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I am blessed with the opportunity to partner with @doterra this year. My lifestyle as a professional athlete can take it's toll physically and mentally, but #doterra has given me a holistic approach to maintain a healthy lifestyle and keeps me at the top of my game. Proud to join the doTERRA family! #performanceadvocate #sponsored #shootyourarrows

The steam cup works incredibly well for dealing with sinus issues and nasal congestion!
The standard recipe calls for oregano, melaleuca, peppermint, and lemon in the steam cup, but when I wanted my 9 year old to try this the other day, I decided the oregano would be a bit much for her. 😊
Here’s what I did:
Pour hot water into a mug.
Put two drops each of peppermint, lemon, and melaleuca into the water.
My daughter held her face in the steam and breathed. And yes I told her to keep her eyes closed! It worked so well and she was instantly so much clearer!
And I gave her a few swipes of the oregano touch roller on the spine so she could get the benefits of oregano too, without the intensity of it being in the steam. 😊
This is not recommended for very young children! They need to be able to keep their eyes closed!
Who else loves the steam cup!? 😃
These four oils all come in my top ten oil kits! Contact me if you would like to see the starter kit options! 😃💜
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Whether you are using oils to support your immune system, good hormonal balance, healthy tendons, ligaments, bones, and muscles, for emotional support (and so much more!) it is so important to use them consistently for the best results!
✅for acute issues, using once can have tremendous benefits. For chronic or more general support, using daily will provide support the body can benefit from.
✅for muscular/bone/tendon/ligament support, use when you feel discomfort, and use consistently after strenuous activity.
✅for immune support, using every 15-30 minutes will provide the cells in the body support and help the immune system combat threats.
✅for hormonal support, using on pulse points 1-2 times a day can support ongoing hormonal balance
✅for children, using in roller bottles can provide a quick and easy application method when needing to apply frequently throughout the day.
✅for household health, using an ultrasonic (no heat) diffuser on a daily/nightly basis can help clean the air as well as support the body's systems.
Have you incorporated oils in your daily routine?
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Colic. Gassy. Bubble Gut. Tootie Bootie. Crazy Baby. -- we have lots of names for an upset gassy babe in our home. Regardless of the name, when it come to digestive support and comforting our little ones, THIS BLEND, around the belly button, does the trick Every. Single. Time.
3-5 drops each DigestZen and Lavender in a 10ml rollerball topped with Fractionated Coconut Oil and massaged into the belly.
It's just a little sanity in a bottle #notlying Apply as often as needed mmmk? I do about every 15-20 minutes when my babes are upset. 👌

Today I woke up on the wrong side of the bed and my whole day has been focused on trying to get out of this horrible and unexplainable mood.
At 7 pm I finally decided that I needed to go to my room and stay away from everyone before I'd say something I would regret.
I happened to notice one of my diffusers just before I went to my room and I wondered why the heck I had not thought of this earlier today.
I instantly knew this would be my answer, but I didn't know what oil to use, and I didn't want to research this.
Then I thought that the best oils would most likely be my favorite oils, this totally makes sense to me because there is a reason that these oils are my favorite.
So I added a few drops each of. •Lemongrass (of course)
•citrus bliss (bliss sounded good and I love orange) and •cedar wood (this Oil always seems to be the answer for me.
Now I am laying in bed about to fall asleep after diffusing for about two hours and I feel completely better, I am still always surprised with these miraculous drops of nature.
📸: @lifeonloma

This trio of oils have been my lifeline lately. A simple, 3 step process to master adulting. I keep them on my desk as part of my morning ritual, inhaling and applying each one over the heart.

ANCHOR gives me a core strength to connect to my body and the world around me.

ALIGN encourages me go within, stay true to my path, and persevere.

ARISE empowers me to show up for myself & for others in a way that echoes who I really am.

When you strive to make a difference in your own life...you carve out a path for others to follow. And you aren’t only making a difference for them...but you are impacting everyone that will be influenced by them during their lifetime as well. For generations to come. There is no way to possibly see now the ripples that you are making now or the effect that you will have on our future world because of your actions and choices today. 💕 #ripples #makewaves #bethechange #createthelifeyouwant #ourfuture

One of my favorite ways to use oils for throat comfort! From an annoying tickle to serious soreness that keeps you from functioning.
🔹On Guard provides immune support and numbs the throat.
🔹Lemon provides relief and breaks of mucus
🔹Peppermint is refreshing and brings down that annoying burning that comes with sore throats.
Single Mug Honey Throat Soother Recipe
• 2 drops of On Guard
• 2 drops of Lemon
• 1 drop of Peppermint
• 1 teaspoon of honey
• Mix honey and oils first and then drop into a steaming mug of water or tea. Sip as needed for comfort and immune support.
These oils are so versatile and often what we turn to before any other options! To get started with these tools too send me a message for my October special, including a free set of mood support oils!
#doterra #essentialoil #essentialoils #yleo #doterraessentialoils

I have gained so many amazing followers recently and I want to show you guys some appreciation and love! 💗
These are 4 of my favorite oils that can be mixed and matched for so many uses and I’m giving away all 4 to one lucky winner! 🤗
To enter this giveaway:
1. Like this post
2. Follow me @essentially_oiled_mama
3. Tag at least 2 friends in SEPARATE COMMENTS who would be interested in getting these oils too.
4. BONUS: Tag additional friends for extra entries!
This giveaway is open to USA residents. Winner will be chosen at random based on entries and announced in 48 hours.
This is in no way sponsored or endorsed by Instagram.
Good luck!


Sent out these gorgeous white glass bottles with gold caps last week. It is so hard to pick your favorite combination. What is your favorite color bottle and cap combo?
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Experimenting with shower melts. Made two different recipes to see which one is better! #doterra #experiment #shower #diy #serenity #balance

Late night trip to the Emergency Room, turned into an admission for pneumonia. 😷

Sometimes the body just cannot shake what mother nature throws at it.

No matter how "clean" or "holistic" our lives are, there still comes a time for modern medical intervention.
That doesn't mean we don't utilize our oils while in the hospital!

Real rest is very hard to come by when you are admitted...crazy right?!
This is the place where people NEED to rest to heal and recover.
This is where oils come in to play....
*and she's out like a light!*

So thankful! ....and now to spray ALL THE SURFACES!

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okay, if you caught my post yesterday about my homemade mouthwash, I mentioned some of the perks included it being quick + easy to make (only 2 ingredients!) ~ also that it is safe + natural.
However, I failed to mention one of the coolest parts of having essential oils in your home ~ their affordability!
I hear a lot of folks saying the oils are expensive, but step back and take a second to think about the money you spend on store-bought products. It's a lot, right?
The price per drop of essential oils (a.k.a the price per "dose") is SO much cheaper. Since the oils are so concentrated + powerful when working wonders for your bod, you only need one or two drops so they are incredibly affordable (and safe) alternatives. I'm talking only cents per drop, you guys!!
Take the mouthwash I made, for example. Buying that from the store would have cost me what? $4-7, probably. With the bottle I used, I included 15 drops of spearmint oil ~ at $0.12 a drop, that makes the mouthwash less than $2! Plus, it's natural, safe + a product I'm comfortable with having in my home + around my family.

Some people forget about all the ways you need to support your overall health. Essential oils can help support your health well beyond just the physical. Let me know if you want to learn more about the ways they can help support your overall health
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Do you suffer from stress and anxiousness? Do you need a joyful boost in your day? Do you have trouble sleeping? Do you get wintertime blues and need summertime aromas? Do you have trouble focusing? If you said yes to one or more of these questions, come to my informational, fun class on October 23 in Hillsville! You could get every single one of those oils for free plus a starter pack, free support, a reduced cost on an a reference book, and more. The class is at 6. I hope to see you there. Message me for location. #doterra #naturalhealth #winteriscoming #beprepared #holidays #dontgetsick #emotionalhealthisimportant #letmehookyouup

Sometimes, you just diffuse something because it smells good! This morning, I threw these three in my diffuser, and it smells fantastic. And, even though I didn't do it for any specific reason, these three oils have some amazing health benefits. Frankincense, the "king of oils" is great for relaxation while White Fir (which has been replaced by Siberian Fir) is calming and promotes feelings of positivity. Juniper Berry also has grounding and calming effects. Seems as though I was looking to be calmed and ground this morning! - Tami
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I'm a happy girl !! My first kit !
Let the journey begin 😀
#doterra #essentialoils

Keep those spooky pumpkins looking fresh longer.
To be entered to win, find this post on Facebook at

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Say yes to natural health solutions.

| The Daily Diffuse |

Happy Wednesday!! Who says the middle of the week can’t be joy-filled and exciting! The oils we are diffusing today are all wonderful mood management oils and they smell heavenly! We are seeking joy in all that we do today and finding it at every turn! 🔅

Just a reminder that all 200PV orders this month include a *free* 15ml bottle of Citrus Bliss, Balance & Serenity! October is a great month to take the leap with dōTERRA!! I’d love to have you join my team of passionate essential oilers and educators! Message me for more details on how you can begin your journey today! 🔅

Magdalena .
#ohhappyday #seekjoy #balance #citrusbliss #elevation #doterra #gratitude #moodmanagement #oillifestyle #diffuserblend #wellness #selfcare

I have this opportunity that I wanted to share with you guys. Do you want to try some Dōterra oils for free? Have you ever used them? Have you wanted to, but simply are afraid you won’t know what to do with them? This class will teach you how to use them every step of the way!
I am looking for 10 people to join my Spoil Yourself event! You will get FREE oils and FREE education on how to use them! Thats right—> FREE! In return I ask that you simply engage and be part of the Facebook event. Take part in the challenges and give me some feedback when the event has ended, so we can continue to improve the event for others moving forward. .
Does this sound like its for you? Comment below or send me a DM to be considered! 10 spots available!!! .
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Bath time is growing on me... it's not my fav. But what makes it so much better is the fact that I know EXACTLY what I'm putting on my kids' head ... because ... feeling pretty BA ... I DIY'd their shampoo! 👊🏻💁🏼💪🏻Super simple (because who can handle more than that?!) We are ridding our home of toxin and after toxin🤢. Join me! .
// kid's shampoo // :: 1c water :: 1c liquid Castile soap (cleansing : suds) :: 1tsp vegetable glycerin (retain moisture : gives shine) :: 10-15 drops Lavender EO (soothes skin) :: add to glass pump :: shake before each use :: enjoy! #doterra #doterraessentialoils #naturalsolutions #toxinfree

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