Top of the league! #doubleconfirm #ynwa #lfc

Leigh McDonald is overacting. Pull it back!! Thanks @joshuasimonxl for having us on @kiss92fm FUN talking about stuff and #SouvenirSingTheatre We open on 19/9 and we will see you there! #DoubleConfirm #florencefosterjenkins #Souvenir

今日の#朝ご飯 は Macs! To usher in the 8th month of the lunar calendar, there is a Macs special with a generous meat patty, eggs, bacon and a special sauce between muffin or burger buns, your choice! I also discovered how nice their hash browns taste compared to the overcooked, third grade cooking oil kinds we get back in SG. @flann you are right lor. #onlygoodfoodinjapan extends to Macs! #doubleconfirm #deliciousness #美味しい #おばさんの手帳 😋😋😋 #macdonalds🍟

Only winners! Coming back from maternity and being able to play at this level makes Serena already a champion. But the evening was Naomi Osaka’s, whose solid ground strokes and composure made not just her day but also history for Japan! First singles grand slam title for a Japanese person sounds pretty darn good! #doubleconfirm #テニス🎾 #tennis #おばさんの手帳

#onlygoodfoodinjapan extends to even chain locations like Denny’s diner which was once quite famous back in SG. Save for a table of 2 very loud and loquacious women from another East Asian country (no prizes for guessing and yes they have even “invaded” suburban Japan drats!), this was a lovely breakfast place! I vaguely remember that we used to have one across the office next to the conference hall where we also went for karaoke at Party World! Then the damn place got torn down! Sadness! Respect to the one and only おばさん waitress who tripled up as cashier, cleaned the tables! Talk about efficient. How did she do it (there were easily 8 tables!)... with a smile! I just want to have a job like this. No debt, no mortgage, no leverage, just a simple job in a suburban Japanese diner, I will cycle to work and there will be peace and quiet and no difficult clients or nth revised redlined and clean versions! Just saying... #おばさんの手帳 #doubleconfirm #美味しっ😋

Another unbelievable #onlygoodfoodinjapan restaurant! Make sure you stop by this place if you happen to be near Chiba station! With humble beginnings in Tokyo some 30plus years ago, its Chiba branch certainly lives up to its name! Believe it or not their specialty is chicken wings! #手羽唐揚げ ! After excessive ordering for 2 and 4 pints of beer 🍻... 5700円 or about US$55 all inclusive. Another amazing find! Chiba rocks! 😘😘😘 #doubleconfirm #おばさんの手帳 Perfect place to unwind after 12 straight hours in the hospital 😂 haha.

In this series of #onlygoodfoodinjapan (hospitals special), we feature the Sakura Lounge at 山王病院 right here in Chiba! No relation to the name of the durian and definitely no durians allowed pls! Hire katsu and Ebi hurahi #定食 at an unbelievable 850円 and 900円 respectively (about $10!) ikr!!!! And it is abso delish 😋 haha do I sound like a food blogger?! #苦中作乐 #doubleconfirm #deliciousness #おばさんの手帳 #日本の料理

Guess the caption!
1. “Chams! I broke a nail!” 2. “What do you mean that crypto is going to be mainstream!” (Spotted at an international trade conference, in much disbelief.) 3. At episode 24 of 如懿传 and totally stupefied by how only a very small number of people have died, the “dragginess” of it all and completely aghast by how 4 episodes were spent over a rumour! Seriously 😒 ?!?! Oh well another 64 episodes to go! #おばさんの手帳 #doubleconfirm

Thanks again @mitchwoodworth , Lyle and @leahcordeiro for hosting us to the best, most #shiok Lontong dinner I have ever had and also the very adult charades Singlish advanced level! Wah piang eh! #chams man! Laugh until have to repair face type lor! And Michelle, the Lana cake really was the clincher! Thanks thanks again for remembering. Double confirm that we all need to be cast in the next Singlish drama on Toggle yah! #doubleconfirm #友達 #おばさんの手帳

Surprising my best friend @aonalikhan with SKYDIVING! Full video link in bio ✈️ #DoubleConfirm

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