Isn't it true?

With end of season of sale everywhere pick your favourites. Just make sure you wear a pretty smile with your new dress.

How do you rate your smile from 1-5?

ABCD parameters of smile.
Contour (shape)
Developing new artificial tooth as close to natural as possible to be a replacement of missing tooth.

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Life partner is a companion in the journey of life.

From having first look of their baby together to being the first to know each other's pain.

Do not let anything go missing.
And if there is missing tooth get that replaced with a fixed tooth with the help of implants.

Implants teeth are as close to natural teeth as possible.

They function like natural teeth
They look like natural teeth.
They are easy to clean just like natural teeth.
They are long lasting.
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Fuck the worlds idea of beauty. Blaze your inner glow and I promise, the world shall respond. Own your flaws, stop trying to be plastic. Eat your food. Read. Rest. Replenish. Work on your mind and soul. Stretch. Be kind. Love people. Keep your intentions clean. Watch the energy shift. A beautiful face merely captivates, a beautiful energy attracts and sustains.
Ps: thanks to @dontia_dc for fixing my teeth back to their old glory. ...
Psychotherapist +vlogger+writer#life coach +book blogger +Josh speaker +Tarot card reader.

Good job by
Dr @shristy_shaw and
Dr @uzma.dontia

When someone as talented and mutidimentional as her walks in without any hangups,it's special.
Huge thanks.

Sometimes Big problems have simple solutions.
Only thing which keeps us away from it is our assumptions.
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Prótesis completa caracterizada con dientes multicapa.

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Monsoon Made Monday Morning Marvelous

First look
First date
First kiss is always the most memorable.
Make sure it's a pleasant memory.
Fresh breath treatment removes the common cause of bad breath called tartar.

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There is a #story behind every #smile.
One just needs to look for one.

#Freedom to smile #free can be yours if you #reachout out for it.

Invisalign is currently used by a 82 years #young lady in gurugram#Delhi. #Age is #nobar to get a beautiful smile.

#Invisalign is a #transparent tray used in place of #braces for having #staight #teeth.This gives you #freedom to #socialise without being bothered about any #questions asked.
Now #kolkata has this at #Dontia.

Freedom to #eat without any #restrictions.
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Inclusion de metales para implantes.
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True that "smile is indeed a global language".
And we want to express the most when we feel that we are understood well enough.

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Symptom : Clicking in jaw joints while opening mouth.

Reason: loss of synchronicity of components of jaw joint.

We want you to shed your inhibition to smile as now you can have the smile you have always dreamed of.

Now everything is within your reach. We know that you feel good when you look good. Let us discuss how bonding, veneers, crowns, dental implants, and whitening can give you a new smile.

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Best koubara ever .
Μy koubara is better than yours .
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for making the.
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