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So this just happened! As I get older I am more thankful for mine and my families health. I realise for some people it's not always the same. SO I decided to have 22cm chopped off and it's on it's way to the little princess trust in the UK. They make wigs for kids!😊 Feels good to do something amazing! #dosomethingnice #littleprincesstrust #transformationtuesday #feelsolight

Tonight, while playing music outside, it was starting to get cold and I started rubbing my hands to get some feeling back into my fingers. This amazingly sweet girl that was listening went up the street to get me something to warm my hands up and in turn warmed my heart as well. Thank you, Amy! It was so lovely to meet you this evening. You made my week with your kindness. Have a safe trip back to China tonight! #spreadlove #dosomethingnice #❤ #starbucks

Go BIG or GO HOME...(2007-2008) #5POINTZ #amuzeftr #graffiti #dosomethingnice #nofraudsallowed @meresone @poetcwk Painting in a severe Thunderstorm...

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Portrait of a bad childhood influence. Happy Valentine's Day ya"ll. Prince is back on your favorite streaming device😉. #dosomethingnice #fritzthecat #rcrumb

Anybody who's close to Amsterdam who needs help with anything - my son and I will free a day next week to offer help. This is not to promote myself or my work - but to promote the idea that we can ALL do something for somebody we don't know. So much of the stories and images we feed and get fed every day are based on individualism - and personal gain. I spend a great amount of time talking to friends and my woman about this and everybody seems to agree that a lot of our cultivated daily habits don't make us very happy. That a lot of our rituals imply connection but are instead creating a disconnect with people and our emotional reality.
The question always arises: what can you do about it tho? Honest answer: I don't f*ing know - but something different and something real. Whenever someone does something nice for me - it makes me feel good and it makes me want to do something nice for someone in return. Love and compassion can go viral without any coverage or internet.
Xmas seems like a perfect setup - lets at least start this with something simple: kindness. It's free, it's hands on and it's healthy af. So: for starts: shoot me a line 👇🏽 and I'll semi randomly pick one or two. Then hit u back on dm. (This shit's like Tinder for the philanthropists!) (we need apps app people! Apps!) lol ✌🏽️ #dosomethingnice

Our friends at @muddypuddlesuk have been busy sending more than 500 items of outdoor gear to refugee camps to help protect kids from the weather + poor conditions. If you are a brand who wants to join their initiative, or a person who likes practical yet lovely waterproof gear, check out their page for more info @muddypuddlesuk #refugeeweek #refugeeweek2017 #dosomethingnice


#day8 #100daysofsimpletips from #richardcarlson #dontsweatthesmallstuff #bethechange🌎 #dosomethingnice #✌ #💚 Do something nice for someone else and don’t tell anyone about it
While many of us frequently do nice things for others, we are almost certain to mention our acts of kindness to someone else, secretly seeking their approval.

When we share our own niceness or generosity with someone else, it makes us feel like we are thoughtful people, it reminds us of how nice we are and how deserving we are of kindness.

While all acts of kindness are inherently wonderful there is something even more magical about doing something thoughtful but mentioning it to no one, ever. You always feel good when you give to others. Rather than diluting the positive feelings by telling others about your own kindness, by keeping it to yourself you get to retain all the positive feelings.

It’s really true that one should give for the sake of giving, not to receive something in return. This is precisely what you are doing when you don’t mention your kindness to others- your rewards are warm feelings that come from the act of giving. The next time you do something really nice for someone else, keep it to yourself and revel in the abundant joy of giving. ~Richard Carlson

🎉GIVEAWAY, with a twist!💫 .
So it hasn't gone unnoticed by myself that there have been lots of lovely 'random acts of kindness' by strangers on my @instagram feed lately. Kind words of support shared when needed, care packages sent to poorly pals, and just last night out of the kindness of her heart, Robyn at @lifewithlittlejacob did a giveaway for a beautiful bespoke pompom garland which she makes with her own crafty hands! I was lucky enough to be the winner of this giveaway! 😁😁😁 And so to carry on the train of 'doing nice things, just because', I am offering a giveaway with a twist! Last year when these adorable @cathkidston_ltd Minnie Mouse mugs went on sale, they sold out like hot cakes!! I managed to get my hands on three, one for myself, one for a friend for Christmas and the last one as a Secret Santa back-up gift. As it turned out, I didn't need the 3rd one. I 'Umm'd and 'ahh'd about wether or not to sell it on eBay, but I didn't want to seem like one of those knobs who buy limited edition stuff at RRP and try and sell it for 4x the price 🙄 So I've hung on to it, thinking it might eventually come in handy as a spare or as a gift for someone. HOWEVER... I have now decided that I will offer it up for one of my lovely Instagram friends to win, but there is just ONE condition. If you want to be included as an entry for this giveaway, I ask that you make a small donation to charity. Give whatever you can afford to whatever charity of your choice that may be close to your heart ❤ Once you've done that, DM me a screenshot of your proof of donation and then comment underneath with a '❤' emoji (I will be checking donation proof, because it's all about sharing the love people!). Entry has been extended because i didnt think it through that people might not have any money 😂 So winner will now be announced Monday 31st July 😊 Good luck!!! 😘 #DoSomethingNice #DisneyxCathKidston #MinnieMug

Ziemlich erschreckend wie viel Müll auf den Straßen, in den Wäldern oder an den Stränden dieser wunderschönen Welt liegt.😔
Aber meckern bringt bekanntlich nichts,deshalb ist es so wichtig ,dass wir Menschen die Welt auf der wir leben DÜRFEN sauber halten! Stellt euch vor jeder Mensch nimmt sich allein schon 1 mal in der Woche nur 30Minuten Zeit etwas gutes für diese Welt zu tun.🙏🏽 Was nicht alles erreicht werden könnt.😊 Auch ich habe in der Vergangenheit meinen Dreck auf die Straße geworfen. Doch Vergangenheit ist Vergangenheit. Der Fokus sollte auf die positiven Dinge im Leben liegen, denn DU kannst jeden Tag aufs neue für (d)eine besser Welt sorgen!!! 🙏🏽 #world#cleaning#forest#thankful#forabetterworld#doyourbest#dosomethingnice#gratitude#freedom

Happiness Challenge Day 27: Do something nice for someone else. I know Ross will love these! (Surprise!) 😂
#30daysofhappiness #day27 #oreo #dunkindonuts #coffee #beer #goose312 #ilovemyhusband #suprise #notasupriseanymore #dosomethingnice #makehimhappy #maybehewillshare

When you get locked out of the house, why not take the opportunity to return all of the stolen carts in the neighborhood to the local grocery store. 😜 Getting a good walk with resistance in! 😂

Don't usually do the "SnapChat" thing but I like what these ears add to my look here 😂 Maybe I should get them permanently!
I learnt today the real power of selflessness, and how being selfless can really help out other people. I learnt and felt how your inner peace is massively enlightened, simply for the fact that you did that deed for no other reason, than the satisfaction of knowing that the person is grateful for your help; and that you truly helped someone in their time of need. Do something selfless, today, tomorrow or next week. Instead of saying "Sorry, I can't", try and say "Let me see what I can do"...

Excuse the unattractive bathroom wall and my elbow, but I just HAD to share how cool my local library is! 🤗
On Tuesday, I walked into the bathroom and saw all of these post it notes in different shapes on the mirror. It honestly made me so happy to see someone trying to make someone's day with these words of affirmation, because it sure made mine

This is the kind of world I want to live in! The kind where we are lifting each other up just by going to the bathroom 😂 But really though, the mirror + societies warped ideas of how we SHOULD look bring people down everyday and I hate it. Challenge yourself today, step out of your comfort zone, say something nice to someone. See how it brightens their day and makes the world a better place (ALL the cheesiness intended) 🌎🌼🤗💕

It's the Last day at my little waterfront condo. It's really a bittersweet moment. While I'm moving on to exciting new adventures, a lot of great memories leave this little place, and for gods sake, waking up to that water view! I feel bad for Martin – – I told him I'd only be about an hour. I've been here now six hours cleaning this place and prepping it for the new buyer. I think this is their first home purchase, so I wanted to create that "brand new home" feel for them. #karma #getyousome #createfeels #dosomethingnice #homeowners #spreadjoy

I love this entire passage, I myself am a victim of anxiety and anxiousness more than I would like to be! Ever since I gave myself to God/Jesus those times have been much easier to deal with knowing I am never fully alone. Some people may have other opinions but I am a true believer and thankful every day I am able to wake up! #spreadthelove #dosomethingnice #forsomeoneelse #spreadthepositivity #respect #thankful #getoutside #havefun #enjoylife #bepositive #stayblessed #staysmiling

Missing these sweet, happy children. A year ago I was on the way to South Africa to build houses, work in the orphanage, and do outreach activities. We were challenged to disrupt our lives and be mindful. I don't want to forget. #happyheartbakery

Spread Joy. Spread Kindness. Live Aloha. Do something nice for someone. Smile. Hug. It's Free and so easy to do. Makes everyone feel better; even you. Good to be considerate of others... Allowing. Accepting. No judging. Create a warm welcome safe space for friends. Let them be who n how n what they need to be. And share joy w them. Warm hearted. Light hearted. A joke or a smile. Ease the tension. Take it easy. The results are healing for everyone. Really great 💕

#spreadjoy #makesomeonesmile #takeiteasy #makesomeonehappy #spreadthelove #spread #joy #peace #happiness #happinessquotes #everyone #benefits #infinite #only #increase #lovebegetslove #joyiscontagious #smilesarecontagious #dosomethingnice #forsomeone #loveiswarmtendernessofheart #lovingkindness #lighthearted

Warning . . Long post 😉 today I stood behind a lady at the grocery store who had $80'ish worth of groceries. It appeared she had shopped on a budget as most her stuff was "best choice" , "always save" (not name brand stuff) after several minutes in line, the lady in line between her & I got frustrated and moved her stuff to another register.. This of course made the lady holding up the line even more embarrassed. She apologised numerous times to me and the cashier. As she started having the cashier remove one item .. two items.. 3,4,5,... She got down to $8'ish left owing and says "I don't know what do do now, I really need the rest of the stuff" as she digs to find the next thing she can return to get down to the amount of money that she had already given the cashier, her face gets brighter red and tears start mounting. Then I leaned over and swiped my card. The lady looks at me with a blank look on her face and says "what are you doing, oh my gosh thank You! God bless you" and hugs me, the cashier thanks me, the little lady in line says "I don't know how to repay you", I told her to simply pay it forward .. totally not trying to get a pat on the back here or anything, simply saying .. #payitforward when you can, make someone's day a little better when possible. #justbeagoodperson #karma #happytuesday #dosomethingnice #onesmallact #kindness #dogood

Good Morning! Happy Tuesday! Do something nice today (& everyday)!! #GoodMorning #Tuesday #DoSomethingNice #Smile #EdenGarden #Mississauga

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