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Today's Tealive Charity Weekend as we join force with Kechara Soup Kitchen to spread more love to the homeless individuals distributing over 400 dinner boxes and drinks to their shelters.
#dosomethingnice #Loobies 😄🙏

Portrait of a bad childhood influence. Happy Valentine's Day ya"ll. Prince is back on your favorite streaming device😉. #dosomethingnice #fritzthecat #rcrumb

Loving @lifealamoad's choice from National Do Something Nice Day! Those London Tan earrings are one of our favorites to wear and to share! #leatherearrings #dosomethingnice #nickelandsuede

Today, I stepped away from my desk to go grab some coffee. I'm standing in line at Panera and I hear someone behind me say, "I would like to buy this young lady's order" (not even knowing how much I could have ordered 🙊). Believe it or not, this is the second time in a week a complete stranger has offered to pay for me. While it was only a $2.90 cup of coffee, it made me smile and want to do it for somebody else, so I did. Kindness. That was... easy?
I can understand that this is a difficult time for our country, our world even. It's difficult to understand each other's point of views and beliefs; why we don't all think the same. BUT, maybe if we all thought a little more like the lady behind me today, and chose to spread kindness and love, we could all smile a little more.. and hurt a little less? #SpreadKindness #SpreadLove #DoSomethingNice #MakeSomeoneSmile #ItsWhatJesusWouldDo 😊❤☕️

Tonight, while playing music outside, it was starting to get cold and I started rubbing my hands to get some feeling back into my fingers. This amazingly sweet girl that was listening went up the street to get me something to warm my hands up and in turn warmed my heart as well. Thank you, Amy! It was so lovely to meet you this evening. You made my week with your kindness. Have a safe trip back to China tonight! #spreadlove #dosomethingnice #❤ #starbucks

Today we say farewell to Diana forever. I don't know how to do that. Most of us were pretty much in hysterics at the wake last night. I had a seizure. Her sisters had to be taken home for a while. Her Dad told me that the day after that first time we took her out to Disney with her service puppy and went running all over and had so much fun, with so many volunteers showing up to help, he found her sobbing in her bed. He asked in concern what was wrong. Diana said, "I didn't know there were so many nice people in the world!" There is one less now. Today let's all do something nice in this special girl's honor, for her sisters' sake, to keep her spirit alive in this world.
#dosomethingnice #holdthedoor #buybreakfast

Got a card in the mail today from my PT when I was in rehab after my injury 3 years ago. Little things like this, is what the world needs more of.
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Go BIG or GO HOME...(2007-2008) #5POINTZ #amuzeftr #graffiti #dosomethingnice #nofraudsallowed @meresone @poetcwk Painting in a severe Thunderstorm...


So a few weeks ago Charles was talking to a customer he was waiting on about me and how I was recovering from a concussion. They left the restaurant and came back with this- they gave it to Charles to give to me and said they hope I feel better....it's a cherry coke. I LOVE cherry coke. Sometimes It's the little things that can make a big difference in someone's day ❤️-thanks stranger
(Disclaimer: Coke did not pay me to write this) #cocacola #coke #cherrycoke #randomactsofkindness #dosomethingnice #concussion #stranger

Make someone's day 💕

I just want to take a minute and remind everyone that we're all one race, human. No matter what the outside looks like, we were all created equal and in God's image. Instead of sharing hate stories (thanks MSM) let's share some love.
Maybe if our feeds (mostly fb, I don't notice it much in IG thankfully) were full of kind stories about people helping people, being kind, whatever it may be, instead of how someone hurt someone else, we'd be in a better place.
Here is a challenge I'd like to make to all of you beautiful people. Today is Sunday, first day of the week. This week while you're out doing your normal routine, do something nice for someone. Buy someone coffee, lunch, hold the door open, smile and say hello, help an elderly person with groceries or cross the street, leave a kind note on a car or vending machine. Random acts of kindness don't have to cost money, just make someone smile and feel loved. 💜

I hope you all have a great week. Love to you all.

Prayers for #barcelona #cambrils 🙏🏼we decided to leave our vacation place on the Costa Blanca on Thursday evening with no idea what was happening (yes, we crazy people drove to Spain from NL 😐). Unaware until a panicked message from my sister making sure we weren't in Barçelona yet-she told me the news. It was about 5 hours to Barçelona at that point but about 4 hours in (around 01:30am)there were incredible amounts of blue lights heading southbound. Strange I thought as we are heading north and the attack happened in Barçelona, not south of Barçelona. I was already feeling the tension knowing that we had to drive through Barçelona but what we experienced for the next 3 hours on that highway was an indescribable feeling. It seemed as though we were the only car going north and the rest heading south...every 3 minutes there was a wave of speeding blue lights heading south on the other side. I wondered if that was a normal thing for that quiet part of Spain on a Thursday night 🤷🏼‍♀️ so I opened up the news and read about the second attack in Cambrils. Now the pieces came together but there was still little details. I said ok, if I don't see any more blue lights for a 10 minute period then I'll close my eyes so I can take over driving in the morning. But then 2 minutes later there were orange lights (ambulances) along with the blue lights 😖We Drove past cambrils as that was happening and was about another 1 1/2 hours to Barçelona. As we approached the port of Barçelona the energy was stifling and the blue lights were everywhere. Then we get to the tolls where I took these pictures. Where I had a full blown panic attack. Where I hyperventilated and cried for this world. Where there were dozens of Guardia Civil lining the tolls bearing shields and machine guns pointed to each and every car passing by. You couldn't help but feel like a suspect. I can not describe the feeling you get when faced with that amount of heavily armed Spanish Guardia Civíl. I was holding up a pillow to block the bright toll lights from waking the kids but I threw it down in fear that they would think I was hiding someone or something. Violated is one word I can relate to. ⬇️ continued.

If you're in #cranberry today go to #Target spend a few bucks on #schoolsupplies and help #StuffABus And get a cool new pair of #shades Thank you @wpxi #spreadlove #dosomethingnice

Today's Tealive Charity Weekend as we join force with Kechara Soup Kitchen to spread more love to the homeless individuals distributing over 400 dinner boxes and drinks to their shelters.
#dosomethingnice #Loobies 😄🙏

Superhero required to love nominate your hero today by adding their name in the comments & why they will be a great superbuddy for Sebastian #hugme #superbuddy #clicsargent #loveme #superhero #raok #wahm #dosomethingnice #teddybear #love #friendship

"Let us touch the dying, the poor, the lonely and the unwanted according to the graces we have received and let us not be ashamed or slow to do the humble work." - Mother Teresa
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In just 18 days time I will be shaving my hair off to raise money for Macmillan. Did you know they don't just help families that have been hit with that awful cancer they help families that have been hit with many chronic illnesses. Please help me reach my target by clicking on my link https://bravetheshave.macmillan.org.uk/shavers/donna-richardson I appreciate any amount. #bravetheshave #dosomethingnice #macmillancancersupport #Macmillan #beablessing #bucks #berkshire #oxford #hertfordshire #Bedfordshire

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