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Many thanks to all the fans who came out to show their support for our shows at the @empireconventions #dontmesswithchicago in Paris, France! A special thank you to the incredible staff for all your hard work! Merci beaucoup! 👊🏻 #onechicago @nbcchicagofire @nbcchicagomed @nbcchicagopd @chicagojustice @nbc

Hellooooo fellas, missed me? As you may have seen in my Instagram story, I was at the One Chicago convention in Paris this weekend and I met a bunch of my favorite people on earth 🙏 for those who unfortunately weren't there, I wanted to share a few of my favorite moments of the weekend :
↪ first thing, the Fire cast ( Miranda, Yuri, Joe & David ) was unbelievably sweet and caring and that is a hell of an understatement! During the autograph session, when I gave my drawing to Miranda, she was so impressed and gave me the biggest hug ever ; then, Yuri did the same to comfort me after o told him I was bummed for having forgotten my drawing of him ; also, Joe is the most humble and sweet soul on earth, he has to be protected at ALL COSTS ❤
↪ second, the Med panel on Saturday was PURE FIRE. Torrey and Colin dancing on Despacito is something I can't even describe bc it was SO GREAT ; if you haven't seen the videos, go check them out on Twitter asap! Despacito is now officially the anthem of this weekend 🎶
↪this weekend made me fall even more in love with Colin, Paddy, Marina, Miranda and Joe. The charisma and charm, along with the genuine attention they gave their fans, are off the charts! ↪ fourth and last, all the actors were so kind to us, and even though some of them like Jesse and Sophia were a bit reserved, it was still amazing to see how much love they have for their fans ❤
Anyway, there will probably be another edition next year, so I hope I'll see you all there, to relive what has been one of the best weekend of my life so far.
#dontmesswithchicago #dmwc

#chicagopd #linstead
#onechicago le mois dernier à la convention " Don't mess with Chicago " ! Cette famille me manque ! 😉 😕😔🖑😍 #dontmesswithchicago @empireconventions

Burzek & our baguette baby. 🥖😍 We can't wait to see you all in France, samedi et dimanche! À bientôt mes amies! 🇫🇷 #dontmesswithChicago #Burzek #baugette #conventions #squad #Paris #amies❤️ #crossiant #hiatus #actorlife #havepassportwilltravel #ihavebeentakingfrenchlessonsandcanonlyspeakinthepresentandusepassecomposésofar

What a gentleman ! Thank you so much for coming to hang out with us @pjflueger ❤ Thanks for your tattoo advice btw 😂 #DMWC #dontmesswithchicago #EmpireConventions #ChicagoPD

Jon has so many hidden talents lol, oh the source is on the Empire Conventions Facebook account. jonseda #dontmesswithchicago #empireconventions #chicagojustice #chicagopd

Dans 24 jours, je retrouve mes amies (YOUPIE) et je vais rencontrer @sophiabush 😄 Un reve qui va se realiser ENFIN !! Je realiserai que quand je serai rentrée chez moi je crois. On s'y retrouve? #travel #friends #dontmesswithchicago #dreamcometrue


Part 2/2
And last but not least, this weekend was the final step of a 2 months fundraiser for #TheGirlProject inspired by no one else than my daily inspiration @SophiaBush . I hope this surprise warmed her heart. It's been really fun to organize it, but it wouldn't have been possible without the two babes who helped me since the beginning @baboou__ and @wonderfulsophiab
Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. I was so happy that you both got to meet Sophia because I can't think of two people who deserved it more. It also wouldn't have been possible without all of you who donated and all the ones who spread the word about the project. Thank you SOOO much! I never imagined we'd raise this much : 1650$ #LittleVoices !! 💪🏻🎉👏🏻 #WeAintPlayyiin #SmartIsSexy
I was honored to get to give this special present to Sophia. It was an indescribable emotional moment that I will keep forever in my heart 💗
thank you to all the ones who helped me with the stress during the weekend, who gave me a pep talk before going on stage and who took and shared pictures/videos.
This weekend made me feel so blessed and lucky and grateful and happy. I will treasure these wonderful memories all my life. 🙏🏻❤️✨
#DontMessWithChicago #EmpireConventions #Fundraiser #thegirlproject #SBxDMWC

I want to see again the Chicago firefighters #ChicagoFire #MissThem #FireHouse51 #DMWC #DontMessWithChicago ♥️🔝🚒🚑🔥💥

I would love to relive this weekend 😭 I miss them ! I hope to have the opportunity to see them again someday 😀 And I hope to meet the rest of the cast in the near future 🤞 For now, I look again all the seasons of "Chicago Fire" while waiting for the new season 😃 #chicagofire #dontmesswithchicago #davideigenberg #mirandaraemayo #joeminoso #yurisardarov #pompiers #série

Flashback to @pjflueger and @jesseleesoffer's stellar handcuffing demo at #DMWC!🤣🙌

@marinasqu @sophiabush @jonseda

I don't usually do this kind of things, but let me just pick @sophiabush as my #wcw & talk a little bit about her. Last month, I was translating the meet and greets between actors of the @nbcchicagofire / @nbcchicagopd / @nbcchicagomed series & their fans. Meeting Sophia was an absolute delight; she is not only beautiful & a talented actress, but also such an inspiring & brave person, talking straight about what matters to her - politics, feminism, education for girls in third-world countries, stalkers & privacy, friends... She was also very cheering & nice with me, which always helps to work better ;). I just wish more people had such a positive vibe around the world - & around me - so that we could all try to respect & love each other a little more. So one thing I can do is be one of these positive souls who spread love around them.
Be kind, respect other people, try to love yourself. + if you wanna know everything, I LOVE doing these M&Gs!
#empireconventions #sophiabush #chicagopd #chicagopolice #chicagofire #chicagomed #onetreehill #brookedavis #convention #dontmesswithchicago #dmwc

Can't believe it's been a month... I miss them like crazy. Best weekend ever, best convention of my life, thank you @empireconventions! Can't wait till next year ❤️ #WeWillAlwaysHaveParis #DontMessWithChicago #DMWC

Can't believe it's already been one month since this magical weekend! Thank you to the amazing #onechicago family for traveling all the way to Paris! It means the world to the fans! Don't think I'll ever get over this, I mean do you see me squished in the middle of that @sophiabush and @jesseleesoffer sandwich?!? 😍😍😍 #dontmesswithchicago #dmwc #onechicago #convention #paris #sophiabush #jesseleesoffer #linstead #linsteadsandwich #whatislife #blessed #empireconventions

#chicagopd #linstead
#onechicago le mois dernier à la convention " Don't mess with Chicago " ! Cette famille me manque ! 😉 😕😔🖑😍 #dontmesswithchicago @empireconventions

Three weeks ago, I had the absolute pleasure of meeting this incredible woman. The memories I have from that weekend are ones I will hold on to for life.

@sophiabush I knew words would escape me when we met, so I hope my letter found you. I could thank you over and over for the countless ways you have helped me, and the lessons you have already taught, and continue to teach me. You were even more of a light in person than I already knew you to be. From your jokes in the panels, to your heartfelt advice in the meeting room, and your moving reaction to our fundraising efforts for #TheGirlProject, you truly made it a magical experience. I'm so grateful to be in this world with you. P.S. I hope you liked my book choice with Anam Cara! Hopefully it won't be 25 years before we get to read your words of wisdom in a book of your own!💗

3 weeks ago I finally met these great people in Paris ! @joeminoso @yursar @msmayoalldayo @davideigenberg thank you so much to all of you !! You were so kind and funny 😊 I was so happy meet you and can't wait to meet you again in Monté Carlo next week 😁 #chicagofire #dontmesswithchicago #DMWC #paris #EmpireConventions #joeminoso #mirandaraemayo #yurisardarov #davideigenberg

■ 21mai 2017 ■
📷🇺🇸 • @DavidEigenberg at the "Don't Mess With Chicago" convention in Paris !
📷🇫🇷 • David à la convention "Don't Mess With Chicago" à Paris !
#DMWC #DontMessWithChicago #EmpireConvention #ChicagoFire #ChicagoPD #ChicagoMed #OneChicago #DavidEigenberg #JoeMinoso #YuriSardarov #MirandaRaeMayo #PatrickFlueger #MarinaSquerciati #JesseLeeSoffer #SophiaBush #JonSeda #TorreyDevitto #ColinDonnell

Actual ray of sunshine! What a pleasure it was to meet this amazing woman, chat about Ireland, and laugh all weekend!

@msmayoalldayo's promise to keep bringing the sunshine when she visits was one of my highlights! A close second would have to be that shouting match with @joeminoso & @davideigenberg during the autographs!
"Go fix your hair."
"Fix your face!"😂🔥

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