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Τα νευρα θα ναι παντα τεντωμενα τα δοντια ομως θα τα μασελιαζω μια ζωη.!🐂⚽️💩💨 #last year #tou xronou palaimaxos #dontia #33 #maselaki

...γεια της εφκες. #birthday #dontia #kalistia #orthografia

Thank you Komal for this lovely piece of art made especially for Dontia.

Και όταν όλα πάνε στραβά, φόρα το πιο λαμπερό σου χαμόγελο. 😎😁🖕
#dontia #summer #devil_inside_me 😈

Γελάω χα 😁#dontia #yolo

Mucho éxito y buena vibra amigos y colegas! 😁Les deseo lo mejor en este proyecto... los quiero 😘😘😘🎉🎊🎉🎊#Dontia #Especialidades


Puja season in Kolkata is setting in and when everyone is on a shopping spree here is someone who came to get his teeth whitening done.

He was accompanied by his girlfriend who was more happy than him ....well who know whether that was because of his better smile or fresh breath. 😜

Fix your appointment with us on 9830706396
Bright teeth and
Fresh breath

Success is a journey not a destination.
Every one is more successful today than he was yesterday.
You learn each day sometimes with experience other times with mentors or their teachings.
Be on it.
If you love what you do you don't have to work a single day.
@ddc3260 @drharleeeen @drharleensethi @meerasaurabh @drprabhjeet_

Sunday smiles

Thank you Komal for this lovely piece of art made especially for Dontia.

Teeth without character and contour

Spread love

Humbled to be captured with a living legend of dental world.
Immensely grateful for having been trained under your guidance @dawsonacademy , Florida.

Monday motivation
Good morning everyone.

Get set go

Sunday evening.
Pick your favourite way to chill.
Put on that smile n eNjoy.

Behind every beautiful smile we create, are these advanced technologies.

Stylist can tell and show you what to do and may be how to do stuff in style.
But any style is incomplete without your smile
. 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀 😀😀😀😀
Do check with a cosmetic dentist to know more as now 1 single gap between teeth can be closed just in 30 mins. .
Show up
Smile on
Shine on
Call 9830706396

Sports mouth guard are customised protective wear for teeth to be worn while playing sports which could lead to accidental damage to teeth.
Reasonably priced and available in attractive colours so that kids find it fancy to wear it.
So why wait for emergency.. Precaution is always better than repair.
Call 9830706396 to know more.

Yes,there are 6 STAGES of a SMILE.
Few know which of their stage is best.. .
Spend sometime with a mirror or selfie mode of camera and identify yours.. Now practice this to get to that stage instantly so that when you are in front of camera you know which smile stage to flaunt....
Secondly if you freeze you smile in a particular stage for long time.. You get into something called a SMILE SATURATION which will make your smile look fake or tired... .
So keep laughing and talking and while you do a PHOTO SHOOT📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷 or during EVENTS especially YOUR WEDDINDG DAY.
That will keep FACIAL MUSCLES relaxed. .
Can discuss more of this over cup of green tea.
Call on 9830706396.

What's the exercise for teeth?

Body exercises increase oxygen supply to teeth n gums so that's indirectly helping but no excercises specifically for teeth be it in yoga or zumba or aerobic or cardio or weight lifting.
. 🏋🏋🏋🏋🏋🏋🏋🏋🏋🏋🏋🏋🏋🏋🏋🏋🏋🏋
On the other side if you are lifting weights you may be clenching your teeth during the process which leads to faster wear n tear of teeth.
Next time check youself.

SO JUST KISS (Keep it so simple)
Eat healthy fibrous food , brush twice,visit a dentist biannually. .
Call 9830706396 to know more

I SCREAM YOU SCREAM for ICE-CREAM. 🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦
And if the scream is after you are having an ice cream then probably it's time to visit a dentist. ...................................................
. .

Dental sensitivity is a sharp shooting kind of pain when you eat something either Hot or cold and magically disappears within few seconds.
OTC pastes can help you with pain but cannot tell if this problem can be solved by filling or keep progressing while you suppress the sensitivity with a anti sensivity tooth pastes

This is an alarm which should ring the bell that one's teeth need special attention so it's better to listen to your body.
Check out link in bio
Call 9830706396 to know more.

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