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Don't miss this Sunday @passioncity. I'm so honored to interview @hopeheals as they share a remarkable story of pain and purpose. If you know anyone going through loss, disability, heartbreak or darkness, invite them along. Gonna be special.

DON'T WASTE YOUR LIFE. something special on 2017. it's going to be a great year. incredible kick off to new series from our very own PLG. #DontWasteYourLife

What a day so far! There is still time for you to get to the 5p @passioncity. If you weren't able to make it yet, get there, it's so good! Here are just a few of my favorite takeaways: *Suffering is a privilege and it changes the way you view the rest of your life. Steward your sorrow and pain. *We have been given comfort from Him so that we can give others hope and comfort. *Always be prepared for pain because you will experience it at some point in your life. *We all wonder at some point if maybe God somehow made a mistake when he made us... God created and formed us in our mother's womb. We are fearfully and wonderfully made. God doesn't make mistakes. *The good and the hard go together. A good life is not the absent of a hard life but a life of embracement. #dontwasteyourlife #dontwasteyourpain @hopeheals

Sunday. Best day of the week. I love gathering at church each week and also knowing that the same thing is happening in so may places around the world. #dontwasteyourlife

I suppose that the most important in life is self-development. #development #selfdevelopment #dontwasteyourlife

i realize this is so totally “new year” cliche but here’s the deal. 2016 i didn’t really do the best job of taking care of myself. a knee injury and just “life” got in the way & my running went down the tube. i let my pride get the best of me & essentially refused to “go for a vigorous walk” because i’ve always been a runner. or technically my time for a mile probably qualifies me more as a jogger but you get the point.
i sorta struggled with turning 50 last year 🙄 and perhaps my “subtle rebel” inner self got a little tongue in cheek about the whole thing but enough is enough. i’ve failed with losing & gaining back that darn weight year after year. ( she hangs her head here). bottom line. i need to make some changes. not only in my exercise regimen but in my diet as well. so i’m starting-again. yep again.- with some things that are probably uber simple & intrinsic to many of you but praying i can keep it up & yes one of them is working on my issue with 50.
one of the simple things i’m doing is replacing a meal (because i could eat chickfila every day) with something like i did today. (juice plus protein shake/tons of spinach & blueberries/banana/flax seed, etc) & maybe just maybe i’ll kick the 50 issue i’ve got going & run another 10k soon. let’s do this… #dontwasteyourlife #thanksforthepushLouie 😎👊🏻💃🏻


Today facebook, actually @unkleadams, inspired me.
DON"T WASTE YOUR LIFE. Most of the time we work work work work work work.. so it is VERY important to spend this time doing something that you LOVE!
#smartisnewsexy #dontwasteyourlife #loveyourjob #life #birthdeath

3 steps to stop wasteing your life🙏❤ Step 1: Bank your life on the promises of God.

Step 2: Refuse to be self-reliant.

Step 3: At every turn, turn to God.
#lifesajourney #quote #dontwastetime #dontwasteyourlife #God #steps #enoylife #yolo #live #timesalmostup

Fear not failure... Rather fear being successful in things that do not truly matter...
#dontwasteyourlife #spendyourself #liveonpurpose #liveforacause #lifeisshort

When I crossed this bridge for the first time as a homeowner, this view took my breath away.

Over the years I have taken it for granted.

I would find myself just rushing across ot to get to my destination, thinking about all the things I had to do.

So many people go about their life and don't even notice their surroundings anymore. I was one of them.

Being stuck in traps like having no time or being financially strapped makes it hard to enjoy the beauty of life.

I used to live that way until I found the secret.
I work differently now so I have more free time and Financial Freedom by leveraging the digital economy.

It was scary at first. I wish I'd learned it sooner while my daughter was still young so I would not have missed so much of her growing up.

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