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LOOK AT THIS!!!!! I passed both parts of the exam!!!!! Thank you all so much for the support and kind words. I truly thought I failed. I'm shocked!✨

Absolutely loving my new Baby Caravan doula gear. Ready to hit those day visits and overnights in style. @babycaravan #doulabag #doulaswag #doulalife #doulalifeSTYLE

We've got some new #doula bling! Fun for your #doulabag and makes a fun gift. You'll have plenty of flair❤️👉 YourDoulaBag.com/button

Only the perfect #doulabag left to buy! Can't wait to fill it up with all these goodies! #studentdoula

På väg mot Göteborg och en härlig helg hos faster @trudeberg ute på Brännö🦋😍 Klart man passar på att packa bästa väskan👌😉 #doula #doulabag #doulapåvift #brännö #familytime

Nothing better than doula time. Positive birth vibes and energy needed today ✨
#doulabagessentials #doulabag #doulalife #doulalove #dothedoulathing

This #doulabag has seen a lot of use lately, which means I've been a very busy #doula running off to births. I'm often asked how I make this crazy on-call lifestyle work with four young children and the reality is...it ain't easy. The true heroes are the people that step in with my own babies when I help a family bring theirs into the world. They almost always do this on a moments notice and I'd like to give them a big shout out and all my gratitude. There are so many in our village that help...my incredibly selfless hubby, Mark Lussier, the unofficial Matriarch of P-ville/World's Best Nana, Kimberly Campbell, my hardworking and yet still flexible sister, Brooke Fields and my "Sure I'll feed all EIGHT kids dinner" friend, Kelley Zimmerman. My clients (and their babies!) thank you all, and so do I. Together I like to think we're making this wild world we all share a little brighter, a little more peaceful. I'm off call for now.. next stop? Moving...in TWO weeks! Anyone wanna come help pack?! 🤣 #doulalife #workingmom #noreallyineedhelppacking

I got some new affirmation cards in the mail today, but now I'm wondering, how do I figure out which clients enjoy the f-word as much as I do? 😂😂😂 #birthaffirmations #birthdoula #doulabag


The newest little addition to my doula bag. Perfect for the times I am awake for long periods of time and need a little boost!
#doulabag #doulalife

Doula bag re-pack with help from this gorgeous little guy! 🙈😍👶#doulasofkew #doulabag #helpinghand #helpfulbaby #cheekymonkey #gettingintoeverything #growinguptoofast #doula

Like it usually happens, good ideas come in waves for me. Doula Journal has been on the back burner while I investigated a different project, one that I will be pursuing more in depth. Unfortunately, this means I've bit off more than I can chew, and Doula Journal will be collecting dust for a while. Unless YOU would like to take the reigns. Maybe you saw this Insta pop up and said, "I should have thought of that!" Here's your chance 😀 Email me if you're interested and I can send details. amber@doulajournal.com 💕#doulabiz #doulalove #doulababy #thatdoulalife #doulabag #postpartumdoula #birthdoula

I absolutely love my doula bag!! It always has to be packed and ready when I'm on call because you never know when babies will pick their birthdays! 💙☀️#DoulaLife #DoulaBag #OnCallLife #iLoveMyJob #BirthDoula #Doula #SunshinyBeginnings #SunshinyBeginningsBirthServices #spartanburgscdoula #SCdoula

LOOK AT THIS!!!!! I passed both parts of the exam!!!!! Thank you all so much for the support and kind words. I truly thought I failed. I'm shocked!✨

Got my awesome new #doulabag! I can't wait to fill it up with all of my #doulatricks! #doula #bagoftricks #thirtyonegifts #thirtyonebags #personalized

A handwritten note, and some free EOs! What could be better? Already started trying them out and can't wait to get some more! Thanks so much @oilsloveandlaughter!!! #naturallife #essentialoils #lavender #itsthesmallthings #naturalbirth #feelingood #doulabag #doulalife #doula #chicagodoula #chicagomoms #crunchy #crunchylife #crunchymama

Brand new doula bag, packed and ready to fly! ☺️
My first doula bag was an impulse buy: large, shapeless, over-the-shoulder, really fucking adorable, and not at all functional. It was heavy and awkward to carry, especially through the maze from the ER entrance to the birth floor at Allen hospital. And I'd have to dig for whatever it was I was looking for, every time. It worked, but not well.
I've recently discovered, thanks to my mama friends, the magic of the diaper bag! Large enough, but with tons of little compartments, including an insulated one for none other than my little cans of iced coffee, of course. Ever since backpacking across New Zealand, I find it really satisfying when everything I need has its special little place. And it's a backpack so it's easy to carry and allows me to ride my bike if necessary! And I guess it's pretty cute 😉.
Feeling prepared and excited for the call to help welcome another new soul earthside! ☺️🌎💗
#doula #doulalife #doulabag #thelittlethings #birth #birthworker #doulaoncall #donainternational #donadoula #yogidoula

This morning I woke up with a list of things that I needed to do before tomorrow. Before I had time to really think about the list and get overwhelmed I put Citrus Fresh in my diffuser and applied my focus blend of essential oils. Frankincense, Peppermint, and Lemon. ✌🏻#lovemyessentialoils

Off to final prenatal visit with my lovely client before babe is here! #doula #birthdoula #postpartumdoula #sarniaontario #doulalife #doulabag #birthball

Starting a beautiful doula tradition of mine-as a part of preparing for my first home birth as a doula I made this beautiful umbilical cord tie for my client and her baby. Such a nicer way to tie a cord at birth using natural materials not plastic cord clamps. Baby will be definitely more happier about this :) 💛💕💛#doulalife

If your wondering what I take to a birth as a doula, here is a little look at a few of my bag essentials. #doulabag #doula #birth #laboursupport

Hi! I've had a few people reach out this week about the Carriage House Doula Foundation training coming in 2018. This particular class will be held in Birmingham, Alabama April 13-15. There are already a good amount of people signed up so if you were interested I would suggest grabbing a spot soon. I've said in the past and I'll repeat it, that course was one of the most educational courses I've ever taken. I not only learned a ton in my training to become a birth doula but I also gained a family out of the women I met. It was very special.✨ Event in bio. @carriagehousebirth

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