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To Every Female Reading This,
- No, You Are Not A Bad Bitch‼️
- No, You're Not A Whore‼️
- No, You're Not That Girl Who Posts Indecent Pictures/Videos On Social Media To Get More Likes/Followers.

You Are The Mother Of Many Nations‼️
And Through You, Potential Leaders And Revolutionaries Are Brought Into The World.

Always Bear In Mind That You Can Neither Teach Your Children What You Do Not Know Nor Instill Virtues You Do Not Have‼
So Invest In Yourself Today And Be That Virtuous Woman Your Generations Unborn Would Be Proud Of.
Major 🔑🔑🔑 #TagAGreatWoman 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽

She's all broken inside, but no one will ever notice.
I'm just sick and tired of going through the same thing over and over again.
Fighting for something thats not worth fighting for.
Listen don't dare waste her time and think it's cool.

A smile is the best medicine ❣🙏🏽 it cures all heart aches and pains. #wastehistime2016clapback #wastehistime2016 #anotherone #dontwastehistime2016 #dontwastehertime

Wild is her style; In life and love, and all things free. Besos 😍😘💋#workoutbarbie #dontwastehertime #allnaturalbeauty #sexy #mondaymotivation

Waiting for her close up #dontwastehertime

Dust settles...Meadhbh doesn't #dontwastehertime #welcomebackcrab 🦀


Sia doesn't get excited about purée. She gets excited for the whole food. #dontwastehertime #babyledweaning #thatsmile

A loyal, loving woman is a #blessing and shouldn't have to "tolerate" anything from anyone, especially not her man. #treatherright #dontwastehertime

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