Butterfly by Sigma - Did this piece for one of my best clients Katja. She’s always super supportive and genuinely a really good person. It’s always a blast to work with her. 🦋

Niin hento, niin kaunis 😍 ...ja täysin käsintehty. On toi @dotsbysigma melkonen velho!

I usually refuse to tattoo the same design twice, but Ella and Juuli asked so nicely I couldn’t say no. Thanks for letting me help to immortalize your friendship. 🌵🌵

Peony by Sigma - Thanks Katju for trusting my vision! 🙏 This was a super fun project for me. Happy healing and see you in a bit!

Available Cherry Blossom design! Hit me up if interested! ☺️

Thanks Sari for stopping by just to let me take a look at this healed piece from a while ago 🙏

Mandala by Sigma - 100% dotwork mandala for Iija. Happy healing and see you soon! ☺️

Throwback - I still remember how mesmerized I was with Twiggy’s eyes. 😍

Pressure - 3/30

Cranes by Sigma - I’m super honored that Jari chose me to do this. The design is made from a photohraph of his. 📸

Daisy for Katja - Like some of you might already know, I’ve been ”secretly” practicing this hand poking method (sometimes called stick and poke). Soon as I get my sketchbook ready you’re welcome to book a session with me and get some smooth stuff like this. 💚

Ensimmäinen taulu seinällä ❤❤ #dotwork #dotworkart #dotsbysigma #myhome #newhome #decoration #bestplace

Dragonfly by Sigma - I really enjoyed tattooing this little creature. Thanks Sandra for letting me do and have fun in Lithuania! ☺️

Poked by Sigma - No clients were harmed in making this tattoo. Like always I had to practice on myself before I make it available for the public.

Healed - Healed up nice, thanks Oona for taking such good care of it! 🙏☺️

Käyttääkö Saara @helloimsaara aina toisessa kädessä mustaa hanskaa, vai liittyykö tapaaminen Sepin @dotsbysigma kanssa asiaan? 🤔😂

Church by Sigma - Big thanks to @helloimsaara for this assignment and thanks for being such a good sport from start to finish. Happy healing and see you soon! ✌️

Semi-healed Star Wars themed tattoo I did for Tommi - Thanks for trusting my vision and being patient with me. This was a super cool project! 🙌

Designs by Sigma - Available even on short notice. First come first served, see you at the studio! 👨‍🎨

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