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Even though am not posting am posted ! Work work work !!! πŸ’―πŸ’― #Calisthenics #NoExcuses #DoThisAnywhere #WeRestWhenWeSleep #TricksterC #TricksterC #TricksterC

Quick core / upper body workout!! Best done in the Sun (St Lucia 33*) go to fatigue in each movement. Always good #Tekkers #slow and #precise #caribbeanstyle 🏝🏝

Happy FriYAY!! Start your weekend off with this: βœ… Kettlebell 2 Handed Swing βœ… Push-ups βœ… Mountain Climbers
βœ… Kettlebell Goblet Squat
βœ… Speed Skater
βœ… Squat Jump w/ 3 sec Hold

30 seconds of work /10 seconds of rest in between exersices.
Repeat 5 times or more!
Rest As Needed
Use this timer!
Timer Directions:

Time on: 0:30
Time off :0:10
Have a Great weekend! πŸ’ͺ🏼 #friyay #pkrocks #dothisanywhere

Listen to your body!

This is from this morning and I took a needed rest day yesterday.
I went to bed at the same time as my toddler. So I guess I needed it. I often want to push myself, but realize that I can't be overdoing it or I'll burn out.

These days it's challenging with the newborn, the toddler and work with long days.

@emmanuelleduvalauger has been amazing.

Just taking it day by day and doing what I can and trying to find the simple joys of the day.

#lifecanbechallenging #daybyday #avoidingburnout #needsleep #mywifeisawesome #parenthood #rollwithit #longdays #salesreplife #trainerlife #travelingsalesman #ontheroadsalesman #busy #busydad #onthego #dothisanywhere #athome #livingroom #basement #hotelroom #nogym #noequipment #listentoyourbody #simplejoys

Fitness Friday Fun! Total body movement right here to keep it simple. Do sets of 10 with a 45 sec rest until you get to πŸ’―!! You can just use your body weight! Scale the reps if you are just starting out. To spice it up throw in 400 M run at set 5 and at the end.

#morningmotivation here's your workout for the day, did some stairs and then got down and got some #bootyexercises in!!!! Shout out to my partner in shine for this workout today @kelstoner coach on the team, just moved to Cali by the beach!πŸ€—β˜€οΈβœŒοΈβ€ #FueledByHerbalife #dothisanywhere #team #gus #dreamteam #askmehow #coaches

Strong hold from one of our trainers at #CorbyCompound @curtis.t.d @curtis.t.d @curtis.t.d go follow him great page to follow! Showing us here a good form HANDSTAND head clean through body with a strong hold an legs straight coming from the back no arching over. Some work to be done but with some hard training will have it in no time! #Progression great lad to train with, will be representing #TheCompoundUk in London at start of next month in competition #ItsALifestyle #Calisthenics #DoThisAnywhere #NoExcuses #CorbyCompound #WeRestWhenWeSleep #TricksterC

Another clip from last night from my handstand training. Trying real hard to clean form up everywhere. Chasing them handstand push ups an that pike press. The core you need an strength in your shoulders is unreal. Let's get this though. Been a good calisthenics adventure over this past 3 years nearly. Now real time to step up the game like should've months ago! Time to really focus, not to let me vision get clouded! #Handstands #DoYouEvenHandstand #HandstandAddict #CantGetEnough #Calisthenics #DoThisAnywhere #ItsLifestyle #WeRestWhenWeSleep #TricksterC #TricksterC #TricksterC


Quick core / upper body workout!! Best done in the Sun (St Lucia 33*) go to fatigue in each movement. Always good #Tekkers #slow and #precise #caribbeanstyle 🏝🏝

#workingout in the #batcave.

Very dim workout area the size of a large closet at this hotel.

#pushingthroughanyway #shiftshop #noexcuses

Turns out after a 3 day bender an the most unhealthiest 4 months of my life I've still got some handstand push ups ! Time to focus an get TricksterC back ! "They can't take away my spirit"..... #Calisthenics #DoThisAnywhere #NoExcuses #HSPU #Handstands #BodyWeight #WeRestWhenWeSleep #TricksterC #TricksterC #TricksterC

Even though am not posting am posted ! Work work work !!! πŸ’―πŸ’― #Calisthenics #NoExcuses #DoThisAnywhere #WeRestWhenWeSleep #TricksterC #TricksterC #TricksterC

Decided to switch out Strength 45 for a 7.5km run instead to get this guy out of the house. It helped him sleep thankfully.

My other son pushed my patience tonight. So it was nice to go downstairs and do Shift Abs to release some stress.

Thankfully it helped a lot.

Do you use exercise to relieve stress?

What a difference a day makes. Yesterday I was not driven to workout and hated most of it.
Today I was super pumped, had way more fun and it flew by.
I guess that's how it goes sometimes.

The most important part for me is finding what I like about a workout or a program and focus on that.

What do you enjoy most about the program you're doing?

When your gased from doing Shift Shop Speed 45 and trying to smile.

I've been home all week so I've been doing some workouts outside and it's been awesome.
Good thing I get Wi-Fi out here.

Excited in preparation for the first ever LIFT Challenge group on Monday. 10 day Lunch and Lunges Challenge and someone is walking way with at least $50 which is awesome and $50 towards a cause they believe in.
Can't wait!!!

Hello Dallas!

Got in late last night, this morning did my Shift Shop Speed 35 workout that I struggled with at first then got in a groove.

Checked in our challenge group, where people are kicking ass.
Then attended day 1 of a 3 day training on Leadership as a trainer, which was awesome.
I feel super blessed to receive this training and want to execute what I learn not just with work, but also at home, and with leading the L.I.F.T. Movement.

Now time to review what I learned and see how I can apply it.

I'm getting out of my comfort zone.
I'm not used to using weights and this program is pushing me to do so.
Shift Shop Strength 35 and it felt like it was less than 20 min it went by so fast.

This week I know I'll be at a hotel that does have proper equipment (it's surprisingly rare),
so I know I can do it properly.

What do you prefer? With or without weights?

#shiftshop #outofmycomfortzone #usingweights #lift #liftmovement #busydad #onthego #dothisanywhere #athome #ontheroad #nogym #travelingsalesman #travelingtrainer #salesreplife #productivemorning

I didn't expect to have a morning swim, but Zenith woke us up at 4 and I couldn't get back to sleep.
So got up, did my Shift Shop Speed 35 workout and was covered in sweat.
Needed to cool down and took advantage of the tranquility and sun rising.

I guess it ain't so bad!

Have a great Monday!

Hydrating during and after Speed 25!

A lot of you know this, but drinking the right amount of water in a day is crucial to helping you achieve your health and fitness goals.

How much?
1/2 your weight in ounces.
You weigh 150lbs, that's 75 oz of water.

It's a lot, but it's just a matter of breaking it down and splitting it up in your day.

One 500 ml bottle of water is roughly 16 ounces.

Water will help you with your energy, mental alertness and flushing out toxins. So get it in you!

Are you getting enough water?
If not, how could you add some to your day so it becomes a habit?

Down in my dad's basement just doing some bear crawls.
Before we went out this morning I got in a quick 25 min workout to prep for next week for the Shift Shop program.

Tomorrow will be tough to get in a full workout so will aim for a shorter one.
We're going to the Toronto Zoo so I know that we'll be walking a ton.

How do you plan your workouts during the week?

Back at it and it felt great!
We're at my mom's so got mybworkout in, in her office.
One week to go before our #shiftshop test group starts and I want to get familiar with some of the workouts before we start.
Did the #abworkout from this program and though it was only 10 min, I really liked the variety, like this #cabbagepatchsitup.
Now ready for an awesome day with family.

Want to learn more about our 3 Week test group?
Comment below "I'm interested" or personal message me.

Have an awesome Monday!

Damn that felt good.
It wasn't a very stressful weekend, but we got a lot done around the house which felt good.
Keoni was really the only cause of stress. Ha!
And it wasn't that bad.

It felt good to do the Core de Force Active Recovery workout.
20 min of light exercise and stretching. Much needed in order to prep for my final week of this program.

Recovery days and days off are crucial in helping your body recuperate from whatever type of program you're doing.

It also helps to get you performing at a higher level since you are rested and ready to crush the next workout.

The elephant in the room!

I'm a sweaty mess after my workout and today's burpee challenge.
Woke up early, did some research and more studying for what I'm planning on doing to help a greater scale of people with what I do for health and fitness. It's very exciting, but I know I need to share it soon. So I will!

Have an amazing Friday and I look forward to sharing what's coming up soon!

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