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Oils For Focus
Part 1
With school fast approaching for my kids, I'm stocking up on necessities. All of these oils are known to support focus in one way or another. Read over this list and consider your child's focus needs:
Focus - calms and stimulates the mind.
Balance - grounds the mind in the present.
Motivate - promotes motivation.
Roman Chamomile - calms fears and promotes confidence.
Serenity - relaxes the mind.
Find the oil combination that's right for your home, apply topically before school and diffuse during homework.
#healthybaby #Chemicalfree
#greenmama #naturaloptions

If you have been following along you know my daughter was totally under the weather this past week. When the doctor said her throat was red I knew what remedy would soothe it and calm her cough. #doctorapproved Take some local honey in a mason jar, put a drop or two of each of these oils and (for little ones) take little nibbles throughout the day or for adults take a spoonful. Works like a charm 💪

You know those days where you feel like you have let everyone down? Didn't get enough done, was short with your kids, and just felt defeated at the end of the day? Since transitioning from one child to now two (and one is a newborn) I've been having these days a lot more frequently! This is another reason I love oils! They have the ability to help me forgive myself, pick myself back up and know that I am enough ❤️
So the next time your doubting yourself put some console over your heart and bergamot on your wrists (oil of self acceptance) and take a deep breathe in. Allow your brain & body to interact with the compounds in these oils and help change how it's feeling!
If your ready to feel empowered in your home I've got some great freebies with starter kits this month! Message me or email me at kaylamonson@live.com for details! Plus I'll be there to guide you in your oil journey!

Looking for the best way to get started? Here is it! The AromaTouch kit is perfect for those ready to transition into the oil life but still need to be ballers on a budget.

Balance: calming, anxiousness, stress
Lavender: sleep, skin, immune, emotions
Melaleuca: skin, immune, beauty, cleanse
OnGuard: immune, energy, recovery
AromaTouch: tension, stress, discomfort
Deep Blue: discomfort, aches, soreness
Wild Orange: cleanse, detoxify, mood, energy
Peppermint: digestive, respiratory, cooling
Fractionated Coconut Oil
Petal Diffuser
Wholesale pricing
Blue Diamond Team Support
40+ recorded classes
Daily Education
Community Support
Mentoring from me personally
Monthly Raffles
I have 4 of these adorable "Mama Things" pouches to carry your rollers and oils with you, plus some extra love to help you get going!

And then they were 6. 💓✨ Happy Birthday to the most beautiful souls on the planet. You are my light, my love, and my everythings. You are my greatest teachers, and provide me endless inspiration, wonder and joy. My greatest life gifts. Happiest of birthdays my loves.

From the doterrachef test kitchen today comes a Chewy Chocolate and Hazelnut Torte.
This little guy got served warm , cut into chunks with a salted caramel chocolate sauce and vanilla bean ice cream 😋🍫🍦 I love adding a drop or two of @doterra cassia , cinnamon or clove to the cake mix before baking for a gently spiced flavour.
You can also add a drop of wild orange 🍊 to sauces or icings to finish things beautifully ! .

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Some days as a mom are harder than others. Today was a hard day.
My little guy tripped and split his lip and we had the pleasure of spending 5 hours in the ER waiting for stitches.😢
When it happened, and there was blood everywhere, I grabbed my owie spray. Helichrysum, lavender, melaleuca, and frankincense, with coconut oil and water, and generously spritzed the area. The bleeding stopped within moments and he was calm all the way up until he actually was getting this stitches. Console and Balance blends afterward for emotional support.
I need my oils every day, and especially on the hard days. They help me mom. Thankful today will be long behind us soon but I'll still have my oils and be ready for anything.💪🏼
Have you gotten your oils yet? Why have you been waiting? They are such an amazing blessing and I am thrilled to help others get these and learn how to use them well, so that in emergencies, and in normal daily life, you are able to support your health and the health of the ones you love.
I have some awesome specials and gifts for new wholesale members this month! Send me a DM for more info.
How did you spend your Saturday?
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To wake up every morning excited to pick oils to match your mood, vibe or vision for the day is AWESOME💖
.🌿CLARY SAGE~ During you cycle, rub three to five drops on the abdomen for a soothing massage. (Cramps ouch 😕)
.🌿MARJORAM~ Apply to muscles before and after exercising. (Crossfit at 9am 💪🏻)
.🌿CHEER~Cheer Uplifting Blend of citrus and spice essential oils provides a cheerful boost of happiness and positivity. 🌻🌻
. Contact me for more info on any oils. It would be my pleasure to introduce you to your new fav 😍😍


If you've just joined us, this is my story.
This is the reason I started The Whole You Perth. I've been a broken person, broken in health and wellbeing, broken in emotions and thought life. So as I've discovered health and healing it's made me want to share how simple it can be to break through into wholeness! It's pretty personal but I'd love you to read my story and see the changes I've made that have helped me on my journey to wholeness and health! I still have a long way to go, as we all do but I'm so thankful even with where I am now that I just have to share! 💗💗💗 Click the link in bio👆 and find my story at the Wellness page!

One more hour! Free bracelet, free shipping, and a ballot to win a free bottle of lime! Just $25 donation to complete the library in Ghana! Let's do this 📚📚📚

Balance is a game changer and one of doTERRA's best selling essential oils.! It contains the essential oils of Spruce, Frankincense, Ho Wood, Blue Tansy & Blue Chamomile. Many people have noticed an immediate grounding effect when applying a couple drops on the bottom of your feet and back of the neck. I use this essential oil anytime someone stresses me out or when I'm anxious and have mind chatter. Balance essential oil is a definite must have to promote feelings of tranquility & calmness during the day. ✨#doterra#grounding#rootchakra#essentialoils#relaxation #oillove#aromatherapy#naturalremedy

Looking for a yoga accessory? Diffuse oils as you practice yoga or as you meditate. Just an drop or two added to the unglazed om symbol will diffuse all day. Wholesale pricing available on bulk orders. Link in profile. #theblueeyedturtle #essentialoils #diffuser #aromatherapy #diffusernecklace #yoga #yogaaccessories #meditation #om #aum #ohm #terracotta #claydiffuser #diffuserjewelry #naturalhealth #holistic #handmade #smallbusiness #handmadeatamazon #hustlehard #mompreneur #crunchymom #oillove #doterra #youngliving

I have never, in my life, heard anyone vomit the way I heard my dude vomit this morning. We aren't sure what brought it on, but we have ruled out pregnancy.
I had book club and my natural instinct to drink beers on a nice day was winning out over caring for a loved one. So I threw him what oils I had and bounced. Look, he is easily the greatest thing that has ever happened to me but the seasonal beer is pineapple. You would have done the same.
- past tense for his headache
- DigestZen for his stomach
- Immunity blend on the bottom of his feet every hour on the hour (💧💧💧each of Frankincense, Melaleuca, OnGuard, Oregano and 💧💧of Melissa)
When he came to pick me up after book club was over (yeah, I told you he's the greatest, he does things for me even when his insides have turned against us all) he had just finished skateboarding for a few hours. I guess he's feeling better, I'm also guessing it's the oils.
Also, can I just say I love a 10ml rollerball but the 5ml bottles just don't get enough love.

It's been awhile since my last post! Hope you all been well!
Today I wanna share a deliciously refreshing drink I've started making. We all know the traditional #lemonandcucumber infused water, but here's a little twist to make it even better! Make a cup of concentrated #chamomiletea and add some ice to turn it into ice tea. Then add a drop of #peppermint #essentialoil (optional - don't add it if you don't like the super-cooled effect of the peppermint) to the rind of a wedge of lemon and infuse your chamomile ice tea with lemon and cucumber. This is such a refreshing drink and the chamomile tea adds just a hint of #sweetness without the sugar or the calories of of a sweetner. The peppermint adds a refreshing cool to sooth away the heat of a #hotsummerday. .
#aromaticawareness #essentialoils #eo #summertime #thirstquencher #doterra #refreshingdrink

It's almost #backtoschool time! ⏰ It's also time for recipe of the week so here it is! A quick and easy head spray to protect your kids from head lice!
In a 4oz glass bottle: 2 💧 Lavender 2 💧Eucalyptus
2-3💧Tea Tree. Top the rest up with water. Spray into comb or hair and comb through, making sure you get the scalp! As a bonus lavender and tea tree are great for scalp and hair health, too! 👍🏼No lice welcome in your household! 🙅🏽 For more back to school recipes and tips come to my free online class THIS THURSDAY on Facebook! The event is on my Facebook page, Essentially Emm. It's pinned to the top. Click that you're attending to get the notifications once we start. For more recipes and oil info right now, head on over to www.essentiallyemm.com. Total oil newbie? No worries, my website guides you step by step and I'm always happy to support you one on one! Happy Sunday everybody- enjoy the last bit of summer! #recipe #sunday #school #kids #momlife #healthy #healthylifestyle #wellness #natural #safe #pure #oilsdiy #easy #easydiy #blog #blogger #essentialoils #doterra #onlineclass #doterracanada #doterraessentialoils #oils #oils101 #oilsbasics #kidshealth #holistic #chemicalfree #toxinfree

Being true to my name, I'm creating my own healing products.
With my trusty essential oil bible and kit of dõTERRA essential oils I'm able to put together my own wellness package!
Today's remedy is needed to assist my digestion back to a normal pace.

Digestzen is the oil blend to assist recovery from digestive issues such as nausea, vomiting, bloating, constipation, diarrhoea, and abdominal pain.
I've applied 1 drop of Digestzen diluted with Fractionated Coconut Oil to my palm and rubbed it over my abdomen. I've also put 1 drop of each Digestzen and Tea Tree under my tongue at 830am and 930am.

On top of this I've got my trusty heat pack on my belly; Frankincense and Lavender in the diffuser; and slowly sipping on Bone broth with Lion's Mane until I'm back to good.
Thank god for this weeks #doTERRABOGO promo. With the purchase of a 15ml Digestzen you get a free 15ml Easy Air. Maybe the universe is trying to ensure i get familiar with the products I'm sharing!! #doTERRA #Digestzen #naturalhealer #healthyself #oilforthat

I am in LOVE with this little essential oil bag I just finished!
Approx. 6"x7" and holds 5 bottles in padded slots with room in the center.
Made from Cari Slings "The wrap that must not be named" wrap scrap and recycled grey leather. The lining is a beautiful dark blue with gold sparkle cotton. I will be offering these in different sizes the hold between 5-14 bottles.

When I've got some serious work to crank out while my baby girl is napping and the kids are watching a movie, my InTune essential oil is my go to.
Blended with some of my favorites like patchouli, frankincense, ylang ylang, sandalwood, it helps to enhance and sustain focus and concentration.
Now I just have to hope my baby girl doesn't pull a 20-minute power cat nap on me cause I need more time than that🤷🏽‍♀️.

The boy and I made him a Back to School kit for staying on track as he takes on high school. We made up 6 blends including: Full Focus (douglas fir+basil+lemon), Clear Mind (sandalwood+cinnamon bark+frankinsence), Stress Less (vetiver+lavender+doTERRA Balance), Rise 'n Shine (spearmint+lemon+wild orange), Study Time (lime+lemon+wild orange+grapefruit+bergamot) and A+ Student (rosemary+peppermint+frankinsence). He packed them all in a doTERRA keychain vial holder and is ready for his 1st day! Let's go! #farmacy #doTERRAfarmacy #dohTERRAfarmacy #doTERRA #essentialoils #oillife #backtoschool #puttingthefarmbackinpharmacy #wellnessadvocate #cultivatewellness

BOGO time #doterra

Available to a new sign up order or any order!
Day 1 of BOGO week is here and we are so excited about today's promotion! Buy 1 DigestZen 15mL essential oil and receive an Easy Air 15mL essential oil FREE for today only or while stocks last!

DigestZen Internal blend can be added to water or tea to aid with digestion and Easy Air Clear blend can be diffused at bedtime to promote a restful night's sleep!
These are 2 of our most popular oils, the perfect way to kick start BOGO week!
For more information on our BOGO, head to this link: http://www.doterraeveryday.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/BOGO-AUG17-DETAILS-PAGE-.pdf
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Australia… It's BOGO week! Such a great deal today only! DM me so I can help you get the best price on these oils!
#doterra #doterraaustralia #doterrabogo #essentialoils

Thinking of this special family as they continue to heal. Much love and positive vibes to you all. And extra hugs to you Tristan!! #Repost @mariebikich (@get_repost)
A family that diffuses together stays together 🙌🏼 @theaugustbeadco approached us this week with the most thoughtful gesture before our departure to India ✈️ It's as if she could read my mind 😳 I had intentions of having some made for all of us with the hopes to be supported emotionally while apart. Once again, the universe provides exactly what we need, through yet another earthly angel! Thank you Nicole for our bracelets, they truly match each of us perfectly. #theaugustbeadco #tristanthebrave #offtoindia #superherobloodherewecome #essentialoils #doterra #cantleavehomewithouteos #diffuserbeads #gratefulhearts

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