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Want to know why there are so many products and ads for removing stretch marks? BECAUSE WE ALL HAVE THEM. .
Why? Because we’re not 13 anymore and we grew into a woman’s body. Growth is a GOOD thing. Why are so many of us resisting something so natural? Because we’re told by the media it’s a “bad thing” we need to fix and remove when we could simply honor the fact that we’re growing, changing and evolving through our lives 💕
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What could you do with all of the time and energy you spent comparing, feeling inferior or constantly chasing a moving target? Where would you be if the voice in your head was motivating you instead of holding you back! #DontWeight #tuesdaythoughts

Royal T Fitness is looking for runners and walkers who want to learn or share their passion for running. Head over to my Facebook group: The Royal RUN down and join us on our fitness journey.
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It's Global Running Day! Thanks @runnotc for the run and refreshments. #royaltfitness #dontweight #nolarunning #fitover50 #instructor #womenfitness

There are so many #quotes and expressions about being #fearless. If you’re waiting for the day when you those #fears are gone it’ll never come. .
Your brain is PROGRAMED to have fears in order to protect you from potential threats. What it isnt programmed to do is decipher between reality and limiting beliefs. .
Even #Beyonce has fears.
If you want something, go through the fears. Its worth it. .
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Hey, remember that time I posted my #goals 6 weeks ago? Update: I didn’t do it 😉 🙊
My goal was to drop 2 inches around my waist and to use my @bootybandsofficial 3x a week. I got about halfway there 🤷🏻‍♀️
So, why am I sharing that here? Because I’m trying to keep it real people!!! We see so many #transformation photos of people who have “made it” and they talk about the “old me” like it’s a bad thing. It makes you feel like making a transformation is a simple process or a quick decision.... or you can’t like who you are at the starting point. .
@kaitlinhynes had an awesome post the other day about what we DONT see on social media... and that’s struggle that it takes to be successful. 🦋
I’m not where I want to be right now but that’s okay 🤗 I’m constantly setting new goals for myself and every time I reach one I set another. Life is a game of CONSTANT growth. You gotta love yourself the whole way. Day 1 until the end. .
These past few weeks have honestly been some the most emotionally draining weeks of my life. Somedays getting out of bed and stepping foot in the gym was an accomplishment. I’m not surprised I didn’t hit the goal I set for myself... Actually getting even halfway there on top of the challenges life sent is something I am choosing to be proud of. Know that you can “fail” at something and still #loveyourself so hard. 💕 .
I’ll still be shaking my half naked #ass on a #boat for two weeks in Thailand regardless ⛵️💕🌸 teehehhehehehe .
#DontWeight to live your life .
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Can anybody else relate? .
Social media can be so deceptive. We’re all posting the highlights of our lives making people think our lives are purely #success, good hair days and #money raining down on us. .
Don’t get me wrong, #successfulpeople #inspire the hell out of me. But it’s SOOOO important not to compare your day 1 to someone else’s day 100... .
Instagram has us under the impression everyone around us is only a couple sit ups away from a six pack or a few months away from a 7 figure online #business. .
Guess what? Majority of the world just needs to be motivated to take their next step. 👖You’re not alone for not wanting to put pants on today. ☕️You’re not alone for needing 5 cups of #coffee to get through the day. 🙅🏻‍♀️You’re not alone for not wanting to socialize all of the time.
💰 You’re not alone if finances overwhelm you. 🥗 You’re not alone for struggling to #eat #healthy.
In fact, you’re just like the rest of us 😉 #HappySunday #DontWeight

Another medal to add to my collection. My run 🏃🏾‍♀️ was not fast but I
was smart about it. I was hydrated, not in pain and most importantly I listened to my body by walking through 3 water stations. I finished strong with a time of 43:47. I’m very happy with that time.
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