How much are you making on weekends?

I think I may stick with this slow sad song trend for maybe like... Ever. So sorry/not sorry for putting you all to sleep. I've kind of accepted that this is my musical roll in life 😂 Hope you are all having a great Saturday. #instacover #coldplaylove #coldplaymusic #dontpanic #guitaristsofinstagram #instasingers #youcanlearnguitar #guitarmom #mellowmusic #acousticcover

My baby poodle he thinks he making a silly face #dontpanic #dontforgettopray

At 2:30am I was done. My serger blade went dull mid edging the large/important piece, leading me to have a small meltdown, but quickly came up with an alternative, it would not be how it should be, it would not be perfect or pretty or to me even professional. But it would be completed on time, it will preform well and chances are it will be rigged in a way that won't even be visible and I would be the only one to know. I left the 8 grommets and finishing touch to @jeremystrebel and headed for my bed! Excited to actually see these pieces in action! #sewmuchsewing #therighttools #largescale #overcomeobstacles #dontpanic #justkeepsewing

Dance everywhere..also in the bath..”otherwise we lost”..we are lost #otherwisewearelost #saturdaynight #gagadance #beyourself #dontpanic #fuckthepainaway #dance #dance #dancelover #feel #full

PART 1... This line is a definite cliche, and has the potential to annoy the crap out of a person facing the crisis. HOW do you remain CALM in a CRISIS for heavens sake? its a CRISIS after all!

But the more we have faced medicial crsises, the more we have come to realise why this cliche exists. You need to control your internal panic, anyway that you can. You have to get your nerves to calm down so your brain can take over and think practically what you can do to get through the crisis. Obviously your still going to feel the adreline rush, your going to be pareshan, your going to be scared - and thats alright - dont equate all those feelings to panic. Panic in easier terms is - wangwela na machao (lol, somethings you can only describe in your mother language) - dont go haywire. if you need to quickly get things done, do coordination with alot of people and stuff - do that, just dont go into panic mode and blast out your heightened emotions DURING the crisis.

The story that I've related to our journey, is of when my dad vomitted the first time infront of me. As you all know by now, he could not swallow because his throat muscles no longer worked. Now, after he was given his milk (directly into his stomach through a peg tube) somehow he wasnt able to digest it. As he couldnt speak, we really couldnt tell he was not feeling too good, and I was sitting right next to his bed when I noticed soemthing was off but before I could analyse or ask him what was up, he vomitted!

I jumped out of my seat, pushed the button to make his bed bring him to a sitting position and then screamed our for help like a crazy person. Now that might look like panic, but it wasnt, it was what was needed.
My two hands would only be able to get tissues and put him in an upright position - I needed another pair of hands to get the suction machine on and start suction from his mouth so we could ensure no vomit went back inside - because that could potentially result in him - as difficult and as simple as it is - choking to death... Stay tuned for part 2!
#ALS #medicalcrisis #dontpanic #staycalm #emergency

#larryjune my new rapper bae if you couldn't tell 🤷🏾‍♀️ #dontpanic #sockittome2 #naladoinggood

Bespoke circus themed topper made today for her party tomorrow. So glad I could help out!
Now available to customise for your little one in whatever colours you like. Although this choice of red and gold is pretty awesome!

Floop. Googling “what to do if your puppy melts?” #dontpanic #givetreats #hug

Winter is here! This is how first day of #fall looks like in #alberta ❄️
We are still hoping that we can take #bobbytheboler for one more spin this year
#bolering #bolerlife #boler #1975boler #endofsummer #mountainsarecalling #mountainsaremyhome #dontpanic #onemoretime #reddeer #ab #canada

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