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"This is such a lovely company to work with. It's such a happy company." 🐟🚪
#NoisesOff #LoveTheseAssholes #DoorsAndSardines #tbt

Instagram takeover!! Brooke LOVES sardines... 💁🏼❤🐟 #doorsandsardines #andboomerangs #oregoncabaret #noisesoffoct #sorry @ohmelard

Happy closing to this hilarious bunch of idiots! I couldn't have wished to share Noises Off with a more supportive and wonderful group of artists onstage and off. Thank you thank you thank you! #noisesoffoct #doorsandsardines #bagbagbag #oregoncabaret 🚪🐟🎒📦💛

Thanks for capturing my post-runthru glamour @traceechimo ! #rehearsalglam #NoisesOff #doorsandsardines #andhair

Called "the greatest comedy ever written," guess what play is opening our indoor season on September 15? Comment below for a chance to win two free tickets (which go sale tomorrow btw). #doorsandsardines #makesomenoise

Dreams do come true 🎭💖 #iathesfest15 #doorsandsardines

And we're off! First blocking rehearsal for Noises Off #NoisesOff #tbta #poppysworld #farce #doorsandsardines

One of the stills from #noisesoff at Meramec. People are loving it! It runs through this weekend so make sure you get out to see it. #doorsandsardines
#photocredit Matt Bills

It's been nine years since troupe 739 has performed on the state Thes Fest stage. I am so grateful I to be a part of the amazing cast that brought us back. #DoorsAndSardines #iathesfest15


NOISES OFF is a play-within-a-play comedy where everything that could go wrong on stage...does! Today's real life stage horror story comes from cast member Janessa Ramsey - and what happens when a fall turns into a flirty fail! NOISES OFF plays through October 7, get tickets at www.scera.org, 801.225.ARTS. #utahtheatre #noisesoff #doorsandsardines #scera #utahvalley #utahcounty #orem #oremcity

www.scera.org/podcast to check out an interview with the cast! #scera #utahvalley #utahcounty #orem #oremcity #utahtheatre #doorsandsardines #noisesoff

This is one of many rave reviews flying around social media after a wildly successful opening weekend of the madcap comedy #noisesoff. These theatre seats will fill up fast! Plays through October 7th. Visit scera.org or call 225.ARTS. #utahtheatre #utahvalley #utahcounty #orem #oremcity #scera #doorsandsardines

NOISES OFF is a play-within-a-play comedy where everything that could go wrong on stage...does! Today's real life stage horror story comes from cast member Rex Kocherhans - and what happens when a slip of the tongue results in unintended comedy! NOISES OFF plays through October 7, get tickets at www.scera.org, 801.225.ARTS. #utahtheatre #noisesoff #doorsandsardines #scera #orem #oremcity #utahcounty #utahvalley

NOISES OFF is a play-within-a-play comedy where everything that could go wrong on stage...does! Today's real life stage horror story comes from cast member Shannon Follette - and she tells you what it's really like to "fall" for a patron (our use of quote marks is on point, btw). NOISES OFF plays September 15 to October 7, get tickets at scera.org or call 225.ARTS. #utahtheatre #noisesoff #doorsandsardines #scera #utahvalley #utahcounty #orem #oremcity

MEET THE NOISE-MAKERS! Zack Elzey plays Tim Allgood, the overworked stage manager in "Noises Off," opening tonight! www.scera.org, 801.225.ARTS. This is Zack’s first show with SCERA, but his extensive credits include: "Little Shop of Horrors" (Seymour), "West Side Story" (Baby John), "Crazy For You" (Bobby), "The Fantasticks" (The Mute), and "A Midsummer Night’s Dream" (Bottom), "Titus Andronicus" (Saturninus), and "Hamlet" (Guildenstern). #utahtheatre #noisesoff #doorsandsardines #scera #utahvalley #utahcounty #orem #oremcity

MEET THE NOISE-MAKERS! "Noises Off" opens tomorrow, so today let's meet Shannon Follette, who plays Belinda Blair, the cheerful, sensible and reliable actress in the otherwise inept group of players! Shannon is beyond thrilled to be back on stage after a four year hiatus from theatre (don't ever leave again Shannon, you're too good!). She's loved being a part of shows like "Titanic the Musical," "Shrek the Musical" and "Les Misérables," and SCERA feels like home after being a part of their nationally renowned high school company Acting UP for several years. She's now married to her "cute husband Mitch." Get show tickets at www.scera.org, 801.225.ARTS. #utahtheatre #noisesoff #doorsandsardines #scera #utahvalley #utahcounty #orem #oremcity

#noisesoff is a play within a play comedy where everything that could go wrong...does! Check out one of the actors telling his own stage horror story! #scera #doorsandsardines #orem #oremcity #utahvalley #utahcounty #utahtheatre

This total laugh riot of a show opens in two days so we made a little video cause we're just a TINY bit excited. Don't miss this one, people! #scera #noisesoff #doorsandsardines #orem #oremcity #utahvalley #utahcounty #utahtheatre

MEET THE NOISE-MAKERS! Two more cast members to meet, and two more days until "Noises Off" opens on Sept. 15! Today we feature Shawn Mortensen, who plays dim-witted and nosebleed-prone Freddy Fellowes. Shawn, who doesn't usually have a problem with coagulation in his daily life, has been performing, choreographing, producing, designing and directing for many years, with most recent projects being director and scenic designer for 2016’s Disney’s "The Little Mermaid" and this past summer as director and choreographer of "Seussical The Musical." He is a frequent performer in SCERA's Theatre for Young Audience program, with a favorite being the role of the Cat in "The Cat in the Hat," Wonka in "Willy Wonka" and as Frog in "A Year With Frog and Toad." Shawn works full time as SCERA’s Production and Programs Manager and Director of SCERA Youth Theatre. In his spare time, he enjoys being a Master of Ceremonies and judge with local branches of the Miss America organization, but most importantly spending time with his wife and daughter. Shawn has performed the past two years at the Edinburgh, Scotland Fringe Festival. #noisesoff #doorsandsardines #utahtheatre #scera #utahvalley #utahcounty #orem #oremcity

MEET THE NOISE-MAKERS! Rob Holcombe plays Selsdon Mowbray in "Noises Off," an alcoholic actor who hides his bottles onstage, is always on the verge of passing out, and is hard of hearing when he wants to be! Show opens this weekend, www.scera.org, 801.225.ARTS. This is Rob’s 5th show at SCERA, and you might remember him most recently as Alfred Doolittle in "My Fair Lady," where he played another delightful drunk (we sense a theme, should we be worried??? 😱) Rob has also been blessed to perform at both Hale Theatres, Sundance, Keith Christensen, Echo, Covey, and both the Little Theater and Conference Center in Salt Lake. Some of his favorite characters have been Buffalo Bill in "Annie Get Your Gun," Lazar Wolf in "Fiddler on the Roof," Juror #3 in "12 Angry Men," Benny Van Buren in "Damn Yankees," and Colonel Pickering in "Pygmalion" to name just a few. His favorite person is his wife, Sherri, who is "my rock." #utahtheatre #noisesoff #doorsandsardines #scera #utahvalley #utahcounty #orem #oremcity

MEET THE NOISE-MAKERS! Rex Kocherhans plays temperamental director Lloyd Dallas, dealing with an ridiculously inept group of actors in the brilliant comedy "Noises Off," which opens this week! His character may or may not be sitting right next to you in the audience during parts of the show. (Don't be scared, he's not yelling at YOU.) 😉 Rex's fave roles include Javert in Les Misérables (HCTO), Emile de Becque in South Pacific (HCTO, SCERA), Neville Craven in The Secret Garden (Utah COPA), and Joseph in Savior of the World (Conference Center Theater). Rex has been a featured soloist with many of Utah’s top music organizations, including the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Salt Lake Choral Artists, Utah Baroque Ensemble, and BYU Singers. He is the founder and Artistic Director of the Deseret Chamber Singers and Consortium Ensemble. He is a founding member of the nationally-renowned quartet Reprise, which won the Gold Medal at the international barbershop competition and has shared the stage with The King’s Singers. He performed in Europe, West Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and the Middle East with the BYU Singers, including concerts at the Sydney Opera House and Carnegie Hall. We are so lucky to have a man of his talents in NOISES OFF, www.scera.org, 801.225.ARTS. #utahtheatre #noisesoff #doorsandsardines #scera #utahvalley #utahcounty #orem #oremcity

MEET THE NOISE-MAKERS! Janessa Lamb Ramsey plays the emotional, over-sensitive and love-triangle entangled Poppy Norton-Taylor in "Noises Off," and her overflowing tear ducts are definitely getting a workout! Janessa is an incredible dancer and choreographer, and has been seen at SCERA in "High School Musical," "Footloose," "Cinderella," and "West Side Story." Now she joins this hilarious cast in navigating the choreographed chaos of rotating doors and flying plates of sardines! Her husband Chase Keala Ramsey is the director of "Noises Off," and they have two of the cutest little boys. NOISES OFF opens Sept. 15, www.scera.org, 801.225.ARTS. #utahtheatre #noisesoff #doorsandsardines #scera #utahvalley #utahcounty #orem #oremcity

MEET THE NOISE-MAKERS! Less than a week before "Noises Off" opens on Sept. 15, so let us introduce the third member of our All-Star Cast: DeLayne Bluth Dayton plays forgetful actress and mastermind of romantic jealousy, Dotty Otley. DeLayne's first love is performing, and you may remember her in Betty Blue Eyes (HCTO); Music Man (Sundance); Miss Hannigan in "Annie," The Chaperone in "The Drowsy Chaperone," Alice in "The Addams Family," Yente in "Fiddler on the Roof" (SCERA) and many more where her comedic timing is pure perfection! She's also an accomplished music director, having worked on SCERA's "Seussical," "My Fair Lady," "The Little Mermaid," and "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat." DeLayne loves her work as MDT Company Director/Instructor at Utah Conservatory of the Performing Arts (COPA) and COPA Youth Theater. Her husband Brendon and their 6 kiddos keep her busy, too! www.scera.org, 801.225.ARTS. #utahtheatre #noisesoff #doorsandsardines #scera #utahvalley #utahcounty #orem #oremcity

MEET THE NOISE-MAKERS! "Noises Off" opens one week from today, so meet the second member of our All-Star Cast: David Smith plays Garry Lejeune, an actor who never finishes a sentence, which leads to.............(see what we did there?) :) David currently teaches private voice lessons at the Hale Center Theater Orem and directs their youth productions. He writes and records music for film and theater, and even has his own solo album, Flashback, on iTunes and Facebook. Some recent SCERA credits include co-directing/composing Theatre for Young Audiences shows "Alice in Wonderland," "Peter Pan’s Great Adventure," as well as "Little Red" which will premiere this spring. He also directed SCERA productions of "Guys and Dolls" and "The Drowsy Chaperone." David is so excited to get to share the stage with the super-talented love of his life, Brittni. They had the chance to perform in this show together 12 years ago at the Springville Playhouse. It has been almost 14 years when they did their very first show together, "Oklahoma!" at the SCERA with director Jerry Elison - the start of their real-life love story. www.scera.org, 801.225.ARTS. #utahtheatre #noisesoff #doorsandsardines #scera #utahvalley #utahcounty #orem #oremcity

And we're off! First blocking rehearsal for Noises Off #NoisesOff #tbta #poppysworld #farce #doorsandsardines

MEET THE NOISE-MAKERS! All this week in anticipation of "Noises Off" opening on Sept. 15th, we're going to introduce you to our All-Star Cast. First up is Brittni Bills Smith, who plays young, inexperienced and contact-lens-losing-so-she's-blind-as-a-bat actress Brooke Ashton. Brittni holds a BFA in Acting from BYU, and is a drama teacher and youth theater director, having directed over 40 productions around Utah Valley. Brittni's favorite acting credits include: Tansy in The Nerd, Cinderella/Granny in Into the Woods, Sarah Brown in Guys and Dolls, Catherine in The Foreigner, Kitty in The Drowsy Chaperone, Maria in West Side Story and Elizabeth Bennett in Pride and Prejudice The Musical (World Premiere). She is also a member of American Performing Arts International and performs annually at the Edinburgh, Scotland Fringe Festival. When Brittni is not performing, she loves playing with her two beautiful children, making crafts, and going on dates with her amazingly talented husband (who is also in the show and will be featured tomorrow). www.scera.org, 801.225.ARTS #utahtheatre #noisesoff #doorsandsardines #scera #utahvalley #utahcounty #orem #oremcity

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