Wild times in idaho. #dontwasteanotherday

This was 2010...about the last time I wore these capris. Then I grew out of them and have been struggling since. 🙁🤦🏻‍♀️ But I kept them in hopes I could wear them again.

Well...I wore these yesterday!!! I could hardly get them over my hips earlier this year let alone button them. Now there is room in the waist!🙌🏻💪🏻 Y'all it's the best feeling...a feeling I've been wishing for for a VERY long time! ❤
Push towards those goals friends because these are the moments you hope for, and it's SO worth it!😘 You want to do this together-contact me! I will be your accountability partner! .
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This song 🎶🎶🎶
“I won’t waste another day believing words you did not say...no I won’t waste another day believing words you did not say”
Let’s not waste another day friends ❤️ He says we are a new creation, He says we are forgiven, He says we are redeemed, chosen, created on purpose for a purpose
No matter what you think, or what’s been said to you, spoken over you or said about you
When your thoughts begin to wonder as mine often do... I challenge you friends to find out what He has to say!
#dontwasteanotherday #faith #truth #believetruth #theword @influencemusicofficial

Don't wait for a close call to remind you. Love with all your heart. Spread kindness wherever you go. If you died today, what would the most important people say a out you at your funeral? Don't let anger, hurt feelings, bitterness and negativity control one more minute of your life.
Love. Forgive. Dance. Laugh. Smile. Cry.
Feel with every ounce of your soul. Wear your heart on your sleeve.
Love and be loved. #dontwasteanotherday #livelaughlove❤️ #spreadloveandjoy

It’s Friday!!! Leave it all behind and dare to venture where you dream. It’s your story, make it amazing! Where do you find yourself this weekend. #nationalpark #washingtonstate #forest #hike #adventure #goplaces #doepicshit #stopandsmelltheflowers #livefree #dontwasteanotherday #sunnydays🌞 #fun #travel #

The kitchen gets a little crowded when getting ready for bed. Everyone one wants to be first ☝🏼. #reallifestruggles

Good Morning!! 🌞 Time to get this day started! Loving my “Prolessa Duo” results. After my second baby I thought a flat tummy wouldn’t be possible! Well, it is and if I did it so can you! Now working on my next result! 🍑
This is your time! Get started with me!

Welcome to 1935. The word "radar" has been used yet, but its been reported that the germans have developed a "radio based death ray". After running the calculations, you realize this is not possible, but conclude that they have created a system capable of detecting aircraft. #dontwasteanotherday

Happy Friday! Today was leg day and I wanted to throw my hands up and throw in the towel because it was HARD!! Then I remembered the story I read to Elijah last night, The Little Engine that Could. The little engine never gave up and kept going until he conquered the task. Well, my son was watching this morning and I didn't want to give up. #mylittlesunshine
I also took some time to reflect about my journey and came across the picture on the left. I compared it to where I am today and all I can say is, "My body thanks me for not giving up!" I finally found something that works for me and I am overwhelmed with happy tears. My journey is going the way I want it to because of my commitment to being a better me. I don't want to go back to the person I was before my journey. (physically, emotionally and mentally) It is ONLY up from here!! Friends and family, don't give up on being a better you. It doesn't have to be just physically, but it could be spirtually, mentally and/or emotionally. All it takes is a committment and a team of support.

If you are looking for some changes and you are unsure about where to start, then message me and we chat about your goals. #dontwasteanotherday #stopsittingonthefence #makeithappen #joinmeonthisjourneyjustaskmehow #onlyoneofu

Guys. This was my January. “This can’t be all there is...” living a life of “when I _____, Then _____.” @jamiedyer14 offered me a huge, terrifying, intimidating but ultimately UNDENIABLE opportunity that I said “yes” to. Here’s the thing... I had no idea.
I had no idea that I would have to step so far outside my comfort zone - or that I COULD.
I had no idea that possessed any self-confidence at all, really. I found it.
I had no idea that i could become so passionate about something I had never been exposed to before.
Finally, I had NO IDEA that I would find people who inspire, encourage and entertain me every day. That I would become friends - nah, FAMILY with people who were STRANGERS just months ago. That they would BELIEVE IN ME when I don’t believe in myself. That they would SACRIFICE FOR ME because of that belief. That they would LOVE ME SELFLESSLY when they have so many other people to love.
Guys. I am so moved by my #teamignite family tonight that I could burst. I am begging you:

IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A GROUP OF PEOPLE WHO RALLY AROUND YOU, ENCOURAGE YOU, BELIEVE IN YOU and LOVE THE HECK OUT OF YOU.... Find. Them. NOW. Because there IS more. Let’s talk about how to find it.
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Over 4 1/2 years ago I didn’t realize just how unhealthy and sick I really was, all I knew was I felt like 💩 all the time and was just going through the motions of life. And I use the term “life” very loosely. It wasn’t much of a life at all. Then one day...the most amazing drink and natural supplements fell into my hands. For me my “life” would never be the same and believe me that’s a good thing! 💕 Who knew that just by balancing my body and healing my gut would be the key to amazing health and the change I needed to love life again. My only regret is I didn’t start sooner. I feel like I wasted and missed out on so much. But now I am devoted to helping others regain their lives too. 💫
If you can relate and need a change I would love to talk with you. Don’t waste another day like I did 💜😘
#ageingbackwards #lifeisgood #healthygirl #gratefulforplexus #livinglife #dontwasteanotherday #pinkdrink #guthealth #thisisfiftyfive

Get up and be Freakin Awesome!🌟
Grab all the happiness in your life and embrace the day. Yea, there may be things that bum you out but push it aside and keep living your best life.
Sending you ALL my Way TOO HAPPY ENERGY!!!
Cause I have loads to spare🤗😁
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Deep- but the one thing for certain is your death.
If it all ended tomorrow would you be happy with what you left behind? Your legacy? What would people say about you? What would you do differently?

Nutrete y dale a tu cuerpo lo q necesita😘
La fibra es super importante todos los dias!!! Pruevala y veras que todo sera mejor😁🚽💩 #applefiber🍏 #myherbalife #nomorestruggle #askmehow #dontwasteanotherday #getittogether

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