria every September and January.
#prenatalyogateachertraining #doula #doulalife #doulatraining #birthdoula #fullspectrumdoula #deathdoula #pregnancyrights #inclusiveprenatalyoga #queerandtranspregnancy #queerfemmes #wombhealing #wombmedicine

Our thoughts become our reality. Keep those positive baby thoughts a flowing🤗 #hypnobirthing #hypnobirthingpractitioner #happymomhappybaby #hypnobirthingdoula

It's like Christmas morning for me today! Got an amazing deal on these books 😍 💐🌸💮🌱🌹🥀🌺🌻🌼🌷⚘🌱🌲🌳🌴🌵🌾🌿☘🍀🍁🍂🍃 #doula #doulas #doulatraining #labour #delivery #books #holistichealth #birthcoach #birthdoula #student #training #thrifty #textbook #preemie #labourprogress #learning #parenting #newborn #motherhood #education

Day two of the Knoxville #doulatraining! We are learning about the history of @donaintl and watching these beautiful founders and their hearts when starting DONA Intl always warms my heart. #doulatrainer #doula #donaproud

I've been working on getting to know my #instacommunity and thought since I just got my superb, new headshots by the talented @callaevans 📸 I might make my introductions to our new friends! (jury's out on which pic we like best!) I am a Doula and Pre & Postnatal Pilates Specialist.
I am the Education Coordinator at @RetrofitPilates and a Master Instructor (Faculty) with @balanced_body And a fully certified STOTT Pilates Instructor.
I did my Doula and business training with @bebomiainc #highlyrecommendit
Both as a Pilates Instructor and a Doula, I have enjoyed watching many bodies change, stay functional and become powerful humans. Education is at the centre of my approach, believing that knowledge is power and that informing our minds and bodies will help build an extraordinary life experience. Creative by nature and armed with an excellent knowledge of functional anatomy and physiology of pregnancy & birth, I love working with all sorts of bellies, babies and bodies!
#pilatesbiz #doulabiz
#mompreneur #ladybosses #womeninbusiness

My Weekend Agenda: Nuturing The Mother-Fertility Massage with Claire Miller at Potomac Massage Training Institute in Silver Springs Maryland.
"Now a stand alone on site certification training, this course is an extension of the fertility massage protocol taught within the primary Nurturing the Mother® massage training. Following years of demonstration models who conceived shortly after receiving a fertility massage during the workshop, this course expanded into a multi-faceted approach to a very emotional and personal journey. This course provides training in all aspects of the conception process, including how massage can enhance the success rates of pregnancy. You will learn to assist the client in reclaiming her reproductive body and her sacred sexuality on the journey to motherhood." ~PMTI website
The precious womb, the glorious yoni, the sacred sexuality, the divine feminine, the healing of the wombman! I am so drawn to being of service to myself and my fellow Goddesses. On my path of specialized bodywork, I have grown closer to being in the space to now seek out the proper certifications of becoming a Birth Doula.
So much more to learn is ahead of me and I am so excited to continue to be a Soul SisStar to my SisStars in this community of support, love, and well-being.

Anne Croudace, our Director and Doula Mentor. She's taken on the momentous task of restructuring and making major improvements to all of the MaternityWise programs. Thank you!! #yourock #inspiration #girlboss #momboss #gettingitdone #ohyeah #onit #doula #doulas #doulatraining #childbirtheducation #childbirth #maternitywise #epidoula #lactationconsultant #becomingadoula #keepgrowing #neverstoplearning #bestjobever #baby #mother #awesomesauce

Still space available at our Educator+Doula training in Berlin, Germany--starts a week from Friday. Can't make all 3 days? No problem: you can attend just the first day! Details here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1126352397490247??ti=ia
#birthingfromwithin #doula #doulatraining #berlin #germany #geburt #hebamme #changeyourlife #naturalbirth #waterbirth #prenatalyoga #herosjourney #inanna #laboranddelivery #pregnancyjourney #childbirtheducation #changetheworld #makeadifference

Shoutout to my amazing, beautiful friend who runs @birthability. A full service antenatal,providing birth/postnatal doula support & run weekly/monthly antenatal & postnatal classes & courses in Warks & West Mids. 💙

I'm so excited! I've been pining after this event since it was announced. I'm so grateful to be going and meeting a couple fantastic birthy gurus!
#doulalife #doulatraining #doula #rebozo #birth #FlockYeah

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