Just got my #doobeanie in the mail! Always fun to see logos/ things you design in real life!! Go check out @wearaphernalia and get your own

You can't argue with #science. Send us your #alberthighnstein philosophies to be featured on our page! Congrats to @bpomerance for winning our contest on Wednesday, the correct answer was 203! Your #doobeanie is in the way! #math #blazeyourowntrail #repyourroots

The #doobeanie is officially on sale. Go to wearaphernalia.com to purchase yours today! Want a free one? Guess how many are in the picture... closest one wins! #burriedalive #repyourroots #headwear #beanies #giveaway

Meet Kyle's cat. Kyle wasn't sure if the cat was a boy or girl, so Kyle named the cat Bruce....Bruce loves to rock the #Doobeanie so he can protect his Catnip while he purrs at you and puts his ass in your face like all annoying cats do.

GO NOW to our website www.wearaphernalia.com to purchase your #Doobeanie to be like Bruce, just #PleaseDontPutYourAssInOurFaces. #doglover #BlazeYourOwnTrail #beanie #festivalseason #festivals #headwear #wearaphernalia #RepYourRoots

Rep thy roots #doobeanie #wearaphernlia

If waking up to something like this in front of you at 1:00 am after a nap using a pile of hot sauce packets as your pillow isn't a weekly routine, then you're not living right. Happy #MunchieMonday, when we show off our fans' stoned smorgasbords. Take picture of your meal next time you devour 5,000 calories with your friends who can't say, "Gimme the ranch," without giggling. Tag us in your photo using #MunchieMonday. Whoever takes the best photo wins a #doobeanie! You have one week. GO! And congratulations to @dannyrozen for winning yesterday's tag-a-friend giveaway. You will be the second person to receive a #Doobeanie! #tacocoma #bahablast #healthychoices #giveaway #designateddriver

Another #Doobeanie #giveaway! Tag a friend you want to invite on your way up to the slopes for your chance to win! Cuddling for warmth may be necessary...#beanie #hat #colorado #skiing #christmasinjuly

As promised, we have a secret to share with all of you. We are EXTREMELY excited to show off a sneak peak of our first product, the #Doobeanie! But the real secret is what lies underneath the hat. As the name suggests, this beanie has a special pocket designed to hold your joint, and the pocket can be protected by folding the bottom cuff of the beanie. Whether you are hitting the slopes, jamming out at a concert, or taking it easy with friends, this hat makes it simple for you to access your bud, show off your goods, or keep your joint safe for later. The #Doobeanie will officially be on sale within the next two weeks, but you can pre-order your hat now by going to wearaphernalia.com or emailing us at contact@wearaphernalia.com. Get them before they run out! This is the only hat of its kind. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to #repyourroots.
We would also like to announce the winner from our tagging giveaway. Congratulations @gelmonsterog! You are the very lucky winner of a Doobeanie! Better get those J-rolling hands ready! Thank you to everyone who entered and helped spread the word. Don't quit now! Keep telling your friends about #Wearaphernalia and the #Doobeanie. More contests and giveaways to come!

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