Unconditional Love #unconditionallove❤️ Love gives without expecting anything in return. I never think of anyone in terms of what he can do for me. And I never profess love to someone because he has done something for me. If I didn’t actually feel love, I wouldn’t pretend to give it; and since I feel it, I give it. Love cannot be had for the asking; it comes only as a gift from the heart of another. Be certain of your feeling before you say to anyone, 'I love you'. Once you give your love, it must be forever. Not because you want to be near that person, but because you want perfection for that soul. To wish for perfection for the loved one, and to feel pure joy in thinking of that soul, is divine love; and that is the love of true friendship. #paramahansayogananda #motherlove❤️ #unconditionallove❤️ #to #orhers #too Dorothea Lange
Migrant Mother, a timeless image of hardship and courage and Dorothea Lange most iconic image, was made under the auspices of the Farm Security Administration (FSA) initiative during America's Great Depression. While walking through a pea picker's camp on the way home from an FSA field trip; Lange noticed this thirty-two year old woman with her seven children. There was no work and they were living on wild birds caught by the children. She could not move on, she told Lange, because she had sold the tires from her car for food.#namaste🙏 #dorothealange1936 #unconditionallove❤️👫 #unconditionallove❤️🌍

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