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Happy Anniversary these two love birds ☺ It was a perfect day 👌🏻

Are you on our 2018 senior list? Hurry before all spots are filled! We only take 30 seniors a year! Quality over quantity. Contact info in bio 👆#mb30 #markbroadwayphotography #senior #dothanphotographer #seniorpictures

Oh my goodness, I could just squeeze that chunk of love! .
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✨Pike | family
There's nothing more important than #family! #dothanphotographer #familyphotography #canon #photography

👰🏻 Classic bridal beauty! @thegrandonfoster @caro_tidmo

Happy Birthday to my brother-in-law, Brent Womack. I had the privilege of capturing some sweet family moments this past fall and in honor of such a great man's birthday I wanted to share!
A great father, husband, leader, friend, and he's hilarious. I am so blessed to call him family. He's walked through some hard times, but stayed true to his faith and, man, has God seen him through.
Brent, you are a leader among men and a light for the kingdom. People are just drawn to you. You are a wake-maker and world changer, and you do this in the most intimate of ways which is so admirable. So proud of you brother and love you to pieces. It's been such an honor to witness you grow into the man you are today as your brother's girlfriend to your sister, from age 16 to 27.
People reading this, if you don't know him or his testimony, put it on your list, and wait expectantly because God isn't even close to being done with him yet!
Happiest of birthdays to one in a million, Brent Womack.

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It's been a little quiet around here this week because we've been battling colds in the Woodham home. I'm finally starting to see the end of this thing but I hate that every year when things start to bloom and become vibrant, I can't seem to dodge the sickness. And in all honesty, today was just like Monday all over again, so I was ecstatic to open up my inbox to see these pretty little scans tonight! Documenting a maternity session is so much different than documenting a wedding day, but the outpouring of love and joy... it's still there. And that'll always be my favorite thing.

Thanks for assisting me with this one @kayleesorrellsphotography!

Today life threw a pretty large lemon at me. 🍋Luckily, lemony things are the best, so I made some lemon bread. What is your fave thing to eat when you are sad?

Sweet embraces ☺

Summer nights . . .

A little introduction because I wanna be friends, and to my amazement and joy this business keeps growing. I love listening to @saintmotel & have dance parties on the reg. I am a ravenous reader, and could chat about books all day but Harry Potter is King. (More accurately, Weasley is Our King) I am an INFJ, so basically a walking contradiction. 🤷🏻‍♀️I would honestly LOVE to hear something about you. If you need a prompt: what is your favorite dance party song? Mine is currently Stolen Dance by Milky Chance

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