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Sunglasses you can cherish the way @yunghov_ cherishes this baguette. #volterre

See if you can spot the #Douchebaguette. #VoteRight

These #buttons satisfy my primal craving for food puns. #douchebaguette

This man is is doing life right. 🍞🍞🍞 #roadtrippin #copilot #douchebaguette

I call this "Over-accessorized and underwhelmed" 😐#accessorywhore #makeupjunkie #douchebaguette

#blueq #douchebaguette or #doucehbag we have some totally offensive gum for all the people on your gift giving list! Gums are $2 a pack- we will not sell these via IG individually but would be happy to include any of our offensive or sweet gums with your other purchases #dontbeoffended


#TBT Halloween 2009 with our good friends. #Halloween #Pirates #Cavepeople #NotKavemen #GoodTimes @carrera_life

i promise i’ll go to the gym soon 🙄 #douchebaguette

You grind. You grind despite all odds. You grind until you fall to the ground and wither. #douchebaguette

Making gains on dem biceps. Looks like I won’t be going extra-heavy for my biceps for a while. 👌🏼 #LightWeightsReallyDoWork #douchebaguette

i don’t usually post non-fitness pics (...mainly because I don’t have much of a life outside of fitness), but here, have a couple. or four. #douchebaguette

#FlexOnEm again 😏 Pretty sure I’ve gained a bunch of weight but.... LOOK, MY DELTS ARE STILL THERE 🙀 Anyway, I got an explosion of new followers overnight (and day) so... Hullo, new people. Me phobos, a work-in-progress potato from singapore. nice to meetcha 🤙🏼 #douchebaguette

#FlexOnEm 😼 Y’all better get on this hype.

Lmao bewbs as flat as a pancake, but at least I’ve got somewhat of an ass to back me up 🤷🏻‍♀️ And oh look, it turns out that I do have quads after all 🤔 Had the most fulfilling and intense workout that I’ve had in what feels like a long, long while. No half-assing, no muscle aches or fatigues mid-exercise, pushed myself as much as I could, and I feel great. Undergoing that cut has really impacted my energy and strength in the gym, but now I’m back, stronger than ever. Can’t wait to make the best out of this 1-week school break 🙏🏻 #douchebaguette

have a #tbt because i’m feeling miserable about my spiralling fitness progress 🙍🏻 everything is going terribly. midterm break is approaching so i hope i get to make the most out of those 7 itty bitty days. #douchebaguette

i rarely do no-bullshit, minimal pose, no tummy suck-in check-ins, because who am i kidding; poses are so tempting cuz they fool me into thinking that i look better/am more muscular than i really am. but here’s one, entirely for my own sake, because i’m about to be so busy that I may lose a lot (if not most) of my gains. so i’d like to know where I truly am at my peak before my progress all goes downhill. all in all, my glutes aren’t impressive, not by a mile, even though i’ve been training them for a good long time. at the moment i’m mainly focusing maintaining my muscle, since building them at the moment seems to be impossible. i feel like this is a farewell post to my serious training days, as i step into a new phase of my life. #RIPBooty #douchebaguette

It’s #transformationTuesday time, so here’s some long-due #cuttingprogress. February on the far left, May in the middle, and yesterday on the far right. I know half a year is a long time, and I'm far from happy with where I am. But I've come a long way from where I started in February, let's be honest. Everything went pretty smoothly up till the past couple of months, where things became extra loopy (travelling, falling seriously ill, getting busy with school, life, etc.) My strength has been steadily increasing, which is fantastic. I'm still trying very hard to keep on track, and I hope it takes me where I wanna be at, eventually 💪 #douchebaguette

harroro eberybodi. coming back at you with my first hoe-y underwear post in a good while. going to post a transformation post tomorrow since it’s been some time since my last cutting check-in ✌🏼 i’ll save the long-ass caption till then~ #douchebaguette #StillNoAbs #WERKINONIT

(sry 4 my face) what’s good, everyone? (not me, that’s for sure) this is me after over a week of no gym, shitty eating, shitty sleep, and then finally stepping into the gym again for the first time today. I’ve lost quite a bit of weight (rip booty), so I’ve been trying to carb up just a little bit, so that I can at least salvage them lil bit o’ gainz 🙏🏻 either way, it doesn’t look like my strength has deteriorated much, which is heartening. hopefully i won’t have to face another week like the last one any time soon 🤔 #douchebaguette

now that's what i call progress. losing a teeny bit of booty but my strength is still increasing so i'm pre chill, really 💁🏻 #douchebaguette

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