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Well the signs yesterday looks good so lets make MORE!!!!! #scrapsbegone

Thanks ya teman-teman @officialdoowood atas kado pernikahannya.. Keren dan unik cetak foto pakai kayu, bisa langsung dipajang dirumah ni..
#officialdoowood #doowood #doowoodworking

Five Hook Coat Rack on late 1800s barn board. Pretty nice look. 👍 #barnboardcoatrack #barnboard #doowoodworking #hgtv #rustic_vibe

Getting started on this pretty Sweet Gum desktop. Excited to see how it turns out! #oleroysterdesigns #doowoodworking #woodworking

6ft X 5ft giant teak root room divider with welded flat bar steel installation yesterday in Boston. #fromcheftotable #organic #design #interiordesign #boaton #root #liveedge #slabtable #woodworking @godfreyboston #doowoodworking @fixthisbuildthat

Custom house number sign complete and installed. Made from reclaimed heart pine over 200+ years old and letters cut from tin shingles off of a barn close to 100 years old. Spacer blocks to give a 3D look from heart pine as well, they will weather and not be as visible.

Handcrafted wooden marquee LED light up letter by @madebyhaybeno
Shop // haybeno.etsy.com

Когда все сходится: правильная краска, руки из плеч, красивые трафареты и нужный голыш - получается вот такое заглядение! 🙌🏼


Well the signs yesterday looks good so lets make MORE!!!!! #scrapsbegone

I feel like there should be Christmas music playing while we make these. 😄🎄

Well that turned out better than expected. It was a late night in the shop but Em and I got alot done! This was one of the signs we made. Well I'd say we could give Michel's a run for there money. Today more sign blanks!! #icantstopstaring 😍😍😍

Playing around with scraps and decided to show some support to @naileditbuilding_designco and their never ending lantern making....... and then I set it on fire😊 couldn't come and help but I did give it a go😄 #notsobad 🤣

More happy mail!!! #stickerswaps form @sharkattack1979 and @rmoschera. Thanks for the swaps, love the notes!! Go check them out some great renos and wonderful flying metal pigs😄😄

Some how @michael_d_woodtech stick got turned into a magnets and put on the sticker board and never posted..... 😯 very sorry. @michael_d_woodtech has some great post go check him out!!! While I make sure all your stickers have been posted....😓 #stickerswaps

...... ok new idea....😥😤 air dry the rest..... maybe cook this one till it splits in half just for fun..... maybe.... 😐😑 im impatient... can you tell.. #dryfaster #dryfasterdamnit

Ok so update. The two, one hour treatments at 215 in the over have taken .5 lb of water out of this mini slab. The new moisture meter form @leevalleytools works!!! ( unlike the ryobi that won't connect to my phone) It is splitting a little on the ends, so I decided to lower the temp to 185. The slab is at 7.25 lb and 19% moisture. Ill keep you updated on how this is going...... ps ... has anyone else tried to kiln dry wood in the over before (ideas are welcome!!!!)😄 #sofarnotbad

Well the Ryobi thing didn't end well so we are braking out the more high tech new age method for tonight. Grandma's 102 year old kitchen scale. #gooldschool

The packaging dosen't really give me the warm and fuzzys but Lee Valley was closed and this was the only one @homedepot had.... let's see if we can speed up the drying on this bad boy😎😄😄😄#youtubedontfailmenow

This was so much fun I can't wait to do this again and mill up some of the other logs i go this summer. Need to start saving for that chain saw!! (dont have room for a full mill) @mattcremona you and your vidoes have created a monster😁 thank you!!!! #myfirstslab mini

Im in love😍😍😍😍😍 This is so much fun it shouldn't be legal.😄😄😄😄#myfirstslab

I leave the shop for one weekend...... i guess this is some kind of hint to start labeling the shop, so when i move tools my parents can still find them😂😅 #labeledshopisagoodshop

After a bit of a rough week, Im back to posting😄 and I even managed to get a new video up ( link in bio) now after a nice lunch with my husband 😍 It's chain saw time😎 as long as it dosen't rain🤞

Some early morning burning with breakfast. Pumpkins are selling😄 need to get a few more ready for orders today😁 What are you guys up to this morning?

A question for my IG friends. Should I be concerned at all with blade binding or kick back when following this "very uninformative" wikiHow artical..... cuz it seem perfectly safe to me😂😂😂😂😂😂#wikihowisgoingtogetyoukilled

Not in the shop this weekend. So Im keeping a close eye on what everyone else is up to and looking at pictures of some of my projects for a week or so ago. Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian friends! #familytime vs #shoptime

Well I'd say that filter is well and turly done, after sanding the floor this week. Good thing there are more on the way. Did you know you can set up a subscription with @rzmask and they'll send you the filters with out having to remeber to order them. Finally someone who turly gets my forgetfulness and even rewards me with a discount for being lazy😄 #onelessthingtoremember Now if only the glue bottle did the same😅

Is it just me or are the 2x4 getting rounder everytime I buy them?😐

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