Trust in your dreams .

hopping on reaaaall quick to say this is what ~balance~ looks like!!! I’ve been having really strong cravings lately for the most random things:: one of them being burritos, and I’m not one to deprive myself. so, I went to Walmart and got a few Amy’s organic black bean burritos. buttt i wanted to make sure that I balanced this with some goodies so I added a small side salad, lots of veggies, and some fresh berries (I’ll probs turn into a strawberry soon oops)!! this is how you listen to your cravings without wrecking your progress!!!:) — remember that in all aspects of our life we can find a healthy balance. praying for you all, always!!! hoping you are feeling refreshed, encouraged, and motivated today!! now I gotta blast bc ya girl’s gotta eat🤤💪🏼 #dontwasteyourhealth #dontwasteyourlife

How in the heck you expect somebody to love you if you don't even know how to love yourself!
Stop faking the funk and start loving yourself. Stop and take a look in the mirror, before you can accept and feel love from others you got to love the person in the mirror!
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You only get one life.. make it worth it.. fight your demons.. some days will be harder then others .. some times u will feel like why me?! Some people have an easier life some have a harder life but either way we all are fighting our own troubles weather they be big or small worries #lifequotes #liveyourlifeforyourself #bethankfuleveryday #lovehard #forgiveyourself #letbygonesbebygones🍃 #liveandletlive❤️ #worryaboutyourself #takecareofyourself #dontwasteyourlife #takechances #dontfearfailure #learnfrommistakes #lookforthesliverliningalways

I found out today that my brother was in a car accident last night and that he miraculously walked away from it, completely ok. The accident happened in my car (I live in England and had to leave my car behind when I moved here), and the car is totalled, and the worst part of the whole thing is that he was afraid I would be upset about my car.
Upset about my car.
There are a million dumb little things in this life that I get stupidly stressed about or upset over every day, and I hate that it takes things like this to shake our sleeping souls awake to reality, to life, even to God. It takes things like this to wake our souls to realise what really matters.
I don’t want to wait to remember the most important things in moments of crisis, in near tragedies, don’t want to always move so fast that slamming on the brakes hurts. I don’t ever want to wait to “start living”. I want to live every day of my life like I actually believe the most important things, that I actually believe in love, in living a full life, in knowing that people matter, and that things don’t. And believing that it’s all gonna be ok. There is never a second to waste. 🌿

okay I’m seriously OBSESSED with this sweet breakfast!!!🤩gluten free apple cinnamon pancakes topped with fresh fruit, cinnamon, and honey!!! ITS AMAZING!!!! 😛 (I bought a box of the gluten free pancake mix and used unsweetened almond milk instead of regular and wayyyy less butter than suggested to make it healthier) I also added the apple to the batter before putting these bad boys on the skillet!! —praying today is sweeeet for you amazing and beautiful people:))) you are all such gifts to this world, so full of talent, and covered in an eternal love!!! #dontwasteyourhealth #dontwasteyourlife message me prayer requests if you’ve got them and keep pushing on toward those goals💪🏼😋💖🌈

What do you like? What do you love? What do you enjoy? Which activities make you forget time? ... And: Why don’t you do this right now? 💙

This was at 5:40pm, almost done with the day and still smiling. I don’t arrive at work wishing it was time to go home. I like earning my keep, I love learning new things each day and challenging my body and mind. I’m happy because I got to see another day... I love coming home because I love my new home, it’s small but it’s cozy. I like to dress up for work, because it’s your attitude that makes a difference. #theuniverseislistening #godsplan #havefaith #staypositive #keepsmiling #blessedwithlife #enjoylife #workharddreambig #dontwasteyourlife #keepgoing #pushpastyourlimits

I don't usually put posts like this up - I'm not big on opening up about how I really feel, I'm more likely to paint a face on and pretend it's all fine, but everybody struggles at points in their life and I don't believe it's something that should be hidden or brushed under the carpet. The past year and a half (almost) has been such an awesome journey but, at times, it's been bloody hard. Living in another country is amazing but there have been times where I've felt lost, lonely, out of my depth and so, so alone. There have been points where all I wanted to do was to run away and go back home, back to a safe place where my family and friends love me, unconditionally and without question. I've gone back and forth between loving New Zealand and hating it and the circumstances that brought me out here. There have been days where I have literally cried all day because I just wasn't happy. However, because I'm a stubborn little shit, I refused to give in and carried on putting one foot infront of the other and going forward. It definitely helped that I have the most amazing friends and family back home who continued to push me and, without them, I'm not sure I would have made it this far. Last week I found out my work visa had been approved for another 3 years and I actually could not be happier. I've made a life in this country and I'm stoked that it can continue for at least another 3 years 🤘🤙❤🇳🇿 I've been lucky enough to discover friends here, old and new, who have taken me under their wing, looked after me, made me laugh and have made me enjoy life again - to all of you, I can't thank you enough, you literally have no idea how important you are to me. Massive respect to my flatmates who have had to put up with me for the past year!! You're all worth your weight in gold! I do actually have to give a shout out and big, BIG thanks to the two people who have become my brother and sister out here @danielmichealhoani and @sararaht You guys have put up with me on almost a daily basis and become my family. You've both helped put me back together again, without knowing it, and I genuinely cannot thank you enough. You will never know what you both mean to me ❤

And I don’t need/want to save you but I do need you to want to save yourself. #stopbeingunhappy #takecontrol #honesty #dontwasteyourlife #othersideofsamecoin #rabbithole #itsnotaswitch #youhavechoices

oh la la🤤 it’s really starting to look like spring in my kitchen!!! love the bright colors of fresh produce so much!!!! —- this healthy and EASY lunch is packed with nutrients and keeps you feeling so full:) What’s in it:
—salad is fresh spinach top with carrots, feta cheese crumbles, fresh strawberries (I added some pecans after taking pic), and a tblspoon of olive oil for dressing —pizza is gluten free crust, a little tomato sauce, spinach, tomatoes, feta, and a little mozzarella on top😛 :: today I was thinking about how we often get discouraged when we don’t see things happen in big ways. We think God is absent when we don’t get goosebumps in sermons and we get discouraged when our weight doesn’t change. but friends, continuing pursuing Him. continue honoring your body and nourishing it well. some seasons you see the fruit more than others. but don’t give up on the PROCESS. you are growing. you are getting better. dont quit!!! #dontwasteyourhealth #dontwasteyourlife I hope and pray that you are encouraged today⭐️ happy Tuesday:: message me prayer requests and know you are all TOO LOVED to not live like it!!! 💖🍕😋

Ok. Perhaps y’all haven’t had ANY issues with what is asked here, but I have. Over the last few years, I have truly been torn, I mean TORN, over having “feelings” specifically that of “happiness” because it has been hammered into my mind that “happiness” is not what Christians live for... it has been such an issue for me that I have wanted to become numb for so long, because how dare I have feelings. So, seriously, I really needed to read this... digging deeper. #dontwasteyourlife #happiness #feelings #christianwalk #deepthoughts #justbeinghonest

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