I upgraded my strengths yesterday to see all 34 (aka that means you get to see what your biggest weaknesses are). My biggest weakness is being deliberative... not shocking since I live life flying by the seat of my pants... but when I told one of my mentors that Competition was my #33 she was shocked since somehow I have still achieved a high leadership position in our company and qualified as the top 50 in my company’s competition last Fall, something you would think would be unachievable for someone who doesn’t have a competition strength. .
However this is where my strengths come to play... My top strength is Adaptability. I handle life’s crazy twists and turns well and actually I kind of live for the adventure. This strength has played huge parts in having my own business. The rest of my top 8 is listed below You may notice if you are familiar with Clifton Stremgths that all of my top 8 (and actually my top 12) are all relationship building or executing domains... no execution or influencing strengths here! .
I say all this just to point out, EVERYONE has different strengths. EVERYONE has different weaknesses. However, the dream is attainable for EVERYONE, regardless of your strengths. Knowing your strengths can help you customize your business plan to what works for you and you can stop living by others’ expectations of how you have to go about achieving any of your dreams. .
On a funny note, now my family will understand why, even at 7 years old, I let everyone in front of me in line during tumbling and ended up with half the passes as everyone else. Sorry I wasted your money Mom and Dad. 🤷🏻‍♀️
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My lucky oil tribe members get gifted some On Guard natural toothpaste when they join with me. These toothpaste samples are so handy for when you travel. If you have a doTERRA wholesale account, you can order these through the US warehouse, or join my team and get 1 free.

Guys! These blends are fantastic! They are simpler formulas for our little one’s bodies and are diluted for their use to support their minds, bodies, and hearts. Tonight we applied calmer to the bottoms of feet to support restful sleep and stronger to the spine to support immune system function. Can’t wait to use Thinker in the morning before my little man heads to preschool! 🍎
Thank you @doterra for creating blends just perfect for the little ones that need it the most! This line will provide an amazing starting point for any Mom looking to support their kids with natural solutions! So grateful! ❤️

doTERRA Dream Convention was AMAZING!!! I am SO happy I was able to take time off of work to join Lacey in being recognized as an amazing DIAMOND leader! We had so much fun celebrating the last year of accomplishments with all of these amazing ladies! I can hardly wait until next year! By the way we have the funnest and best team ever! We are so blessed 💜 #doterradiamond #doterragala #doterraconvention #doterraconvention2018 #doterraoils #doterraleader #doterraessentialoils #doterralove #doterrafamily #dōterra #doterrarocks #essentialoils

My mom 😍 Stunning, wise, compassionate, intelligent - I could go on and on. So much ❤️ and 🙌 for this amazing woman who has changed the lives of so many people @melissa_truenorth
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doTERRA 10th Anniversary Convention is wrapped up and just waiting for the flight home.
So much can be said, so much good is being done by doTERRA.
Donated 5 Million Dollars to Huntsman Cancer Institute, donations to O.U.R., Rapha House, and more.
Partnering with drs and scientists with incredible credentials, the keynote speakers AND our special guest and performer, @thehughjackman !

Hugh Jackman stunned about 35,000 people and we were in awe of his vision, Dream, and example. .
I feel so blessed and grateful. ❤️
Some of the BEST people in this earth are my doTERRA family💜💧
Strangers helping strangers... it’s a beautiful thing to share a little bit of love.
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I think of what the world could be
A vision of the one I see
A million dreams is all it's gonna take
A million dreams for the world we're gonna make 🌎 #doterradream #freetogive #healinghands

Clearing my space and smudging with Palo Santo, using my Crystal Aura Spray on myself to clear some negativity that was settling into my being this evening, did a yoga sequence, some journaling, Copaiba under my tongue and now settling in with essential oils in my diffuser.
Yes, I do use all the tools I share. That’s how I know they work. Feeling my attitude shift back to center.
Ready to start Fall in a positive way. Know the things I cannot change but ask for more help along the way. Caring for a loved one with dementia settling in is hard.
Loving you from here, 😘

And that’s a wrap @doterra convention 2018. Traveling back to my sweet family today! Can’t wait to get home and go through all of this amazing info. to be able to share with you! ❤️

Anyone else love when they open new LLV bottles?
That means another month I’ve taken charge of my health, physical and mental. They both intertwine and are equally important.
This month marks two years I’ve been taking these supplements. They are truly like no other and provide endless health benefits. My son was one month old when I started taking these which was a time I needed them most. The female body goes through so many physical and emotional shifts not only during pregnancy but immediately after birth as well. .
✨ALPHA CRS+✨ (Left) Cellular Vitality Complex helps to prevent oxidation of cells and protects them. Antioxidant and DNA protection which also provides sustained levels of energy everyday. Boswellic Acids (think all the benefits of Frankincense) and Curcumin to support healthy muscles and joints with high anti inflammatory properties.
✨MICROPLEX VMz✨ (Top) Food Nutrient Complex greatly helps supplement nutrients essential to proper health and growth back into our body. Perfect for those who eat ‘convenient’ over nutritious and miss these important vitamins commonly found in our healthiest fruits and veggies. Your vitamins A-Z are here in optimal amounts easily absorbed and helps boost metabolism. *Also available in vegan formula.
✨xEO MEGA✨ (Right) These softgels provide optimal levels of omega 3, 6, and 9 that many of us don’t immediately obtain from our diets if we skip on certain nuts and fish. One con to a typical omega or fish oil supplement is the after burp fishy taste that’s disgusting. None of that with these softgels. Cardiovascular, eye, brain, heart, lung, and skin support which help complete whole body health. Omegas have a direct effect on our mental health. Feeling down, low, or in an emotional state of distress? Introduce omegas as they support brain health. *Also available in vegan formula substituting seaweed in place of fish.
Non GMO, gentle on stomach formulated with oils and herbs for digestive support, stress management, immune support, supported levels of energy, mental clarity, and general wellness and vitality.
The Life Long Vitality supplements are dōTERRA’s number 1 best selling product. Try it, guaranteed!

These two beautiful bottles mean the world to me. My first two leadership ranks. A lot of time, passion, effort, and grit went into these beauties! This business is simple but it’s definitely not easy. I’m ready to run with this and would love to find those of you wanting to run with me! ❤️

Do you see that beautiful girl in the middle? That is my amazing doTERRA direct upline leader @oil.love.by.kelli together with another amazing leader on my team @oily_mermaid. It’s amazing to be on a team with such wonderful people and to have a leader who is so sweet and supports you in all your efforts and helps you grow. I totally ♥️ my doTERRA family and I finally feel like I belong somewhere! 💜 #OilPixie .
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Feeling so incredibly blessed to have this beautiful soul has on this journey with me ✨ #worldchangers #doterraleader #businesswithmybestie

Yes @oilessentialswithalannah we sure have!! Tomorrow is going to be an amazing & successful event 🌟

I’ve been using deep blue for 9 years. Turns out that deep blue really is my oil!!! 🙌🏼 After taking a “oil test” deep blue was the oil that is best for me! 😂😂👍🏼

Yesterday was World Gratitite Day! I actually have a gratitude journal. At the end of every day I write down 3 things that I am grateful for from that day. Yesterday was being grateful for Hubby cooking tea, Lawson being happy & not crying at daycare drop off and for my doTERRA team kicking goals. If you find you can be somewhat negative, then I highly encourage you to start a gratitude journal x

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