Week 4 Day 2 of #mantramay #fieldsofyogis is strength. It’s 3 days until this guys 2nd birthday, everyone talks about how strong you are to carry a baby inside you and bring him top side even more so with complications... but this kid made it through with some weird odds against him, he’s the strong one and also kind of weird lol 🖤🍦 - Hosts:
@mariadummermuth - Mantras:
Week 1- I am abundant
Week 2- I am grateful
Week 3- I am present
Week 4- I am strong
Week 5- I am kind - #fieldsofyogis #mantramay #selfcare #selflove #yogachallenge #floridayogis #orlandoyogis #invertyoself #bendsoyoudontbreak

Day 3 of #MasteringHandstands is #plankpose our new office space needs some crystals and indoor plants 😍🖤
@KoyaWebb @MaxandLizAcro @miz.liz @RootedinFlowing •Sponsors:
@AloYoga @ToeSox @SunwarriorTribe and @Getlovedup

🌻You matter!💖💫🌻 .
**As long as you are conforming to our expectations of what an employee/friend/family member/partner should be.
. .

Existing propaganda targeted at depressed, suicidal people bothers me no end. Depressed people aren't stupid. This level of despair stems from a non-existent or broken support system; you can't bombard them with messages of "You're important!", "You are loved!" and such like, when what they see all around them is the exact opposite. WHO do they matter to, when they aren't relentlessly performing the roles they are tired of performing? I wish this culture of infantilizing mentally ill people would stop.

#mentalillness #depression #mentalhealthissues #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealthisimportant

While doing nothing..

Day 51/100 of #the100dayproject 😍
Fact 5️⃣0️⃣: Sometimes all I need is an afternoon with my girls. 💓
Manchmal braucht es nicht mehr als eine Decke, gute Laune und die Sonne über einem. 😍

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