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Can't light a candle without her singing😆
#BdaYcoming #2yrsAlready #DontGrow

We spend our teenage years trying as fast as we can to grow up. Then our early adult years trying to find someone to marry, settle down with, buy a house, have 2.4 children. And then what? The real work begins. You have to work hard to maintain your marriage and your mortgage repayments and then in my experience life starts throwing your curve balls just when your hands are already too full from the life you worked hard to create. I regret nothing about my journey but should I have had my time again I would have told my 24 year old self to chill out in her rush to growing up. There was great joy in the freedom of not being.
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non crescere è una trappola

Hadde vært flott det ... #dontgrow

May all your days start with Lego and finish with cake. Happy birthday baby girl.

Khayla medina. Dont grow to fast syg.. #dontgrow

mornings like these
nursing can be hard at the beginning- nursing is hard at the beginning no question
not everyone can do it and there is no need to feel guilty or ashamed about it ,but most of us can and it’s so worth it to try a bit harder
I can’t believe this last baby of mine will turn 3 in two months
no we are not even close to quit and I’m not planning when will that happen
I’m sure the time will come and it maybe even a bit sooner than he plans “Mom when I big I always come from my work with garbage truck to nurse okay “
his sister answer “well you’ll have to always shave your face so you won’t scratch our mommy !” these words are often repeated in our house and every time kids add another sentence and we always have good laugh about it 😄♥️
kojeni muze byt ze zacatku tezke - kojeni je ze zacatku tezke je to proste tak
ne vsichni kojit muzou a neni vubec duvod se kvuli tomu citit provinile,ale vetsina z nas ano a Ja si myslim ze to za to stoji ,zkouset a nevzdat se pri prvnim neuspechu
nemuzu uverit ze tohle moje posledni “miminko” bude mit za 2 mesice treti narozeniny
s kojenim jeste nekoncime a ani to neplanuju v nejaky specialni cas
az to prijde tak se to stane,jsem si jista ze to bude driv nez planuje on
“Mami za budu velkej a budu jezdit z popelarem tak vzdycky prijedu domu na kojeni”
a odpoved jeho segry “Ale musis se pred tim vzdycky oholit nebo poskrabes maminku!”
Tohle uz je takova nase specialni pohadka ke ktere deti vzdy neco noveho pridaji a vzdy nas to vsechny pobavi 😂

No crezcas....es una trampa!!! Don't grow up...it's a trap!! ☺️🤸👋😋
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They just grow up too fast 😭😭 #growuptofast#timeflies#baby#dontgrow#auntielittleangel

My little man:) #dontgrow #priceless #proudpapa

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