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The top ten oils changed my life. This is one of the BEST ways to get started with @doterra as they will give you the tools to address a plethora of issues. Here is a little taste of what each oil is wonderful for.
Breathe- Maintains clear airways and breathing and supports respiratory health

Deep Blue- Soothes sore muscles and joints and promotes healthy circulation

DigestZen- Aids in the digestion of foods and soothes occasional stomach upset

OnGuard- Supports healthy immune function and protects against environmental threats

Lemon- Excellent source of antioxidants and cleanses and purifies the air and surfaces

Melaleuca- Cleansing and rejuvenating to the skin and soothes minor skin irritations

Oregano- Powerful cleansing and purifying agent and supports healthy digestion

Peppermint- Promotes respiratory health and alleviates occasional stomach upset

Lavender- Calming and relaxing and soothes minor skin irritations

Frankincense- Helps build and maintain a healthy immune system, promotes cellular health and reduces the appearance of scars and stretch marks.
All of these come in my Home Essentials kit PLUS for everyone who is getting started with me this month with this kit....YOU will get a FREE $50 in oils too! 🙌🙌🙌🙌 DM me for more info! 😘

Seriously loving my new car diffuser! 🙌🏼 it's truly amazing, gives out a great mist and fills my car with sweet aroma! My little man kept saying, "momma it smells so good!" We diffused wild orange 🍊 and peppermint on our car ride to school and work today! What do you love diffusing in the car? #doterra #essentialoils #essentials #diffusing #innogear #amazonprime #smellssogood #uplifting #beautifulmorning #everlastingessentials

#throwback ✨ missing my brother today... I went to cut up a mango and a vivid memory came back to me of him showing me how he learned to peel a mango in Thailand. Right after he passed, my mom, sister, and I got the same tattoo he gave himself at 16 tattooed on our bodies in his memory. The whale has many symbolic meanings for my family, but on a broader level he is the graceful giant. He represents wonder. The whale spirit stores all the records of earths history and corners of creation. The whale helps unlock mysteries of the past and helps us swim to shore. When a whale enters your life it represents a time of self reflection and examination. It makes you ask a lot of questions. That is exactly how the past (almost) 2 years have been for me. I've asked so many questions. I sought out my personal truth. I've reexamined my life through a different lens. And I've developed a whole new depth of intuition. The whale calls us to wake up. To realize there is more to our reality than what our physical senses are able to pick up. The whale is sensitive to others and offers us safety and strength as we venture this new path without Jordan. I thank him for his wisdom and guidance and for touching my life in a way he wouldn't have ever imagined. He's given me courage to create this autoimmune tribe. He's given me strength to help heal others. And he's taught me to listen to the deepest depths of my intuition. I'm forever grateful. And he is forever missed. 🙏🏻 Miss you brother @jordandavidsmall

Want to know a secret mommy trick? I put calming oils on my chest when I'm trying to put her to sleep to help it along 😬😆 my favorites are lavender, serenity, or peace.
I love how these oils interact with our brains to provide a calming peaceful response! As a mom I know how powerful these oils can be and I also know that us moms need tools like this (helps us feel empowered and at times hold it together better 😂) so I'm happy I can share what these oils can do with all of you!
If you have been looking for a natural way to aide with your health and wellness I would love to help! Email me at kaylamonson@live.com for info on my current promotions! They are the best this month!

Don't forget to use #itoviscanner to possibly be featured on our account for iTOVi Tuesday! Our first #itovituesday post today comes from @planthealth .
~Essential oil resources~ 🌿⠀
These are the tools I use to guide my family and many others to better health.⠀
The Modern essentials book (and app),⠀
Essential life book and Emotions and Essential oils.⠀
You can get these tools @aromatools , @oil.life or Amazon.⠀
Last but not least..⠀
iTOVI scanner.⠀
The iTOVI takes the guess work out of your essential oils usage.⠀

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I'm convinced there are few odors worse than a dog on a hot day. Unfortunately, our 200lb beast comes with a lot of that savory "hot dog" smell. I use Purification on Bosch, then I spray EVERYTHING else with this blend. The couch, the dog bed, the curtains... myself. 🤷🏻‍♀️#desperatetimes

Okay here's my secret... As many of you know I had a rough go at the beginning coping with the change of a newborn, and being mom of three, plus a little aftermath scare of my crazy delivery. So let me tell you what I have been doing to cope with all this change. I feel so good now and I'm beyond amazed at how natural options have completely helped me! I use Wild Orange daily in my diffuser, and a drop of White Fir and Balance on the bottoms of my feet morning and night. I also have been completely in love with the Zen anxiety drops from @winknaturals 🙌🏻 So for all you mommas out there, I encourage any of you who may be experiencing lots of change and need that extra support for your mood, and sanity, try this combo! Go get yourself some of the amazing Zen drops, along with any other products you may need from them..
I love the company @winknaturals so much because of the natural ingredients in all of their incredible products! Fits right with my natural lifestyle and oils! For any of you who go purchase form @winknaturals use my 20% discount code MICHELLE20 ❤️ Tag a friend who may need this combo!!!

Welcome to Itovi Tuesday! I run a scan to see how it matches up to how I can interpret the results as a healer. Total transparency here.
During an @itoviscanner session the tracker sends electrical frequencies to your body and measures the response. Because each essential oil has its own frequency, the information collected is ran through a complex system of algorithms to determine which oils you need based upon your individual frequencies.

MELALEUCA💧: the Oil of Energetic Boundaries. This is so true for me right now. I need to release the urge to be everything for everyone and take better care of myself.

BERGAMOT💧: the Oil of Self Acceptance. This has always been my core issue, coming up a lot lately during this period of change. This oil counteracts feelings of not being "good enough", feeling unloved, and general isolation.
BALANCE💧: give me all the grounding as I feel my emotions carry me away lately.
PEPPERMINT/CORIANDER💧: digestive support. Whenever I'm in the middle of an energetic shift, my digestive system goes haywire! Loving these two oils over the abdomen to help me settle.

YOU CAN GET YOUR OWN HERE: https://goo.gl/hDCAU8


I'm due on 5/26 and little Eva will be here in no time! I'll be toting some oils with me to the hospital for postpartum relief and also for during labor. During labor I'll be using lots of lavender and clergy sage for pain relief and toning. I'm also using geranium to help prevent tearing if possible or have minimal 🙌🏼 lovely I know 😂 check out this list for postpartum care! #fennel #clarysage #lavendar #lemon #geranium #frankincense #elevation #labor #postpartum #40weekspregnant #readytopop #due #maybaby #junebaby #whoknows #essentialoils #losangeles #california #calivibes #babygirl #doterra #doterralove

I made this roller bottle and use it as a moisturizer for my face. ••
10mL roller bottle
5 drops of each oil
Fill the rest with half jojoba oil and half rose hip seed oil
I apply it after I wash my face. ••
#skin #skincare #youthfulskin #youthfulglow #face #bodycare #jojobaoil #rosehipoil #selfcare #lookinggood #essentialoils #essentiallysublime #doterra #mom #grandma #mencanuseittoo

We are still experimenting to find a diffuser blend that knocks my daughter out and smells amazing too. I used to be all 😷😷😷 about vetiver oil but i realize that not only is it one of the best sleep/relaxing oils...it actually smells great when paired with other oils! So all our sleepytime diffuser blends start with 1 drop of vetiver! Then Emelia insists in some citrus so we add 4 drops of any citrus. Then i will experiment and add 1 randomly 😉.
1 vetiver
1 douglas fir 🌲
4 wild orange 🍊🍊🍊🍊
#smellslikeheaven #emeliasdiffuser #oilsaremyjam #snowmanbecausedouglasfir #naturalmama #doterra #essentialoils #sleepytimeblend #sleepytimediffuserblend

Making the most of my F R E E Cedarwood this month!
I love how doTERRA gives you a opportunity to get a FREE Essential Oil every single month on the Loyalty Rewards Program!! Sometimes even 2-3 per month .... Cedarwood's earthy, woody aroma blends amazing with pretty much every single Oil!
I love the blend of Cedarwood, Bergamot and Elevation - it lifts me up every time 🙏

What do you use your Cedarwood for?
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The weather is warming up! That means it's time to get outside! Don't forget your outfoor blend, TerraShield!

#terrashield #doterra #doterraessentialoils #essentialoils

Patchouli helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles, blemishes, and minor skin imperfections and to promote a smooth, glowing complexion. #healthylifestyle #healthyliving #thatcrazyoillady #crazyoillady #essentialoils #essentiallife #patchouli #healthyskin #doterra

On Guard Toothpaste is one of the items included in the Father’s Day Travel Set so I want to highlight it and explain why I love it so much. It is a natural, fluoride-free toothpaste that cleans and whitens my teeth with gentle polishing agents, while it also reduces plaque and freshens my breath. The truly special thing though, is that it boosts my immune system every time I use it since it contains the On Guard Essential Oil, dōTERRA’s protective blend. That’s something no over-the-counter toothpaste will do for me! It tastes great too with a refreshing cinnamon-mint flavor. Give it a try and you’ll never go back to your old brand!

Morning tea 💜
Raw sesame apricot slice.
Nutritious, light and super yummy!
Recipe on blog "search sesame", link in bio or link to recipe on our Oiltribe Facebook page.

Listen up! You have NINE days left to get this deal!
Today we are inviting anyone who's looking to support their children, using natural solutions and people who would LOVE a restful nights sleep to enroll! The math is done for you- we've strategically put these together to make it EASY for you!
Stay tuned for more lifestyle support tomorrow! 👉🏼Tag your friends and contact me to ENROLL!! #freestuff#essentialoils#doterra#healthgoals#strongwomen#businessopportunity#mlmsuccess

Cleansing before tomorrow's photo shoot
While enjoying my new essential oils
#doterra #gerranium #wildorange #lavender #grapefruit so fresh so yummy #cleansing #photoshoot #yogafit #loveonyourself

Get your diffuser for winter now!!
The dōTERRA petal 🌸diffuser is on special this month for all wellness advocates in Australia. Want one?? Contact me before the end of the month to be able to purchase oils wholesale as well as get your diffuser for less then $50 #doterra #familywellness #diffuser #winterwellness #essentialoils #barbaraessentials #sharingthelove #joinmytribe #petaldiffuser

Do you need oils in your life? If so, don't miss out on this amazing deal!! Swipe to the 2nd photo and see all the awesome stuff you will get for ONLY $150. This kit will include.... •
🌿10 of doTERRA's most popular oils
🌿Wholesale account offering 25% off all products
🌿$50 of FREE product
🌿$25 of Lava Living Shop Credit
🌿Deep Blue sample
🌿Two 1ml sample bottles
🌿A-Z oil reference booklet (not in photo)

I will only be offering this deal for the next 24hrs so DM me or comment below to get yours!

This is my favorite oil right now!! It honestly smells AHmazing. It is in my diffuser all day long.. ♡♡♡♡♡
#workathome #essentialoils #twinmom #twins #largefamily #health #homeschool #fitmom #doterramom #doterracanada #doterra #stayathomemom #cleanliving #momswholift #citrisbliss

What's in the box in the box what's in the box today?
Peppermint, Balance, Digestzen, Onguard and Ice Blue Cream 😍 #doterraoils

Yay the 2nd delivery arrived today with gorgeous dōTERRA samples for the beautiful welcome packs!! It's all coming together 👏✨💗 #kristyjamieson #doterraessentialoils #doterra #essentialoils #doterrasamples

#Spikenard is famous for its positive effect on emotions and can promote feelings of #calmness and #relaxation. It can also be applied topically to promote #healthy, glowing skin. Simply add one to two drops to your favorite cleanser or #anti-aging product to receive smooth, clear skin.
#doterra #essentialoils #skincare

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