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Yaşam "Hiç olmaz" dediğimiz yerlerde patlayıveren, "Hadi canım!" şaşkınlığımızı tebessüme dönüştüren tomurcuklardan-mış gibi bazen😊💐 #dontloosehope #wakinguptoflowers #spring #blossoms #frommyperspective #beautifulnature

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These turds scared the heck out of me yesterday! They took off after deer on an adventure of their own. We called and called for them. We talked to every neighbor who was home,we hiked for miles and miles in the woods, and we drove all over. They were gone for 7&1/2 hours yesterday! We had the best people helping us search for them though. My parents (who had been driving home from Florida) came straight to our house to help us look (instead of going home and unpacking and resting). Our builder and his son hiked through the woods for miles searching for our lost boys. The mail lady offered to put flyers in all of our neighbors mailboxes. My best friend @jadacat21 gathered up her kids and set out to help us look for them. They went to the library and printed off missing dog flyers. My brother and his friend were getting head lamps ready and preparing to do a night search. Thankfully a miracle happened around 3:30pm. My husband was out looking for the dogs in his car for the hundredth time yesterday and I was sitting on our front steps calling for the dogs and crying. I said my 40th prayer that day when the UPS driver came up our driveway. He gave me my package and I shared with him that I had lost my dogs. I asked if he had seen a Black Lab and a Golden Retriever anywhere. He said “no”, but said he would keep an eye out for them. I thanked him and he drove off. No later than 5 min he came flying up my driveway honking and yelling for me to get in my car and follow him. He saw my boys, but they wouldn’t come to him. We sped to where he last saw them and we parted ways. He obviously had to get back to work and I set off on a sprint screaming for my dogs. (Keep in mind we were next to a very busy road.) I ran for a half mile before the most wonderful moment happened. I saw my Smokey boy (the black lab) come out of the woods onto a trail I was on, then I saw my Duncan (the golden). My husband pulled up at the perfect time and with a lot of muscle we got the dogs back into the car safely. After some long baths everyone is now safe and sound. The boys are getting used to leashes now! Thank God they are home and thank you Mr. UPS driver. Yesterday you were my hero!

Sometimes when we are shattered,bittered and wandering on the street without shelter or Carter and suddenly the rain started,it begans to rain heavily and it all seems like the whole universe is against you,and remember you have to call on God because He's the only one who can hear and feels one's pain.
You keep shouting Lord please stop this rain and you were expecting a Miracle or a Magic for the rain to stop but instead the rain increased, smiles you've lost hope and believe He's not gonna answer or wouldn't attend to you..
But all of a sudden when you think you probably gonna die out there in the street of cold and neglects
He sent you a comfortable car with a driver to take you through the rain to a place of warmth and happiness,where you gonna be served..
He is not blind to see our worries and hear our cries,you were busy praying for a bread and He's busy building a bakery for you...isn't He a God to all???

The heart prays for what it desire, but Allah gives us what is best for us.

#Allah #Muslim #Islam #Islamicquotes #Quotes #Faith #Trust #Believe #Hope #dontloosehope #dontgiveup #Dua #Pray #Praying #Prayer #desire

Okay, JUST NO! No, to all the Break up Music. NO! NO! NO! All my single sisters, listen up!!! I can’t watch it silently anymore! Those snap chats full of depressing “i miss him songs” ... I’ve seen it on repeat this month .... SO HERE IS MY PSA for all my amazing Single Girls! Especially those teen and preteen ones ... Stop listening to music that makes you miss a boy who just broke up with you, who won’t talk to you, or who makes you feel insignificant!!!! Take it from a girl who took over 15 years of dating (some total toads) ... to find THE ONE. It can be a long road baby girl! Don’t let them unravel you! Stay strong! And take reinforcements ... Oreos and Bubbles work in a pinch, but better for ya are good friends and happy music! Because in all honesty ... You are more likely to date a lot, than you are to marry that boy you’ve been dating off and on since 16. I know it FEELS like forever, but it will one day feel like a millisecond, or (gasp!) you won’t even remember his name!
Save for a very select few, High school Relationships will one day be just a dusty box of memories in your attic. PLEASE PLEASE stop torturing yourselves. Change the channel and put on music which focuses on what you do have and how amazing you are ... And call me, anytime. I’m dead straight serious.
In the mean time substitute these for your current playlist.... Firework By Katy Perry, Wannabe by Spice Girls (my jam in ‘96😂), Happy by Pharrell Williams, Walking on Sunshine by Katrina and The Waves, Girls Just Wanna Have fun by Cyndi Lauren, What does the fox day🤔(But seriously there’s no crying over boys during that one!), Respect by Aretha Franklin ... I mean I could go on😘 I love you all so much and I am here for you always!! ALWAYS! #breakupsarehard #dontloosehope #changethechannel #choosehappy #pharellwilliams #babyyoureafirework #walkinonsunshine #arethafranklinrespect #shesaqueen #boysaredumbthrowrocksatthem #musicfromthe90s #thebestmusic #loveyouladies #iwonttagyou #yallknowwhoyouare #therearealotofyou

If God isn't involved... Can't imagine anyone who is. He will neither leave you nor forsake you even in your darkest, bleakest hour with no help or anyone to turn to, He is in the business of confirming He is #REAL
#dontloosehope #dontgiveup #dontloosefaith #onemorechance #Heisrightthere

Angel from God . Mama Loves you 😘😘😘 . Praying for Every woman who wishes to experience this joy . Thank you everyone for the Love and support . Thank you sis @funminewyork . These days were so new to us but you played a mother figure to both me and my son . Making sure I get back to my strength after birth . God bless you #AjoyOfAMother🙏 #DONTLOOSEHOPE#queenmotherkairo👑🤴 #photoby @jessiemarrerophotography .

Don't loose hope ! Time Changes ! सबका वक्त आएगा ।
#dontloosehope #hopeisalive #yourtimewillcomesoon #beready

Life is for short while,so also is that problem that makes you cry,very soon God will visit you. And you will have every reason to be joyous.#dontloosehope #testimonymustendmystiry

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