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The way she uses simple words together to create complex emotion is so relatable!
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That ending got us !! - I became the mountains I admired.
I became the ocean that set me free.
this incredible art by @carolina_zuniga_artworks
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To the generation where everything hurts, we know what hurts the most: Love. People still find it cliche that it is the pressing issue. But we're a deeply abandoned, disconnected and discontended generation. We have everything at a touch but none to trust. Love isn't just romantically but every way possible in which it exist.
How to forgive this hurt caused by people?
They're further voids. Trust me, tried and got over. Want something actual and long lasting?
Forgive yourself first.
Then, forgive them.
Say loudly, FUCK IT!!!

Then, begin your journey.

PS: Forgiving is the key. That's the hardest part. Trust me, it doesn't come easy, with such amount of hurt, it's hard to even think about it.
But, then holding onto is just destructive as it was to not get up after a car hits you and you're lying down unconscious. There somebody else picked you up. But when you're emotionally down, make sure you're the only one picking yourself up. That's when you realize your truest potential. Your greatest strengths materializes only then.

V 💋


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"And now for something completely different." A bit of light reading and a smile over a Friday night drink.

All this talk
of nudes.
Of boobs
and pics of dick.
I have yet
to see one,
what button
do i click?

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Full poem below:
. .

I knew Grace,
When I toppled over a couple of stairs,
my hem of fabric, misguided the steps,
And nanny stood tall like shadow,
saying my etiquettes are slinging out of, thread of stars.
Teary eyed, I walked to the porch,
Where the chandelier was glowing bright.
I remembered then,
when bleeding embraced me
she ordered me to plant magnolia,
I made a tiara of it, to myself.
My sister envied,
Saying my stars are of creamy white,
they have their own light,
Stolen from heaven's grace,
and it's worth never comes in pennies.
Karma isn't a penny, it's an infinity of fabrics and stars,
Stretching on seven colours.
Then in those days of frilled frocks,
My ignorance learnt her words, as another folly.

My age being betrayed by body,
I left a note of sorry and gratitude
with a handful of magnolia ,glued to bottom lines.
So it speaks of my fragrant roots,
when my branches dry and fall
and senescence sniffs my age, before dusk.
I am losing tresses,
Like strands of hopes falling and wrapping on dead stones,
Skin is filtered by blisters of guilt of mistakes and comfort of wisdom,
and the child in me is constantly growing,
Knocking intermittently on door of Monsieur Life
reiterating it's victory of
the breaths that sailed on warm breeze,
the love that blossomed and kissed the eternity in me,
the mother that grew in me to a beautiful tomorrow,
the defeats that pricked like shards of glass,
still became an art of his gallery.

I know now ,Grace
After a silhouette of shackles broke, holding the amber walls of freedom,
as nectar dripped from the thawed courage,
frozen by drugs , fed on midnight nightmares.

And some feathers are better lost,
To know, what it is to fly again. ©Susmita.P

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