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That show was so cool (congrats again to all) I couldn't resist the urge of doing a fan-art. ^^ These two characters are just perfect, a real fun and pleasure to draw.

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Had a great time with our unofficial #GALLIDAYS Doctor Who Happy Hour at #gallifreyone! We invaded the Shada screening Saturday with 13 Gallidays regulars and of course, booze :) See everyone for the next official Gallidays on Tuesday March 6 - "Nightmare in Silver"!

#allthebooksfeb Day 19 :: Made You Laugh⠀
"The last ever dolphin message was misinterpreted as a surprisingly sophisticated attempt to do a double-backward somersault through a hoop while whistling the "Star-Spangled Banner," but in fact the message was this: So long and thanks for all the fish," (Douglas Adams). ⠀
••• This book had me cracking up on every other page. Humor doesn't always come across well on paper for me but Douglas Adams sure knows how to write a funny book. Another exception is David Sedaris, who has one of the driest, most absurdly hilarious senses of humor. What are some of your favorite funny books???⠀

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (2005) Directed by Garth Jennings.
The Heart of Gold spaceship.
As the Heart of Gold Spaceship travels through "improbability" it quickly transforms into many strange shapes (including a rubber duck); in the very final transformation at the end, it quickly transforms into the face of author/creator Douglas Adams who is also painted around the front of the ship
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