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happy birthday soph!! i love you so so so much and i miss you so much. i love all the crazy times we've had #swim #fmb, and pls pls come visit me! you're so beautiful and funny, i remember at lunch you tried to get water and you pressed the black thing rather than putting your drink on the silver thing. i love you so much #dontforgetme

It's my pleasure that I can be a part of your life, and it's glory that you are a part of my life ! #dontforgetme

Masih disini, masih milikmu, masih bersamamu, stanbay with you😍

#kangenkamu #yanglagites #dontforgetme

It's really interesting to meet you guys. I expect that we will see each other again someday when we will get a big advance in English or Chinese.
Thanks for your patience to chat with me.
祝你們平安回到New Jersey

My first year as a kinder Para I had these kiddos . It's been so awesome to see them grow and mature over the years. I will miss them and hope they return to see me once they move on to the big kid world . #dontforgetme #emotionaltoday #lovethesekids❤️#hfcemiway

Walau raga kita terpisah jauh namun hati dan jiwa kita selalu dekat

Anothaa post😬 buuut anywho, imma miss these guys a lot! I wasn't able to take pics w/ everyone else tho, so hopefully I will see you guys again! Anyways you guys made this 1st school yr of high school the most memorable yr so far, and I am sooo happy to have known you guys! :) words can't describe how grateful I am to have met the ppl I had met this freshman yr. All the ppl I met, I felt like had an impact on my life, good or bad. But either way it's a lesson learned or a new experience every time and that's what I'm most thankful for. 😊 anywho...luh ya guys lots! 💕 #neverforget #luhuguys #dontforgetme

And maybe he wore his mask for too long, and he became the mask, and the man behind the mask was fading.... Pc @_c.h.a.l.o_


When someone says "TREATS!!!"
#dontforgetme #imagooddog

Sorry I've been gone for a few days. I've been super sick. I should be back soon though. 🌟🌙

Today was my last shift at Miss Selfridge. It's been an amazing few years. Couldn't ask for a better bunch of girls to work with! Miss Selfridge massive always ✌🏻. Love ma MATES ❤️ #MissSelfridge #Mates #DontForgetMe #LoveAlways #MyGals #MyPals #MyFam

Ce Soir🌙

Petite bête a repris son envol après un vif tampon sur la vitre 🐦😢 #cute #animal #babybird #saved #letsfly but #dontforgetme #hashtagfragile

It's my pleasure that I can be a part of your life, and it's glory that you are a part of my life ! #dontforgetme

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