Black Walnut live edge asymmetrical bowl #wood #woodworking #finewoodworking #doowoodworking

Well Em was sure having fun at the laser with those board I made up. A few cheese boards with an extra added touch. Still need a light sand and some oil but what do you all think? #alittlewineandcheeseplease

2017 has been a great year. Learned so much form all of you. Made new firends had great times with old ones. The wood chips doubled 😄. 2018 is going to bring a whole lot more challenges but they are ones we have been preparing for. (mostly😊) Can't wait to see how we all grow in the new year. Here's to a rip roaring good time!!!-Liz

A little day job work for you. At first there was a hole. Then a bigger hole. Then a filled hole. A little sanding and some seal and .... "what hole?" Love having a shop😄

Need a few square feet of 2in oak to fix up a floor but the smallest bundle was way to much (in size and cost) so milling from scratch it is. I don't know what I'd do without my shop. What have you made/fixed in the shop instead of buying? #lovemytablesaw #toolssaveyoumoney

This small stool is made from solid pine. Seems like an easy build but this one challenged me. Made for a photographer for taking pictures with new borns. Finished with white wash stain and polycrylic for protection.

These are going to be a pretty box by the end of today..... why.... because we said we would have a pretty box for tomorrow 😨🤗🤗 #wecandoit

I may be working in a dirt basement today but it's FRIDAY!!!!!! Oh and firends dont let firends go threw life without snap chat!! @scriptandhammer 😂 Keep it fun today!!

Day job getting crazy so not much shop time but we did finish up a customs order for a ladder.😄😄..... and forgot to take a picture of it finished🤦‍♀️ #buzybuzy

We are getting better at this. Show number two of the season but the frist of three in the next two weeks😨#somanyshows #somuchfun 😄

Did you know, that spray bottle stain trick that @lighthouse_boston uses works with coulor washes too!?!?! SO MUCH FASTER!!
Oh the tricks we learn on IG😄😄 #lovethiscomunity #igwoodworkingcommunity

Sometimes handtools are still the best tool for the job. The debarking went so much faster this time on the railings. Dont get me wrong I still love my power but there are sometime that it's nice to go a little old school. Plus built in work out😅 #oldschool

The ornament was just the circle with the snowflake cut out. For a turly Canadian kind of wood working we found a way to use the cut out too #timbits #wastenotwantnot 🤣

Lantern video is alive! (Link in bio) While we continue to stencil until there is no tomorrow, go check out our homage to @naileditbuilding_designco lanterns. #nowbacktothestencils 😄

Soooo ... if anyone was wonder .... the wood chips would love a lazer for Christmas 😊😊😅😅 #ifyouwerewondering

So after seeing the events of Aron's @mrfixitdiy run in with his table saw I decided it was time to put the guard back on mine. It's funny i actually like the design on the @boschtoolscanada because it's a completely tool less install but as with most of us we get a bit lazzy and a bit to relaxed. This IG community is good for all kinds of things; firends, learning, ideas and maybe the most important a reminder to be safe while we created! Hope you heal well Aron! #safetyfirst

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