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Two Church doors and a steeple. Inside are all the people!

Arlington hall doors! Hot Springs Arkansas (they are mirrored doors, tried to hide in the cracks but these doors have elbows if you look real hard) :o)

Shed talk time...again.

The Blues
Hot Springs Arkansas downtown!

Senior citizens playground!

Forecast for today...clear blue sky's, cool with occasional scattered memories.

This reminds me of how messy my life has been. Choices I have made out of selfishness, but... there has always been a Light in my life that can take these bad choices and make my messy life something He can use to Glorify Christ! There is always Hope!

Skewed view of things.

Sneaking out the bedroom window!

Camp house!

I believe the love of doors has a hidden meaning. They can lead to many adventures and experiences if you walk through them! Dont you think? Fear can be powerful ...if you allow it! You have the ultimate power. God will move in your life if you allow Him and you can experience amazing things. Living a Christian life is not always easy but it sure is exciting and never boring. You never know what He will have you do next. I wouldn't have it any other way. It is security for me to walk with Him!

Welcome doors. Many have passed through.

Downtown Gordo, Alabama!

Old Northport AL shopping mall!

Old downtown Northport Alabama Hardware Store!

Northport, Alabama barbershop!

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