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#ThursdayTruthBomb Over a year ago I opened up about my anxiety and I wanted to let you all know that I am doing ok. In fact, I am doing wonderfully, and I couldn't be more proud of how far I have come.I get asked all the time how I am coping and how I have helped myself. So, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support. Thank you! I also wanted to answer some of the questions people constantly have about my mental health and to give some of you hope that might be struggling right now.
I got asked to explain to a girlfriend the other day just how my little brain works as she was still struggling to understand anxiety. I told her it’s like jumping on a merry-go-round and every day, going round and round and round and round … haha ok, you get the picture!
I had been suffering for a very long time but I never really understood what was going on. So, I drowned the anxious feeling EVERY weekend with copious amounts of red wine, ciggies and recreational drugs.
I still drink - probably too much - but I have my anxiety under control … well, most days!
I solemnly swear that the best thing I ever did for my anxiety was telling people about it. Sharing and accepting my mental illness has been the best thing I have ever done, and I encourage every one of you to do that if you feel the urge.
Opening up means people now understand me. Sometimes I would come across disconnected, not all there, moody, agitated, aggressive and stressed, and people often wondered what they had done wrong...
The road to where I am now hasn't been easy, but I wouldn't change a thing. I have learnt so much about myself, and anxiety, and I am super excited to share with you...
✔️ I see a psychologist by the name of Jan, from Masters Psychology, and she has been an absolute godsend, I couldn't have got this far without her. ✔️Meditation has also been a HUGE help and one that I still need to do more of.
✔️I have doterra oils burning in the house and I wear an oil called ‘Balance’ every day. ✔️ I exercise at least 4 times a week & eat healthy.
✔️ I do courses, read loads and I've surrounded myself with like minded individuals. ✔️ I go to the Brain and Wellness Spa ❤️❤️❤️

I hate experiencing anxious feelings- I mean I don't think anyone likes it! Having a newborn can really spike your anxiety with all the changes and new worries that come along with a little one- at least this is how it goes for me. This has been part of my routine everytime I feel some anxiety creeping in-
🌿balance and serenity mixed in some coconut oil on the back of my neck and wrists and inhale remainder from hands
🌿a drop of Melissa on the tongue
Each of these oils supports calming the mind and body as well as the nervous system
Tag a friend that needs this support!
Have you been thinking about getting started with oils? I would love to help you learn to incorporate them in your home! Message me or email me at kaylamonson@live.com for details on my current promotions!

Oiling up your littles is simple!! Onguard to the rescue for this guy!! Tag your oil friends to share this simple technique!

Two years, two stores #grateful. Now onto the 3rd one 😍. What is your favorite thing about @hm?

Get your oils today! To know more about essential oils and how beneficial they are, click the link in my bio or email me at fyyahfaye@gmail.com. •

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I am bad at keeping pregnancies (mine) a secret and my abs agree, just let it be out 😂🙄 So tonight I thought I would share what has been working for me during my first trimester.
🔅Cheer has been helping me stabilize those hormonal mood swings and giving me a little more energy as I decrease the coffee intake
🔅TerraZyme might just be my new pregnancy best friend in the bloat dept, soooo helpful there.
🔅PB Assist Jr, because it tastes amazing and gives me the recommended 5 billion active probiotics! Fruity stuff has been helping the nausea so it's a win win.
🔅Wild Orange and Lemon in everything, sniffing, in my water, in the diffuser. You name it, these gentle citrus oils help with my sensitive nose, give me energy and aid digestion.
🔅My prenatal supplements are Microplex vmZ and X EOmega, so amazing! When I forget these my energy drops drastically. These are perfect as a prenatal because they are so easily absorbed and my doctor agrees!
🔅DigestZen rolled on my stomach has been a life saver for stomach issues that pop up in the first trimester, a little goes a long way. DigestTabs too! Sooo amazing for nausea.
🔅Deep Blue Polyphenol Complex is the blend for discomfort! From those pesky pregnancy headaches to Round Ligament Pain. Two capsules a day or as needed.
🔅Protein deserves a mention too, and I am loving it from non meat sources, so a clean Rx Bar is high on my list of must haves this time around.
What are your pregnancy must haves?
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These truly are the ultimate skin oils!
Cedarwood, lavender, frankincense, melaleuca, and geranium have all your bases covered when it comes to skin. 👍😃
These are antiaging, healing, soothing, rejuvenating, and they reduce blemishes and wrinkles.
My favorite way to use these oils is to combine with jojoba oil in a roller bottle. I learned this tip from @eosbylauren and it has become my go to recipe! 😊
20 drops frankincense
15 drops each of the others
Top off with jojoba oil!
I apply this daily as my facial moisturizer. It's so good and doesn't contain any of the icky chemicals that are in so many skin care products! 🌿
I can't say enough about how much I love this oil blend! Has anyone else tried this blend?
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We're kicking off our birthday weekend early with a GIVEAWAY! 🎉🎉🎉 That's right...we're giving away a set of our rollers with the gorgeous set of collaboration labels we did with @the_dripdrop_shop!
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You guys! Check out my grandma's oil stash 🙌!!!! // I just received an amazing prenatal massage at her house and got my choice of these oils to incorporate in to the treatment. // After a kick booty workout with my cousin @andiworsham yesterday and huffing it around @legolandcalifornia today...my first choice was AromaTouch #handsdown. It didn't disappoint #iwashurting 💆🏻🙏💕
My grams attended my first-ever @doterra class a little over two years ago. She got started with Home Essentials kit but I don't think she really planned to use them. // Flash forward and she loves diffusing in her office, she uses oils in her massages and is turning to them daily for all types of body support. // These oils are a blessing for me as an individual and as a momma but it's even more of a blessing to watch my grandma and so many other people I love and care a about experience the amazing benefits as well 🙌🙌🙌
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Friday's BOGO deal!

Today is the last day to snatch up a BOGO deal and doTERRA made a great pairing. After a busy BOGO week everyone needs a little rest. Serenity blend (15ml) is my go to restful blend for an amazing night's sleep. I love the smell with hints of lavender, it also contains Ylang Ylang Flower, Marjoram Leaf, Roman Chamomile Flower, Vetiver Root, Vanilla Bean Absolute, and Hawaiian Sandalwood Wood. It's also great to add to the kiddies bath to calm and soothe them before bed.

Balance blend (15 ml) does just that, it balances the mind and nerves after a busy day or during chaotic days when anxiety may be high. It contains Spruce Needle/Leaf, Ho Wood, Frankincense Resin, Blue Tansy Flower, and Blue Chamomile Flower essential oils in a base of Fractionated Coconut Oil. Add to the diffuser or apply to pulse points or to the bottoms of your feet to be absorbed quickly through the large pores.

To get yours visit www.mydoterra.com/growessentially . Click shop or join and save to gets yours at wholesale pricing. Available in both Canadian and US warehouses.

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If you're not sure what oils your family would benefit from most and you're one for the convenience of 'grab, roll & go' then the Touch Kit is EXACTLY the right kit for you!
9 of the most popular oils already diluted and ready to use on yourself and the little ones plus an OnGuard AND Peppermint Beadlets all for $300. This includes the bonus of a wholesale membership to reorder anytime at 25% less off the retail price. Can't go wrong with this kit of rollers 💜#doterra #kids #kidshealth #healthwellness mydoterra.com/purelivingmumma

Well, dōTERRA sure knows how to go out with a bang! It's Day 5️⃣ and the last day of dōTERRAS's BOGO Week! Check out today's offer ($30 + T & S) and swipe through to see some convenient, everyday uses for these two products! I'm not sure how I can quite emphasize my excitement in writing because I'm definitely squealing as I write this: BUY. THIS. BOGO.  My two very favorite oils will NOT disappoint.  Lather your body in them, apply them to your aromatherapy jewelry, diffuse them in any room.  Heck, you can even diffuse Serenity + Balance together for the ultimate relaxing experience! And...because I love these oils so much, I am offering a free diffuser to anyone that enrolls today + purchases this BOGO.  It's the perfect pairing to both of these oils.  Enjoy!

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We will soon have these beautiful Aventurine Malas in our Shop 😊 you can combine them with every pendant of our collection 💚

Wir haben bald diese wunderschönen Malas aus Aventurinen im Shop. Sie sind mit jedem Anhänger aus der Aroma Dream Kollektion kombinierbar 💚💚💚 Wir tragen sie nur noch, sie passen so hübsch zum Kleid 💄

⛄This is a perfect diffuser blend for tonight⛄ It is chilly in Tasmania 5.2*C ❄

Oil of the day is doTETTA Motivate! Easily one of my favorites! What's yours? ⬇✨

Today's US BOGO 🇺🇸🇺🇸 Who loves these 2 oils immensely? ME!! 🙌🏼 Buy Serenity 15ml (Lavender Peace) and get a FREE Balance 15ml 🎉🎉 Such an awesome deal! ❤️❤️ Limit of 5 per account from your back office under 'US Products' 🌿

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Eva Kuson~ Pacific Oils Tribe.
Paying forward the Gift of the Earth to the Pacific Region.
Contact me
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A little mud goes a long way💚 #doterra #skincare #iceland #dotraveldoterra #mudmask #antiaging

Today's BOGO 🌸🌼 Buy 1 serenity oil get 1 Balance oil FREE! •Serenity is one of mine and my family favorite oils. It is a lovely blend of some of our favorite oils. It is so relaxing and is very helpful in anxious moments, it instantly calms. I also use this every night before bed, and it makes me so relaxed. An absolute favorite oil! •Balance is a grounding oil. Put it on the bottom of your feet in the morning to promote calmness. This one is so good for when you start to feel stressed. Put a couple strips on wrists and neck and helps get rid of that tension.
These 2 are s power duo 💕
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